7 Tips To Become A Bitch In Relationships With Men

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7 Tips To Become A Bitch In Relationships With Men
7 Tips To Become A Bitch In Relationships With Men

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How to become a bitch in a relationship
How to become a bitch in a relationship

Bitchiness is not inherent in every girl, some behave compliant and romantic, others try in every possible way to please a man, and the third is just bitches. That's about them and then the conversation will go. How to become a bitch in a relationship with a man if you are already tired of being good? How to get a man to run and how to break his character?

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  • 1 The role of bitch
  • 2 Why do men like bitches?
  • 3 How to become a bitch in the eyes of men?
  • 4 Bitch means a bad wife?

The role of the bitch

Is the bitch a state of mind or a temporary well-thought scenario? In fact, everyone has it differently. Bitchiness can be the result of accumulated fatigue and discontent with the outside world or a behavioral habit. The term "bitch" is often used by men, thereby expressing their dissatisfaction with female behavior.

Such women tend to be selfish, self-confident, rude and assertive in places. Their opinion does not depend on circumstances or situations, they have their own motives for everything and actively express their point of view, even where it is not required.

Bitch girls also have positive qualities. They go through life more calmly and accept difficulties, it is difficult to hurt or offend such a lady, rather it will be the other way around - her words can easily hurt a person.

Why do men like bitches? 2

“The more we love a woman, the less she likes us” - it is the same with men, you cannot turn into a mat, a girl is, first of all, a person who can be responsible for herself and her actions. Bitches love themselves enough to look stunning.

No gray mouse can compare with the outwardly defiant bitchy person - taking care of yourself and your body, well-groomed nails and hair, bright makeup and an arrogant smile that expresses superiority over this world. Well, isn't it a dream of sexual fantasies?

Men love bitches
Men love bitches

Why and why do men love bitches? In fact, men value a share of bitchiness in the opposite sex, moreover, they follow the lead of such people. This is a kind of addiction. After all, a bitch is not only a well-groomed appearance, but also an inner world full of surprises and secrets. They have an established view of the world and are constantly evolving, they know how to stand up for themselves and do not need constant protection. Men also want to rest, and not to protect their girlfriend around the clock like precious crystal.

Bitches like to keep their distance, they are more independent of the opinions and actions of men. And the latter, as you know, are freedom-loving creatures and do not tolerate violation of personal space. Not everyone can become a bitch, you need to have a strong character and a sea of ​​indifference.

How to become a bitch in the eyes of men? 3

After a theoretical excursion into the world of a strong and independent woman, it's time to answer the question: "how to become a bitch in a relationship?" There is no unambiguous algorithm, but there are general factors that form such a personality:

Bitch in a relationship
Bitch in a relationship

Have to be the aggressor

Bitches are never silent, she clearly makes her point of view clear and does not hide behind someone's backs. An active position in a dispute is the trump card. You need to be able to formulate your thought and not in any case sit in the "rear", you will have to go into the thick of it.

Confidence and self-esteem are the main epithets

Bitches, like a bolt from the blue, are unbridled and beyond the control of anyone, so you have to work hard on yourself. The nose is higher, the gait is more confident, and the gaze is more piercing. It is necessary to imagine that this street, this day and the whole world belongs only to you. A man is not the center of the universe, but only a small insignificant part of it. All accents should be exclusively on the bitch.

You must always be fully armed

Even if a girl is going to the nearest stall for bread, the image must be brand new. An impeccable reputation is not a pleasant addition, it is one of the main reasons for discussion. Namely, the bitch in society is discussed most often!

How to describe the behavior of a bitch in one word? - Unpredictability

On the first day, the girl is sweet and charming, giggles sweetly and accepts compliments, and in the morning she already turns into a snow queen with a frozen heart. Mystery women have always excited the hearts of men, they are like the pages of a new book - you don't know what to expect.

Men love bitches
Men love bitches

We immerse ourselves in business with our heads

You need to let the man get bored, let them hear "no, I have business today." Refusals in this case will only strengthen the relationship and the status of the girl. Sacrificing your interests for the good of a man is the rarest case in the life of a bitch.

Making plans for the future

Planning is a great path to self-realization. Do not forget to share your plans with a man, let him feel all the importance and attitude. Don't give a reason to think that a man is building a trajectory of relationships and life together. Adjust your joint plans, keeping in mind the common goals and not forgetting the personal goals set by the woman.

Be bossy even in sex

Sex, as the most important part of a relationship, must be of high quality and constant. You don't need to take it as a conjugal duty - this is the time to get high, get relaxation and give positive emotions to your man. Getting real pleasure from sex life makes it easier to be satisfied and satisfied with life. And a man will only be glad and will seek the attention of such a woman more.

How to become a bitch
How to become a bitch

A bitch is a bad wife?

How to become a bitch in a relationship with a man? - Understood! But won't it ruin family life? Do you need to be an exemplary girl in order to become a good, caring wife? - Of course not! Men have different tastes, so not everyone needs to serve borscht and iron their shirts.

Perhaps it will be more pleasant for a man to receive hot blowjobs on weekdays, and spend time with a woman only on weekends. Not to please everyone, so good girls can turn out to be bad wives.

If a woman is confident in herself, then a man feels great freedom for self-realization, he is constantly trying to prove his importance and superiority. It turns out an endless engine - a woman is self-sufficient and successful, and a man every time strives for even greater success and prosperity.


There are no general concepts and instructions in the description of a good wife. You can be an angry boss or a strict teacher at work and a great wife at home. Tastes are too varied to be a good wife code. Therefore, the best advice would be to be who you see yourself, a bitch or a good girl, anyway there is a pair for each “creature”.

How to solve the problem of falling in love with a bitch? Detailed instructions follow the link.

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