Signs That Your Friends Are Against Your Girlfriend

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Signs That Your Friends Are Against Your Girlfriend
Signs That Your Friends Are Against Your Girlfriend

Video: Signs That Your Friends Are Against Your Girlfriend

Video: Signs That Your Friends Are Against Your Girlfriend
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Love obscures the eyes. And this is not the whim of the ancestors, this is precisely the observed behavior of people in love. When a person falls in love, he is not able to adequately assess his chosen one. Everything seems to him sweet, cute, worthy of excuse and condescension. It is good if the chosen one or the chosen one is from the same social circle. Then there are no such problems. But, if you suddenly managed to pick up your love on the side, then you need to be ready to reject your choice by friends. Here are a few signs that perfectly reveal the essence of what is happening and the attitude towards the newcomer.

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  • 1 Perpetual employment
  • 2 "Bitch" or "goat"
  • 3 Banter, joke and criticism
  • 4 Nickname or "name"
  • 5 Skeletons in the closet
  • 6 All that is said is used against
  • 7 Unspoken ignore
  • 8 Is there a solution?

Eternal employment

If friends are categorically against the object of adoration, then they will find a lot of excuses so as not to be on the same field with him. They will come only for the funeral, and in all other cases, everyone will be amicably busy with important matters, right up to raising chickens. They do not care for whatever reason their name is, they do not want to intersect under any sauce.

Even significant events will not motivate them to such a feat. In such a situation, it is useless to invite even to New Year's or birthday. No, as an experiment, of course, invitations should be sent out, and then there is a possibility that only a few, especially close people, will appear, and most of the invitees will be friends of the partner. This is a very alarming bell, and it needs to be paid close attention to.

"Bitch" or "goat" 2

Immediately, none of the friends will ever give such an assessment. For a long enough time, they will treat the newcomer quite adequately to themselves. But you will not be forever sweet, and the nasty essence will climb out. Only friends will see it first. And they will unconditionally deliver a verdict that is not subject to revision. Therefore, the characteristics of "bitch" or "goat" are likely to be mildly said. Having heard such assessments, it is worth thinking hard about why loved ones are so negatively disposed. A frank conversation has matured like a boil.

friends don't accept your pair
friends don't accept your pair

Banter, joke and criticism3

The endless criticism is very alarming. It seems that friends are picking on trifles. But this is not the case. Basically, the criticism is focused on the characteristics of a person's character: the presence of a sense of humor, his mental abilities, taste and social skills. Appearance, as a rule, does not hurt, but the ability to dress can swoop down on a couple of sarcastic phrases.

This also includes quite frankly malicious jokes about the chosen one, heavy banter and other negativity. Why is this done? This is the outright survival of a person from the social circle.

Nickname or "name" 4

As soon as friends began to pronounce the name of a newcomer with sarcasm, expect trouble. A good person will not get an offensive nickname or a poisonous tone to a name. This happens only with the "superfluous", with strangers in spirit. Of course, it is insanely insulting and unpleasant to hear such an appeal to a loved one, but you will not be able to walk in pink glasses forever, and it is better to think about what is happening now.

the campaign will ignore your soul mate
the campaign will ignore your soul mate

Skeletons in the closet5

Each person has their own skeletons in the closet, about which they prefer to remain silent. They can be quite harmless, but very awkward and inconvenient. Nobody likes to remember them, but it is not worth guaranteeing that other participants in unpleasant events have forgotten about them. And now, if suddenly, a newcomer is initiated into this kind of secrets, it means only one thing: they want to disgust him with a confused friend.

All That Is Said Is Used Against 6

This is a real police warning. Any phrase makes friends grimace of disgust. They can roll their eyes, grin disgustingly, make idiotic jokes, and outright giggle at their partner. He is allowed to speak, he is not shut up, but the reaction to his sayings is more than inadequate. Here the mental abilities of the newcomer are frankly ridiculed, because he will have to enter into light polemics and successfully parry evil jokes.

Secret Ignore7

The worst thing that is brewing in such a situation is the gradual exclusion from communication. With unpleasant surprise, you can find out that friends spent time in a sports bar, went hiking or played paintball. Only one question arises: “why wasn’t they called me?”, The answer is simple: “It’s useless to call you, they won’t let you in”. And do not tear your throat to let you go. Such an opinion does not add up at once. It's just that love made you blind, deaf and forgetful. What is this situation like? On the classic weeding out of the old circle. But the new one can be called a stretch because it is a partner's circle.

friends scoff at your choice
friends scoff at your choice

Is there a solution? 8

There is always a solution. There are two options: either to say goodbye to friends or to a partner. The whole problem is that friendship has been created over the years, it has been nurtured and groomed. And letting her die for some man … Is it worth it? Friends can make mistakes, and there are such cases, but very rarely. More often than not, they are right and worth listening to. You can find a compromise, but you have to be prepared for the worst. The main thing to remember is: an old friend is better than two new ones.

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