The Real Story Of A Guy About A Relationship With A Foreign Woman

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The Real Story Of A Guy About A Relationship With A Foreign Woman
The Real Story Of A Guy About A Relationship With A Foreign Woman

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
couple on bed
couple on bed

Further history will be written in the first person. The author wished to remain anonymous.

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  • 1 Unexpected meeting
  • 2 Sweet hopes
  • 3 An indelible mark

It happened many years ago, but I remember everything that made me worry. Which made my head spin.

Accidental meeting

I studied at a Moscow institute, and I myself lived in the suburbs. My university was located in the center of the capital. The metro is only 4 stops away. At the exit of the subway, I ran into a cute girl face to face. I felt uncomfortable, I apologized, and in response I heard kind words with a slight accent. Immediately I thought - a girl from the Baltic states and was mistaken.

I took two steps back and looked closely. In front of me was a cute creature - blond hair fell to my shoulders, amazing brown eyes looked at me from under the bangs. The stranger was wearing a light trouser suit. High heels emphasized the slimness of the figure. We stepped aside. The stranger asked how to get to Red Square. It was 10 minutes' walk from us to the Kremlin. I volunteered to accompany the girl, waving my hand at the lecture. Losing such a miracle was criminal. On the way, we met. Her name was Rositsa. She came from Bulgaria with her parents who had some business in Russia. On this day, she decided to get to know Moscow and she clearly lacked a guide. Although she did not tell me about it.

I didn't tell her anything about myself except my name. In fact, I do not like to impose myself and always talk about myself only when asked. Rositsa walked and looked around with admiration. She chirped like a bird without stopping. When we stepped onto the cobblestone pavement, the girl took my arm, otherwise she could fall. Her thin heels fell into the crevices between the cobblestones and she needed support.

We walked along Red Square, stood at the mausoleum. She told me everything she knew about Lenin, about the Kremlin. We stood in front of the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos for a long time and felt her hand trembling. I will remember this moment forever.

After we went down to the river, she didn't even try to take her hand out, we just walked arm in arm. Sometimes I walked away from her frozen, but only with the aim of admiring her figure from the side. She talked a lot about herself, about Bulgaria, about her home, but I understood only one thing - she was interested in me. But why doesn't Rositsa ask me anything then? It was a mystery … what if I was wrong?

relationship 2
relationship 2

Time flew by in an instant. It's time to say goodbye. I accompanied the Bulgarian beauty to the subway and deliberately did not offer to accompany her home. I was interested in her reaction. Rositsa stood and suddenly said:

- Will I see you tomorrow?

- Sure.

- When and where?

- Let's get here at 10.

I was even surprised that she did not ask if I was free and where I live, if I was married and if I had time. But she turned around and pounded the steps with her heels.

I was on the train and could not understand what was happening to me. But the conclusion was obvious - I fell in love. And that didn't surprise me. I called the group leader and said I was sick. I was really sick with LOVE.


Sweet hopes2

The next day I was near the metro at about 9.30 am. Rositsa fluttered out of the door almost immediately after my arrival and … kissed me on the lips. It is on the lips, not on the cheek. Fleeting, brief, but with a sensual expression in the eyes. She was wearing a short skirt and high-heeled shoes. I could not take my eyes off her legs, figure, face. The girl took my arm and asked:

- Where are we going?

- Where do you want?

- Wherever you say. And come on "you"!

Everything was like a dream. We went to a cafe for a cup of coffee. Behind the stoic, she took out her cigarettes and looked questioningly at me. Yesterday I did not see Rositsa smoking. I nodded, she inhaled beautifully, blew smoke out of her mouth with some special charm. I didn't see anyone around anymore. Only her face, knees, neck. I don’t remember what they were talking about. But the girl turned out to be, like yesterday, talkative, which freed me from the responsibility of entertaining the lady with conversations.

Then we walked again, went up to Pushkin Square. We stood for a long time at the monument to the poet, and she read in a half-whisper the poetry of Alexander Sergeevich. Strangely enough, Rositsa knew many of his poems very well and read them with the breath of a professional. I was not surprised - she has no interest in sensuality.

midnight in Paris
midnight in Paris

We ate ice cream, she wiped her lips with a handkerchief and handed it to me. I hesitated, then she pulled my head and licked my lips. I was not that surprised, but simply amazed at her persistence and … simplicity. She laughed and stroked my head. I stood as if struck by lightning. A foreign woman, beautiful, sexy, bold, simple, felt free with a young man she did not know. I could not understand - is this good or bad?

And she didn’t let me know. She just took her arm and led me along the street. It was SHE, it was SHE who LEADED.

We again wandered for a long time, admired ancient Moscow, she read the ads and was surprised. She was all new and interesting. All conversations again revolved around the girl, her life, habits, interests. She talked about friends, acquaintances. I got embarrassed when she talked about guys and she noticed it. Then the conversation turned to the future. Rositsa wanted to become a musicologist. She talked a lot about composers. She admired the Russian stage, listed the performers. Interestingly, the girl even knew those singers about whom I only briefly heard or did not know at all. This did not surprise her at all. She only casually remarked:

- I will tell you about them, let you listen to the records.

We parted, as we did yesterday, late at night. But again, I did not volunteer to see her off, trying to understand her reaction. Why I did this - I don't know.

Girl and boy
Girl and boy

The next day was cloudy and rainy. I left early, but we stopped on one platform, the driver announced that the train was half an hour late due to technical problems. And I certainly couldn't help it.

I left the subway an hour later. It was raining outside and the mood was the same damp. He stopped at the door, not knowing whether to go out into the rain and if so, why. I did not stand a minute when soft palms with the scent of lilacs covered my head from behind. I turned and saw MY Rositsa with wet hair and an enthusiastic look. Her eyes laughed, sparkled, admired, delighted in the long-awaited meeting. She leaned over to me and hugged my shoulders. There were few people at that time, we stood, unashamedly, for about a minute.

The rain did not pass and we had nowhere to go. Walking through puddles is not very pleasant. It's good that there was a bench. We sat down, and she began to ask me about Moscow, about Russia, about where you can study to be a musicologist. How expensive it is to rent or buy an apartment, what are our customs and procedures. She sat with her head on my shoulder and listened to what I answered her.

relationship 3
relationship 3

Indelible mark3

Some kind of intoxication emanated from Rositsa along with the fumes from her wet coat. I listened to her voice and slowly went crazy. I realized that this girl had come to Moscow for me. Fate sent her to me. I decided to start silently. I was terribly interested in her reaction and I knew that I would lose her in the end. But I couldn't lie. Neither her nor herself. I said that after the institute the army was waiting for me, that I had no apartment and that I did not live in Moscow at all, but 50 km away. from her. She raised a surprised look at me and asked in a half-whisper:

- So what? Or are you married?

- Not. But isn't it enough that I told you?

- Stupid !!!

She looked around and, not seeing anyone, began to kiss my face. Not lips, but face. Then she laid her head on my shoulder and took her hand in her palms.

And I thought that a few days ago it was not I who ran into her at the exit of the metro, but she met me there in the crowd of hurrying townspeople. She just knew that at this hour I would be there and … she waited to "collide by chance."

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