How To Understand Hints From A Guy Or A Man To A Girl: Tips And Rules

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How To Understand Hints From A Guy Or A Man To A Girl: Tips And Rules
How To Understand Hints From A Guy Or A Man To A Girl: Tips And Rules

Video: How To Understand Hints From A Guy Or A Man To A Girl: Tips And Rules

Video: How To Understand Hints From A Guy Or A Man To A Girl: Tips And Rules
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girl and two guys
girl and two guys

Communication with a man sooner or later moves to the level where it is important to understand his intentions about a joint future. Of course, not everyone believes in friendship between a man and a woman, but this does not mean that now in every acquaintance you need to see the father of your future children. Therefore, it is very important to be able to read the hints of guys in relation to girls. This will allow you to avoid misunderstandings and not miss, perhaps, the love of your life!

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  • 1 Look at me!
  • 2 Listen to me!
  • 3 "You, yes I, yes we are with you"
  • 4 "There she is, but you are better"
  • 5 "You are safe next to me"
  • 6 "I remember everything connected with you"
  • 7 Is it that simple?
  • 8 A hint of closeness to a girl: we offer and do not risk
  • 9 Working with traits
  • 10 Touchy
  • 11 Experienced
  • 12 Experimenter
  • 13 Correct Words and Actions

Look at me! I

The attitude of a man to a woman can be understood by casting a fleeting glance at him. Does he constantly adjust the details of clothes, hair, surroundings around him at the time of the conversation? This means that he wants to give the impression of a neat and attentive man and wants to be liked. In general, the craving for ennobling everything around is a trait not only of cleanliness and hypochondriacs, but also of those who are not indifferent to what the beautiful lady next to them thinks of them.

Don't forget about facial expressions and body language. Guys' hints can be conveyed using the following signals:

  • gazes. The more often a man admires his favorite, the more sympathy he feels for her. It is not for nothing that there is such an expression "devour with the eyes." And it doesn't matter how it happens - directly or secretly, tender glances can be immediately regarded as a hint of something more.
  • change in body position. If a man sticks out his chest forward, tries to close the girl from others with his body and spreads his shoulders wide, he clearly feels sympathy for the interlocutor. This manifests a modified desire to protect the lady from dangers, even if the only threat to her is other interested men.
  • timid touches. Accidental touches of hands, knees, face, hair - the most open hint possible. Today he accidentally touched the face of his chosen one, and tomorrow he will have the courage to kiss her.
  • defensive reaction. A man strangely “comes to life” when a representative of his gender appears: begins to communicate more actively with his interlocutor, discusses future plans and in every way demonstrates that he has known her for a long time and has a trusting relationship? This is a clear hint that he delineates his territory, not allowing a potential rival to cross it. A woman is not a man's property, but some instincts of the stronger sex at such moments want to shout the opposite.

Listen to me! 2

Non-verbal signals always have to be deciphered, unraveled, but this is half the trouble. Sometimes they cannot be caught due to inexperience, but this is by no means a hindrance to recognizing male hints. After all, they lie not only in how the guy behaves, but also in what and how he says.

guys hints
guys hints

“You, yes I, yes you and I” 3

If in a man's speech the pronoun “we” more and more often slips, and in relation to future plans, he definitely does not want to part with his interlocutor. The more upcoming events are associated with a joint pastime, the more likely it is that this can last until the end of life.

"There she is, but you are better" 4

A man in love will never begin to discuss another woman with his passion, as he understands that it may be unpleasant for her. Rather, on the contrary, if it accidentally comes to some representative of the fair sex, he will convince his passion that, in comparison with everyone else, she is the most beautiful, intelligent and ideal in all plans. And yes, is there a more overt hint of sympathy than compliments?

"You are safe next to me" 5

He constantly asks if his chosen one is warmly dressed, what time she will return home, offers to meet / bring the burdens / help with the housework. The desire to protect, guard and help appears only in an interested man who hints to his favorite of his usefulness in everyday life.

“I remember everything connected with you” 6

For example, a year ago, a girl casually told her interlocutor that it would be nice to buy a book by an unknown German writer with a monstrously complex surname, which will be published unknown when, it is unknown in which country. And despite all these “unknowns”, the book itself promises to be incredibly interesting and exciting. A year has passed, and now a young man presents this book to his girlfriend. What can this act speak about? The fact that a man carefully notices everything that is said by his chosen one, in order to please her with a pleasant conversation or a gift in the future.

attention guys
attention guys

Is it that simple? 7

Guys' hints towards girls, as a rule, do not carry a double connotation, so it will be easy to decipher them with the help of the listed tips. A strong half of humanity is used to demonstrating the classic characteristics of a worthy life partner openly, without clever nuances and peculiarities. They will care, worry, exalt their favorite both in words and in actions, so that every girl can understand the sympathy of a man.

But do not confuse hints of sympathy with simple gallantry, politeness and decent upbringing. Men often treat the fair sex with tenderness and care, because this approach was laid by their parents. And there is no need to see indifference on the part of the interlocutor, if he does not allow any hints towards the lady. Maybe the usual shyness and modesty are to blame.

A hint of closeness to a girl: we offer and do not risk8

It is more difficult for men to communicate with representatives of the opposite sex: one wrong word or phrase can be perceived with hostility, although there may be nothing “criminal” behind what was said. Given that women primarily love with their ears, the task is complicated at times when it comes to a hint of closeness to a girl.

Of course, offering intimacy to an unfamiliar young lady is a thankless task, but moving to a new level of relations with your chosen one can be much easier. But in both cases, you need to know what to say and how to speak.

how to understand guys
how to understand guys

Working with traits9

The beginning of an intimate relationship with a woman depends entirely on what type she belongs to. This classification is arbitrary, but it clearly shows the difference between the attitude of a particular girl to sex.


Girls with little or no sexual experience is the hardest option possible. Even being in a serious relationship, they will take a very long time to decide to move to a new level. The problem lies in natural modesty, fear of new things and self-doubt.

Therefore, simply hinting at physical intimacy will not be enough. A man needs to establish himself as a reliable person who can be trusted in all plans. In no case should you press, persuade, blackmail, this will only alienate the chosen one. It is better to study the topic of sex gradually, discussing the awkward moments for the girl tactfully and with humor.

The main task at the first stage is to show that sex is not something beyond the indecent and impossible, it is a part of life, a part of a relationship that both partners enjoy. When the girl is ready for such intimacy, you can move on to the classic hints, which will be discussed later.


A girl who is well aware of all aspects of physical intimacy takes male hints most calmly. But here, too, you need to be careful. If a girl is not looking for a companion for one night, then any hints from a man in this regard will be perceived as rude. Therefore, it is worth offering sex to an unfamiliar lady when there is confidence that she is also looking for a partner for a one-time meeting.

understand the guys' hints
understand the guys' hints

Ladies who are serious about relationships are another matter. They will not put off physical intimacy for long, especially if they like the man. But they show great activity in the company of an accomplished man, because they strive to build a couple with a serious person, capable of supporting their favorite in all respects.

The Experimenter12

Many women treat sex as a sport, so for them physical intimacy has no sacred meaning and does not imply anything indecent or forbidden. Therefore, they love to experiment, change partners and are always interested in those men who are interested in them.

The difference from the previous type is that experimenters are the first to make it clear what interests them in the first place. They know men's hints by heart, therefore, by the first reaction of such ladies, one can understand whether the man was given the green light or was refused.

Correct Words and Actions13

When the type of the girl is determined and the “preliminary work” has been done, you can proceed to action. To begin with, it is worth determining where it will be more comfortable to start this pleasant evening with a lady. Ideal is a romantic dinner at home. Moreover, it is not necessary to spend money on delicious dishes, you can serve snacks and present a bottle of good wine.

An alternative option is to have dinner at a restaurant or cafe near the house. Best of all, establishments with an intimate atmosphere are suitable, where there is an opportunity to retire for a conversation behind a screen or in a lounge-booth.

the intentions of the guys
the intentions of the guys

The second stage is a direct allusion to the closeness of the girl. To begin with, you should give your companion a close look in the eyes, compliment her appearance, and share your feelings. A girl should feel special, and that only she alone could give rise to love and a desire to be always there in a man's heart. At the time of the conversation, you can lightly touch her hands, and if the girl does not mind such a gesture, you can take her hands in yours.

The main thing at this moment is to shorten the distance between the interlocutors as much as possible so as not to feel uncomfortable in the event of a kiss. If the evening took place in a restaurant, it is better to finish the meal and invite your companion to continue it at home while watching a romantic comedy.

You can do even more cunning - find out in advance about the lady's cinematic preferences and offer her a film that she cannot refuse. It is necessary that the reason to continue the evening already alone was not in the sex itself, but in the joint pastime, which can lead to it.

how to read guys
how to read guys

Well, if a romantic dinner took place at home, then the job is half done. After the kiss, you can move on to more active contact, and if the man entered the woman's field of trust in advance, she will be ready for this.

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