How To Beat Off A Guy From Another Girl? Tips On How To Get Away And Whether It Is Worth Doing

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How To Beat Off A Guy From Another Girl? Tips On How To Get Away And Whether It Is Worth Doing
How To Beat Off A Guy From Another Girl? Tips On How To Get Away And Whether It Is Worth Doing

Video: How To Beat Off A Guy From Another Girl? Tips On How To Get Away And Whether It Is Worth Doing

Video: How To Beat Off A Guy From Another Girl? Tips On How To Get Away And Whether It Is Worth Doing
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How to beat off a guy
How to beat off a guy

The very title of the article can easily cause a completely justified wave of indignation among the "correct" women brought up in the old ascetic manner. It is for them that such behavior is considered shameful and absolutely unacceptable.

The content of the article

  • 1 Collecting a complete dossier on an opponent
  • 2 Trying to make friends
  • 3 All attention to him
  • 4 Make him a man in his own eyes
  • 5 Invisible flirting
  • 6 Simulation of flirting with a girl
  • 7 Changing your own image
  • 8 Forbidden Fruit Is Always Sweet
  • 9 Sex as a control shot
  • 10 Additional variations on a free theme
  • 11 Is it necessary at all

On the one hand, they are right, since no one has yet canceled the saying that you cannot build your own happiness with someone else's misfortune. Also, advice on how to beat off a guy from another girl will cause indignation of those “others” who, in their time, had a more successful rival stole the guy.

Probably only those who at one time, on their own experience, have experienced both roles on themselves, will be able to remain silent and not enter into debates. But, whatever one may say, the question of how to beat off a guy from another girl is relevant, it requires answers. To put it bluntly, there are many ways of waging such a cold war. You can use one of them, or you can immediately "hit the ground" by successfully combining several salvo guns.

Collecting a complete dossier on a rival

In order to know how to beat off a guy from another girl, you first need to “get to know” her as much as possible. If personal acquaintance for some reason is unrealistic (sorry, it would have come in very handy), it is necessary with the help of acquaintances, friends and relatives to collect the most complete dossier on her. The expression that you need to know your enemy in person is not a stupid person.

First of all, this information will help you to become better than your rival, thus significantly increasing your chances of winning. That's right, why would a guy otherwise leave the best girl in order to date the worst. In war, all means are good, which means that we need to study it as our father:

How to hitch a guy from another girl
How to hitch a guy from another girl
  • Tastes;
  • Hobbies;
  • Preferences;
  • Appearance;
  • The manner of speaking and even thinking.

And this is far from the most important thing. The most important thing at this stage is to find out the guy's reaction to each of these points. Further, having put all the puzzles together, you can build a special line of behavior, leaving and adopting for yourself what he likes and completely discarding everything that annoys him.

And, of course, no one cancels the addition of its own zest (of course, taking into account his preferences, the one and only). Here, observation and the ability to compare and analyze information are more useful than ever. If you successfully cope with the task set for yourself, you can rightly note for yourself that half of the work has already been done.

Trying to make friends2

This highly controversial advice is also a huge stepping stone to the pinnacle of success. And, there are two options for the development of events:

How to beat off a guy
How to beat off a guy
  1. The attempt to become a best friend succeeded. This will allow you to get the maximum information about the opponent and see the numerous options for how the pair is best to quarrel among themselves (someone will say that this is mean, but it works the same).
  2. The attempt to befriend was a complete fiasco. On the one hand, a failure, but no, another victory. From your side, manifestations of "sincere" friendliness are obvious. At the same time, the conflictual and quarrelsome like a bazaar woman, the second half appears well in a very unfavorable light for herself (and it will be very difficult for her to resist, which is not surprising, why does she need a new "friend" if she has a loved one nearby)?

All attention to him3

Having met for a while, the couple already pays much less attention to each other. This is worth taking advantage of. The moments when you are alone are especially important. All men are outspoken egoists and therefore, if you catch every word of his and literally, look into your mouth, waiting for the next word to fly out, you can achieve the guy's disposition and, thereby, significantly strengthen your position. After all, one hundred percent of his companion, accustomed to these stories, has long simply not paid attention to them. Becoming a friend of a guy in the battle for him is very useful.

What it takes to beat a guy
What it takes to beat a guy

Make him a man in his own eyes4

You should not take this advice as an instruction on how to quickly drag Him into bed. It's just about how to beat off a guy from another girl. And for this you need to make him feel the fact that he is a real man, protector, helper, breadwinner. The most important thing here is to choose the right moment for action.

After all, if you overdo it, instead of the expected result, you can simply frighten off the boy who is not ready for numerous duties. You just have to portray a weak and defenseless person from time to time, whom he, all so strong and courageous, will certainly want to help.

Invisible flirting5

This is a rather dangerous weapon on the battlefield, as, as a rule, it is invisible only to the chosen one. At the same time, a rival (if she has enough intelligence for this) can easily detect maneuvers. There is a high risk of showdowns, ranging from spoiled clothes and ending with torn hair (it all depends on the temperament and strength of his companion). Do not forget that many ladies are lovers of revenge on the sly, at the most inopportune moment.

How to beat off a guy from another
How to beat off a guy from another

You can try to imperceptibly let the chosen one close to you, and then again leave him at a certain distance. Representatives of a strong half of humanity are drawn into such a hunt and, carried away by the pursuit of game (that is, after you), he can easily become yours.

Simulation of flirting with a girl6

Yes, the recommendation is very mean, but, at the same time, it is one of the most effective tips on how to beat off a guy from another girl. Just don't think that you yourself will have to put on a lesbian mask and flirt with the companion of the guy you like (although, it is quite possible for many of our contemporaries and this scenario looks quite acceptable).

In fact, this is about negotiating with your friend, relative, or classmate to spend his time courting your rival. Flirting, outright flirting, and what if he completely succeeds in completely gaining the attention of his rival and she herself will go away, leaving the guy you like free.

However, it is not the most important thing that you will use - imitation of seduction or real temptation. The main thing is the result. True, do not forget that here the chances of getting in the face from your assistant are also quite high. It is worth warning him about this in advance.

How to win someone else's boyfriend
How to win someone else's boyfriend

Changing your own image7

There are no limits to perfection, and before you can cope with the task at hand and beat off a guy, you need to become ideal for him - appearance, wardrobe and even the chosen perfume - absolutely everything is of great importance. Your natural beauty or pronounced sexuality (here, again, you need to start from his individual preferences) should correspond to the ideal of the girl who lives in his imagination.

Such metamorphoses will interest the guy, and he will try to pay more attention to you, looking closely and thinking about whether he has chosen the right companion for himself.

The Forbidden Fruit Is Always Sweet8

Intriguing a man and completely drawing his attention to oneself, one must not forget about one common truth. In no case, at his first attempts to get closer, one should not rush to his neck with shouts like "darling, I've been waiting for you for so long." This behavior can completely negate all previous efforts. Don't forget - hunting! And who of the real men needs a too accessible sacrifice.

Of course, no one says that you need to pretend to be hard-to-reach for months, but the minimum distance should be kept at least the first time. This must be done carefully, without pushing the guy away and, at the same time, not letting him in particularly close to you.

Ways to fight off a guy
Ways to fight off a guy

Sex as a control shot9

In the event that the hostilities have already gone so far, you need to do your best to "keep the brand" and not retreat. Now it’s definitely not worth pretending to be touchy and running from him around the table with shouts “let's wait a little longer”. You have almost achieved what you want and now the main thing is to consolidate the result. And it is good quality sex that becomes an excellent assistant in this matter.

The only thing is that, just like in everything else, the main thing is not to overdo it, because the line between the absence of complexes and vulgarity is quite insignificant, but in no case can it be crossed. If you make a mistake, you can expect that the guy will return to his girlfriend, mistaking you for an easily accessible person, but who needs such a woman (except for one single night)? Demonstrate all your talents, you can safely put on your ring finger, the cherished wedding ring.

Additional variations on a free theme10

Nowadays, not all psychologists agree that the way to a man's heart lies precisely through the stomach. But, nevertheless, by and large, nothing prevents you from strengthening your position and "luring him with" tasty treats "(we are not talking about a hot dog or croissant bought at a nearby stall, but about a culinary masterpiece prepared with your own gentle hands). By the way, if you and the kitchen are completely incompatible concepts, it is best not to disgrace and completely discard this venture.

K / f
K / f

The same can be said for trying to share his passions. For example, your chosen one loves Rottweilers, three representatives of this formidable breed live in his house, he takes an active part in all kinds of dog competitions and exhibitions. If you get a puppy of the same breed solely to attract attention, an attempt in advance can be considered doomed to failure.

Deception will be felt by everyone, from the man you like, and ending with your own dog. The same can be said for simulating an interest in football. Even if you memorize the names of all teams, the names and surnames of their players and referees, the names of the stadiums and everything else that is even the slightest bit related to football, the boredom and disappointment of your eyes will always give out the true state of affairs.

Is it necessary at all11

At the end of this conversation, it is worth dwelling on one very interesting and rather interesting fact. If you take a closer look at the situation, it becomes clear, of course, you have achieved success and, for example, stole the guy from your neighbor.

Tips on how to beat off someone else's guy
Tips on how to beat off someone else's guy

But, you always need to remember about the other side of the coin - and where is the guarantee that his colleague at a new job in the same way will not read an article on the network on a delicate topic of how to beat off a guy from another girl and in a couple of months you yourself will not be like a character famous fairy tale, to sit by a broken trough? As the saying goes from time immemorial, "once lied (in our case, once changed)."

Is it worth the risk and living in fear all my life - will it leave or not? Maybe it will be much calmer for his own nervous system to forget about hostilities and pay attention to a guy who is free from any obligations. After all, these are guaranteed to be there even in the immediate surroundings (of course, if you do not live on a farm of three houses).

And it is also not worth hoping that the use of the above recommendations will lead to one hundred percent success of the enterprise. True, sincere love has tremendous power. That is, if a guy and a girl are truly in love with each other, even the most skillful intrigues will not be able to separate them.

On the contrary, by uniting together against the “enemy” that interferes with their relations, they will be able to successfully fight off your intrigues, and in addition, significantly “tarnish” your reputation, telling all common acquaintances about your (you must admit, mean - dastardly) actions. It is unlikely that after this all former friends and acquaintances will want to continue communicating with you.

K / f
K / f

So, dear girls, think about whether it is worth the candle and whether you need the risk of becoming an outcast in your own company.

But, in conclusion, you can voice the point of view of many of our contemporaries. To beat off or not to beat off a guy from another girl is a purely personal matter, and here everyone must independently make a decision to do this or go nobly to the side, leaving the lovers alone.

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