Love Relationship Between A Guy And A Girl: How To Avoid Mistakes

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Love Relationship Between A Guy And A Girl: How To Avoid Mistakes
Love Relationship Between A Guy And A Girl: How To Avoid Mistakes

Video: Love Relationship Between A Guy And A Girl: How To Avoid Mistakes

Video: Love Relationship Between A Guy And A Girl: How To Avoid Mistakes
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Love relationship of a man
Love relationship of a man

Among all the diversity, relationships between men and women have always existed and exist as a separate subtype of relationships in which a man is not free, but does not refuse adultery. A man's love relationship, like a simple relationship with a girl or a woman, is fully developed or constantly exists in parallel to marriage.

The content of the article

  • 1 Psychology of love relationships
  • 2 Problems in relationships between lovers
  • 3 Conditions for the implementation of a quality love relationship
  • 4 Attitude towards love affairs from the point of view of partners
  • 5 Types of girls in relationships
  • 6 Type 1. The ideal girl
  • 7 Type 2. Second mother
  • 8 Type 3. Director
  • 9 Type 5. Inadequate
  • 10 Type 6. In love and perfect

Building them is also difficult, and maintaining a reasonable balance between a non-commitment relationship and a love affair is sometimes as difficult as maintaining a healthy family environment.

Psychology of love relationships

On the one hand, there is nothing difficult in a relationship between two people who are not burdened with family obligations, they just met, spent time together and parted. Nothing breaks the idyll: there are no common children, no household obligations, joint problems, if there is no unplanned pregnancy, too.

The love relationship of a man is not overshadowed by anything, they initially develop harmoniously, easily and as simply as possible. In a man's life there are no quarrels and scandals, insults and reproaches. Relationships, first of all, depend on how the partners will be able to negotiate with each other and whether they will be able to solve the smallest nuances.

What a man expects from a love affair with a beautiful and carefree woman:

  • sex;
  • care;
  • help;
  • sometimes, requires financial support;
  • unwind from family and everyday problems;
  • in rare cases looking for a replacement for the family.

In order to avoid omissions with a partner in advance, you need to be able to negotiate not only the everyday nuances of communication, but also to think over the role in advance and choose a convenient format of relations for yourself. If a man takes on the role of a hero-lover, then he must know exactly who the lover will play.

When exactly the roles are assigned, it becomes easy to communicate and there are no more complaints about the fact that there is no partner around on holidays, sex is rare or there is not enough affection and romantic walks.

In the purest balance, a relationship with a mistress is a great way to spend time in the company of a beautiful girl and not worry about spending time solving her problems or listening to complaints every day. Is everything so cloudless?

Problems in the relationship between lovers2

Whoever and how does not consider the love relationship of a man, ideally, the relationship with his mistress contains only the physical aspect in the form of high-quality sex and a simple relationship based on sympathy. Over time, relationships become no less problematic than with a real wife or a regular girlfriend. Over time, a woman begins to make plans and feel like a complete replacement for his family.

Everything is happening in the wrong way and the big problem is that the man desperately wants freedom and independence, while his girlfriend in bed gets used to his presence and strives to claim his rights to his freedom.

You need two to understand and stop yourself in time from the temptation to control your partner. Remember that relationships from the first day were built honestly and as an outlet and an opportunity to find simple human communication, which is not enough, and not a second family with the same problems and concerns.

love relationship
love relationship

A lover's relationship is built on trust, understanding, shared interests, and last but not least, passion. If jealousy, scandals, quarrels and personal claims appear, then it is highly likely that the relationship will not last long and will become a burden for the man.

Conditions for the implementation of a high-quality love relationship3

It's only in cinema that everything happens quickly and with lightning speed, when two strangers meet with their eyes and a life-long love affair between a man and a woman begins, which is accompanied by secrets, intrigues, provocative situations. To reach the proper level of relationship and start looking for a partner, you must first mature mentally.

This is not about a fleeting affection and an occasion for one night during a drunken corporate party or a general trip out of town. Any relationship, including love, requires moral preparedness and maturity in order to be able to balance between two women and at the same time not to go to extremes, not to suffer from depression and not to look for a way out of the situation in addictions, destroying their own and other people's lives along the way.

In addition to moral preparation, you need to have a sufficient supply of free time and energy to satisfy all needs, money to ensure comfort. Like any other relationship with a woman, they require a man to give back and a desire to realize them.

If there are no resources, there is not enough strength even for a quality rest, what kind of outside connection can we talk about? Even from the point of view of energy, it will be disastrous for a man, he will feel even more overwhelmed.

A big problem is still hidden in the psychology of love affairs and the attitude of men and women to it. From the outside, everything is clear for what a couple of adults are meeting, but the deep attitude and understanding of the role of each differs dramatically.

nerves in love relationships
nerves in love relationships

Relationship to love affairs from the point of view of partners4

In 100%, a man chooses a relationship with his mistress driven by passion and desire to have a new partner or an attractive girl, maybe even married, whom he has known for a long time. He, as mentioned above in the article, seeks ease and simplicity in communication, the absence of complaints, but sometimes he works out a model of family relations in connection with his mistress.

All this is about a free man or guy who is looking for a way to have fun and organize a permanent shelter and relationship with a woman. The criteria by which he starts a relationship can be vague and unclear, it is pointless to talk and calculate about the reasons for his behavior.

What is the psychology of a mistress, what is she looking for? First of all, in the face of her lover, she sees support and a man who can help not only morally in problem situations, but also financially. There is nothing shameful in this, most girls agree to have a relationship with a married man in exchange for what they cannot get out of life.

Another important criterion by which a girl chooses a lover and appreciates his presence in life is the spiritual component of a relationship. It is stereotypical to think that this is just an anxious couple waiting for the right moment to indulge in debauchery.

A girl needs protection and a person you can sometimes rely on, open his soul to him and talk about problems, hear words of support and, of course, good sex has not been canceled. A woman in her 20s and 50s is looking in her lover for the image of the man she dreamed of, for real support and care. She tries to get some of the emotions that were lost in marriage or in childhood from her lover and compensate for the shortage by his presence nearby.

Love relationship between man and woman
Love relationship between man and woman

This is both beauty and complexity. A lover wants a good sexual partner, a girl with whom he feels comfortable, while she is looking for the image of an ideal man or, more precisely, a husband who will provide moral and material comfort.

In perspective, a woman sees in her lover a future partner for life. Such cases happen, very rarely. Building a truly trusting relationship, while earlier one of you cheated on your other half is problematic.

Types of girls in relationships5

Lovers not only differ in external parameters, but also in the model of relations with a man. Every man tries to find for himself a woman or girl who will embody all fantasies and desires and at the same time will be outwardly sexy. The typology of girls' mistresses is diverse and interesting, you need to familiarize yourself with it in advance if you want to plunge into the pool with your head.

Type 1. The ideal girl_1

A lover with a perfectly quiet character, meek and modest, like a schoolgirl in class. At any age, girls are bores with low self-esteem, who shy away from everyone and try to hide the presence of a lover in life from others as much as possible. You shouldn't expect miracles from them in bed, they are primitive and predictable, they love the missionary position, and oral sex in their mind can only be if they threaten to part.

You shouldn't even talk about changing roles or hard intimacy, from such a cute girl will at least blush, and at most will lose consciousness. As a result, a man will quickly get tired of her and will try to find one with whom everything will be interesting and unusual, but in extreme cases they are just an excellent option.

love relationship with an ordinary woman
love relationship with an ordinary woman

Type 2. Second mother_2

A typical housewife, regardless of age. Ideal for a man who is looking for a caring woman with a wide soul in his mistress, who will warm her on big breasts and behave like a caring mother and passionate mistress. She does not ask for money, she earns herself and loves gifts on business. She is so close to her lover that she does not hesitate to transfer small gifts to his family.

Everything in her house is like in the best films of the Soviet era: starched, ironed, modest and simple, next to a bedside table with water, a vase with flowers in the middle of the table. In sex, everything is standard and simple, missionary or knee-elbow positions, variety occurs only on especially festive dates. She will always feed after sex, caress and let her go home. An excellent option for a mistress for men whose wife is always busy with business and does not like to cook.

Type 3. Director_3

Business, independent, energetic woman with big ambitions and a small set of emotions. She is ready to divide expenses in half, does not accept excessive affection and sentimentality. In relations with her, everything is clear and understandable, advice on the matter, does not ask about unnecessary things. A very punctual and meticulous mistress, whose man enters into the routine between meetings with business partners.

Often these are women 30-40 years old, family or avid careerists without children. In sex, proactive, interesting, loves to play a love game and does not tolerate sentimental tenderness and long foreplay. Everything is on schedule and sex is no exception, the girl is not ready to spend more time on it than is allotted in the schedule.

love relationship with a woman director
love relationship with a woman director

Type 5. Inadequate _5

A cheerful and interesting girl, from whom she breathes optimism and a desire to start a relationship without obligations. He listens to every word, looks at a man as a hero and admires him, captivates with his simplicity and ease of communication. Over time, her worst side begins to manifest itself and the desire to keep her lover with all her might near her.

It begins with a delight of provocations, blackmail, calls at the wrong time, notes, gifts and other "joys" to hint that she is. Very often he cries, blackmails by telling his wife everything. Sex with her becomes bad because of inappropriate behavior and moral stress, a man often feels himself hostage to the situation.

At the first hints, you need to run away from such a type without looking back, and if your wife becomes aware of something, tell her that she is inadequate and had a connection with her for a very long time, once and intoxicated, or come up with a tearful story about a setup.

Type 6. In love and perfect_6

Slender and beautiful, self-confident and completely incomprehensible why she needs a lover. Life circumstances are ordinary, there are no extremes from which you want to go to the pool with your head. Light and sociable, slightly detached from the man, does not ask about family and personal.

It captivates with its ideality, it is with such people that you want to build relationships for a long time or change your wife for her. Men idealize this type of women, piously believing that she will not walk in curlers and a dressing gown and will always be light on her feet and in general. Sex with such a mistress is ideal, there are no prohibitions and taboos.

Love relationship of a man
Love relationship of a man

She easily captivates all thoughts and feelings, most men go crazy from such women, and she continues to see him as a hero and a real protector for years. It should be said right away that this is the ideal type of woman and is rarely found in nature. And to tell the truth, everyday life, children, housing problems and years spoil even ideal ones. No one will be able to remain perfect and attractive, light and carefree all their lives.

If we cast aside morality and do not think what the second person feels, who believes in the infallibility of a partner, a man's love relationship is like a pill for boredom and fatigue. But what can I say, both partners in lovers find or come up with the ideal traits that they would like to see in a partner. The main rule is to be able to manage feelings and not take the relationship too close. Still, this is an outlet, not a second wife.

And how to keep love for life, you will learn from our next article on the link.