Women's Wisdom Not To Notice Men's Stupidity In Everyday Life

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Women's Wisdom Not To Notice Men's Stupidity In Everyday Life
Women's Wisdom Not To Notice Men's Stupidity In Everyday Life

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In everyday life, both men and women require a tremendous amount of patience. Men are tormented by constant whims and endless shopping trips, and women are forced to put up with socks scattered around the house, winter fishing, a series of football matches, but not only this requires female wisdom not to notice male stupidity, as well as in everything related to the atmosphere in home.

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Qualities of a wise woman

A wise woman differs from others in an increased level of patience. Love is just one feeling, and a relationship cannot be built on it alone. It will take a lot more for a harmonious relationship. For example, you need to pay less to control your husband when he is busy with his hobbies.

A special place in the rating of the qualities of a wise woman is given to the feeling of jealousy, if it is present, then in minimal quantities. There is no need to suspect a man of treason if he went to a bar after work with friends. Most likely, they actually sit and drink beer in a male company and hound the unlikely stories.

In order for a man to decide to cheat on him, it must be bad at home, and even the home atmosphere is mostly a woman's prerogative.

Women's secrets2

avoiding conflicts

If a man came home from work and then began to grumble, you should not start quarreling with him, perhaps he is just hungry. A hungry man is an angry man, you should first feed him, and then carefully find out what happened. Nobody requires a working woman to get up to the stove after work and bake pancakes. For a stressful situation, pizza delivery from a nearby pizzeria is quite suitable. You shouldn't get carried away with this, but as an act of coaxing an evil beast once a month is fine.

no direct criticism

Open criticism, especially in the presence of strangers, hits very hard on male pride. Therefore, criticism should be presented tactfully and carefully, only in private. There is no need to talk to a man like a small child, criticism should be clear and well-grounded, ideally, not passing through the prism of emotions, then a woman has more chances to convey it to the addressee and get adequate feedback. The most important thing is not to give in to emotions.

about wisdom not to notice men's stupidity
about wisdom not to notice men's stupidity

personal space

Each person needs a certain personal space, which is expressed in the opportunity to be alone with oneself, or at least without the other half. Most often it turns into a hobby. That is why men take guns and spinning rods, hide in garages and dismantle an old Muscovite for the hundredth time, leave for the fields and do reconstruction, play tanks and football.

Wise women do not require every second attention to themselves, firstly, they have their own hobbies, and secondly, there is absolutely nothing to talk about with a man without personal space. It is unlikely that he will be able to tell something interesting if he is constantly next to a woman and does not have personal impressions.

manipulating a man to achieve his own goals

As our grandmothers used to say, "a man's head, and a woman's neck, where the head turns and looks." As rude as it sounds, women manipulate men. They present the situation from the opposite male point of view. This, of course, has its advantages, because the decision is easier to make when you see the whole situation, but it is also confusing.

female wisdom not to notice male stupidity
female wisdom not to notice male stupidity

A wise woman knows how to present her point of view as correct. However, she will never convince a man to make a decision that will harm the relationship or infringe on his dignity.

Women's wisdom in relationships3

a positive mood creates an atmosphere in the family

Women are more likely to show emotions than men, which means that the atmosphere in the house will depend on their mood.


If a woman works on an equal basis with a man, then equality is maintained in their house. If a woman and a man come from work at the same time as a man, she should not get up to the stove against her will, while her husband is lying on the couch. It will be much easier and faster to cook dinner together and relax together after.

various expressions of love

the wisdom of a woman to ignore men's stupidity
the wisdom of a woman to ignore men's stupidity

Love has five main ways of manifesting itself: words, help, touch, gifts, and time. A wise woman, firstly, knows the way that her man likes best, and secondly, she knows how to use every manifestation.

men do not take hints

It is difficult for men to perceive what a woman says if she does not speak directly about her desires. Therefore, one should not be offended if a woman hinted at a new car, but received a washing machine as a birthday present.

calm, only calm

The most important thing is to remain calm in any situation, no matter what happens in the relationship, to remain calm is the most difficult, but also the most effective. Perhaps this is precisely the wisdom of women not to notice men's stupidity.

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