The Real Story Of A Relationship With An American

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The Real Story Of A Relationship With An American
The Real Story Of A Relationship With An American

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sad girl
sad girl

In the 90s, like many girls who became disillusioned with Russian men, I tried to marry a foreigner. Desirable for an American. My wish soon came true.

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In the late 90s, I got a job at a company that assembled off-road jeeps. Things were going well: we actively cooperated with several foreign companies. There was only one woman in the team - me. I didn't know much about parts, but I spoke good English. Therefore, they took me to negotiations as an interpreter.

I was in my early 20s and still believed that I would marry solely for love. Therefore, she was in no hurry to "strangle" the first foreigner she met, among whom sometimes strange, even creepy shots came across. I was waiting for a man whom I could fall in love with - one from whom "goosebumps" would run on my skin.

Soon I met such a person.

Almost an office romance2

His name was Don. Slightly over thirty, tall, lean, brunette. He smiled sweetly and a little shyly. He seemed very modest, spoke in a low voice, kept himself reserved and polite.

Without undue modesty, I will say: I was a prominent girl - a typical Russian beauty with a long thick braid. Light flirting with foreigners was so familiar to me that it was perceived as part of my duties at work.

But Don was different. He did not allow himself anything superfluous - no empty smiles, no playful looks, no ambiguous jokes. Intuitively, I felt that he liked me, but it was annoying that he did not show any signs of attention. At first I thought he was married, but no - Don was free. Then my friend scared with speculation that “my” American might be gay … And then I seriously thought: I really liked Don, but I didn't want to waste time on a hopeless guy. There was only one way out: to take the situation into our own hands. I never took the initiative - there was no need for it. But in Don's case, he had to revise his principles.

My initiative was received adequately: soon Don asked me out on a date. And not just anywhere, but to the hotel "Kazakhstan" - to the 26-storey hotel, the hallmark of the city. It is in this hotel that foreigners have stayed since the 70s.

Random husband movie
Random husband movie

I already realized that he was not gay, and for some reason I felt scared: thanks to my mother's upbringing, until the age of twenty-three I still had no serious relationship.

I accepted Don’s invitation, but with one caveat: I’m not going to the date alone, but with a friend. By this, I seemed to draw a line and made it clear that I was "not like that." Don agreed.

I heard somewhere that if you decided to take a friend on a date, then one that was not prettier than you. But Yulka, with whom we were very close friends then, was a real beauty. At first I caught myself, but then I decided: let, at the same time find out how interesting I am to him.

Don lived on the 25th floor. When we took the elevator, I thought: well, everything, now it will be like in a movie. But the date went very nicely - it was almost friendly. There was no alcohol, and we drank tea with sweets. Don spoke a little Russian, but I didn't understand him well, so we talked in English. And I translated for Yulka.

Lovers laugh
Lovers laugh

Don turned out to be a real gentleman. He paid attention to both of us, but I felt that Yulka, for all her beauty, was not particularly interested in him.

By the end of the date, I realized that I was in love. We continued to meet - already, of course, without Yulka. We soon became close, and after that our relationship moved to a new level.


By that time, my mother was no longer alive, and in a huge "three-ruble note", located in the elite district of Almaty, I lived alone. Don moved from the hotel to me.

When the euphoria from feelings began to slowly recede, I, to my horror, began to notice that I was not very comfortable with him.

In everyday life, he was rather strange. What surprised me most was that he threw a white shirt into the washing machine along with black socks. And then he sat in front of the machine, and waited for her to wash.

man and washing machine
man and washing machine

When I, trying to speak as delicately as possible, made remarks to him, he was embarrassed and said that he was used to living alone.

Don also had a real fad about hats and shoes. He himself was from California, lived in New York, and the Alma-Ata frosts scared him a little.

At the flea market they bought him a hat and a warm coat. He wore things with pleasure, but dressed, going out into the street, very strange. First he put on a hat, and then he put on his shoes. The hat fell off his head as he bent down. He lifted it and put it on his head again, it fell again, he lifted it again and again and put it on.

Once in a store I bought chicken eggs. I wanted to put them in the refrigerator, but Don saw that some of them were dirty, was horrified and took the package to the bathroom. Hearing the splash of water, I followed him, and saw that he diligently washes each egg with soap. He was not so wrong, but then it seemed wild to me.

man yells at woman
man yells at woman

But all these were "flowers". It turned out that Don has a rather evil tongue. He could easily offend me: somehow during a walk I flared up and went ahead. He soon caught up with me and apologized. But a minute later he said that I was fat, and that he would marry me only when I lost weight.

It was a shame, but I really wanted to go to America. On Yulka's advice, I bought Chinese diet pills and lost more than 10 kilograms in a month. Don kept his promise: as soon as I put the figure in order, he proposed to me.

Wedding and departure4

We got married in Almaty. We signed and went to celebrate the celebration in the mountains. Don was very nice and attentive. I felt like Cinderella, and I was sure that I had found my happiness.

Soon Don had to leave for the USA. He called every day, sent faxes. He said that he missed him very much, and I myself felt that I greatly yearned for him. When we were far apart, our relationship improved. Don didn’t say offensive things, he joked, he showered me with compliments.

TV series Sherlock Watson's wedding
TV series Sherlock Watson's wedding

I was waiting for an invitation to apply for a visa. But problems arose with this: the company in which I worked suddenly collapsed, and Don also had something incomprehensible with his work (he did not say what exactly). I got a job in the civil service.

Our "romance in letters" after the wedding continued. This was my only outlet during that difficult time.

Soon things got better. Don sent an invitation, and I quickly got a visa to the United States. At the airport I cried: I was sure that I was leaving for good.

Don met me at the New York airport and we drove to him. On the way, he said that he had lost his job and sold his house in California. It strained me, but he calmed me down - he said that he had found another job. I learned that he got a job as a deratizer much later.

Closely in the apartment
Closely in the apartment

When the euphoria after the meeting subsided, everyday life began. We lived in a small apartment, which was very difficult for me to keep clean. Don was used to throwing things around, and gradually I got tired of cleaning up after him like a child. For some reason, his desire to create coziness irritated him.

In general, on "his" territory, he behaved more impudently - he was constantly rude to me, rude. I stayed at work without warning, but at the same time controlled my every step.

Soon he began to reproach me for spending a lot in the store. I've never been wasteful - the 90s taught me how to save money, but Don, like Plyushkin, grumbled about every "extra" cent.

I also wanted to get a job, but he forbade me. He also forbade going out on the street without him. Soon I felt like a prisoner.

The denouement happened on the eve of Christmas. I was decorating the tree, and Don didn't like how I did it. He flared up, and began to show how his mother did it. The whole process was accompanied by insults addressed to me. I broke down and burst into tears. Don responded by grabbing the tree and swinging it at me. I ran to another room, then packed my things, took my passport, and left.


I wandered around New York for a long time. Then I was lucky to meet good people, Bill and Jane. It was they who helped me to return home.

At home5

Don and I were still officially married. He filed for divorce. According to their laws, the husband has the right to a part of his wife's property, so he hired a good lawyer and told me that he would come to Almaty to sue me for the apartment.

He really came. He met a girl, and, in order not to pay for a hotel, he lived with her.

I remember the trial as a bad dream. The most terrible thing was to look into the eyes of a once close person who swore to me in love, and now tried to take away the last that I had - to leave me without anything in my own homeland.

sad girl
sad girl

Fortunately, the court ruled in my favor. Don promised to appeal the court decision, and soon returned to the United States. I was prepared for telephone terrorism, but he did not call.


I never saw him again.

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