The Main Rules For A Happy Relationship. How To Keep Feelings

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The Main Rules For A Happy Relationship. How To Keep Feelings
The Main Rules For A Happy Relationship. How To Keep Feelings
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In order for the union to be long and strong, partners will have to work hard. There are general rules for a happy relationship. If you follow them, then there is a high probability of retaining feelings.

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  • 1 Preparatory stage
  • 2 Law of attraction
  • 3 Reason for conflict
  • 4 Main postulates

Preparatory phase i

Every person is looking for something specific in a relationship. If people intend to meet, then they should discuss priorities. For example, a man does not want children and intends to travel the world, working as a freelancer. A woman who dreams of a cozy and warm home with babies is unlikely to be his ideal partner.

Therefore, you need to talk frankly, determine your life goals. You should not immediately give up communication if they do not coincide in places. Adequate people are willing to compromise.

It is necessary to perceive each other as partners. Not only sexually, but also as reliable friends. You need to be ready to help, support, wait out the unpleasant episodes in life.

about relationships
about relationships

In a relationship, two people try to become a support, a wall and create a cozy nest where no one will interfere with their happiness. You will have to get used to working in a team, to take into account the opinion of the second half. Sometimes there will be quarrels, but everyone can ask for forgiveness and apologize in time.

You need to be honest with each other. You cannot hide something or deceive your partner. Any problems, conflicts, mistakes should be brought up for discussion. Hidden actions always become obvious, but in this case they will only bring trouble.

Law of Attraction2

Experienced esotericists are sure that random people never appear in a person's life. All of them are attracted by mystical forces. Therefore, the partner may be annoying with some actions or deeds. Most often, a person condemns what is present in him.

For example, a greedy person will spread rot on others for unwillingness to share money and other material benefits. The egoist will scold for the lack of desire to help others.

sex in a relationship
sex in a relationship

Therefore, if a woman is annoyed by certain shortcomings of a man, she needs to ask herself: why does this cause such strong feelings? In most cases, it turns out that the reason lies in personal experiences.

You need to work on self-development throughout your life. This is the only way to achieve significant improvements. No one can become perfect, but he can strive to achieve it.

The difficulty in implementing the rules of a happy relationship is that two people have to make concessions and seek compromises. Not everyone can stand it easily.

Reason for conflict3

Any situation starts somewhere. Therefore, if one of the partners begins to cheat, drinking alcoholic beverages or a scandal, then something served as a trigger. Some men need a woman's support, admiration and compliments. Without her, he quickly falls into a blues and depression.

happy couple
happy couple

Therefore, for a long union, you need to be able to behave correctly. A tidy, warm home will always be pleasant to find. Do not make everyday things the subject of blackmail. Sex, dinner, conversation cannot be exchanged for affection and care.

In marriage, you need to treat your spouse exactly the same way you want to receive in return. No man will be stingy with gratitude if he receives attention and interest from a lady.

True love is always unconditional. Therefore, the partner must be accepted as he is. An adult cannot be re-educated or changed. It is necessary to strive:

  • support;
  • listen;
  • respect.

You can't try to control your actions. Everyone has a right to personal space. Overprotection does not lead to anything good.

Manipulation, jealousy, reproaches, accusations should be avoided. It is better to calmly clarify controversial issues without turning everything into scandals and quarrels.

love in a relationship
love in a relationship

Main postulates4

There is no formula that 100% guarantees that the relationship will be happy. There are some general rules to follow that will increase the likelihood of a lasting union.

Trust in each other is always at the core. Therefore, there is no doubt about the second half. Suspicions and bouts of jealousy will only poison. When one is constantly making hate scenes, the other feels trapped.

Being in a relationship means giving each other love. You cannot arrange commodity-money relations out of this - they will not work. You need to learn to give feelings and then they will return in response.

For emotional intimacy, touch is important. They don't have to be sexually explicit. Even ordinary stroking are ways to have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

relationships and sex
relationships and sex

After them, the nervous system comes to a calm state, the level of stress decreases, and the mood improves. Hugs are also beneficial.

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