Statuses About Parting With A Loved One With Meaning

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Statuses About Parting With A Loved One With Meaning
Statuses About Parting With A Loved One With Meaning

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Last night in New York movie

So. Your relationship with your loved one has come to an end. It happens, what can you do. You have decided to put a beautiful quote in your status, in the "about yourself" section, or add a thoughtful phrase to your new Instagram photo. Okay, but let's do without the "hello 2012" quotes.

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  • Parting and longing
  • 2 Lies and treason
  • 3 Less tears

Before you - as many as 77 quotes about parting with loved ones. Choose according to your taste.

And let him / her understand that you are hard to find, easy to lose and impossible to forget!

Parting and longingi

  • What do you do when it turns out that the person who broke your heart is the only one who can glue it?
  • What should I do now if you were my better half?
  • Was the love that brought us together worth the bitterness of parting?
  • When parting, two people cannot remain friends. If they succeed, they still love each other. Or they didn't love at all.
  • Parting is like a broken mirror. Better to walk away quietly than cut yourself while trying to collect the pieces.
  • Don't cry when the sun disappears into the sky. After all, tears will not allow you to admire the stars.
  • Sometimes you just need to delete all messages, erase the number and continue on your way.
  • If a person brings you more suffering than happiness, let him go. Even if you really love.
  • It takes seconds to say hello. But the last goodbye can take forever.
  • I let you go. But this does not mean at all that I really wanted it.
  • People who leave easily were never going to stay long.
  • All I did was love you. Everything you did was hurt me.
  • Sometimes you should forget about what you want. You need to remember what you deserve.
  • The memory of you doesn't hurt. Suffering is caused by the realization that I have lost you (a).
a couple stands on both sides of the door
a couple stands on both sides of the door
  • Sometimes in the relationship of two people there comes a period when they clearly understand that they have outgrown each other.
  • Love is uncontrollable. Unlike a relationship.
  • Socrates also said that the hottest love has the coldest ending.
  • As Oscar Wilde said, the heart was made to break.
  • Sometimes good things leave our lives. But only to make room for something even better.
  • I miss your smile. But I missed my own even more.
  • I can't hate you for not loving me anymore. But I hate myself for loving you.
  • Distance sometimes clearly shows who is worth holding on to and who is better to let go.
the girl leaves
the girl leaves
  • If you can't find your place in a relationship with this person, maybe you should go further?
  • I hope that one day you will look back and realize that you shouldn't have let it all end like this.
  • It seemed to me that everything was over with you. But every time I hear a notification on my phone, I wait for your message.
  • If you start to miss me, remember that I wasn't going to leave. It was you who let me go.
  • Longing for you rolls over like waves. I think I'll drown today.
  • I miss the feeling of happiness that was next to you.
  • I know that somewhere in the world there is a person made for me. It’s a pity it’s not you.
  • Technically, I'm free. But in fact, my heart is occupied by a person who no longer belongs to me.
  • The worst feeling in the world comes from the realization that you both love each other, but you cannot be together.
  • Real feelings don't magically disappear overnight.
guy on the road with suitcases
guy on the road with suitcases
  • There is no feeling more lonely than the realization that your loved one has become a stranger to you.
  • Parting is like a terrible nightmare after a wonderful dream.
  • I wonder how quickly I'll be just a memory for you
  • The harder you hit the ball on the ground, the higher it bounces. It’s the same with job loss and separation.
  • Sometimes it seems that tears are not accidental. From time to time they have to wash away the excess and reveal the real state of affairs.
  • I had so many reasons to leave, but I chose to stay. You had so many reasons to stay, but you decided to give up.
  • I never wished for anything other than to be everything to you.

Lies and treason2

  • A relationship is for two participants. But some have problems with math.
  • Lying and cheating are not relationship problems. This is a reason to finish them.
  • If a person deceived you, he is simply not worthy of you.
  • I'm a good enough person to forgive you. But I'm not stupid enough to believe you again.
  • No need to cry for the one who betrayed you. Smile and thank them for making room in your life for someone better.
  • Trust builds over the years, shatters in seconds, and takes forever to rebuild.
  • Relationships are not a school exam, why dodge and cheat like that?

Less tears3

  • Is the relationship over? Build a bridge and cross it to the other side. Then burn it to the ground so you won't be tempted to come back.
  • I looked gorgeous today. You missed everything.
  • Parting doesn't always have to lead to a truce. Sometimes you need to finally wake up and take a fresh look at everything.
  • It is impossible to start reading a new chapter if you keep rereading the old one.
girl crying
girl crying
  • And even though we are not destined to be together all our lives, I am glad that you were a part of it.
  • And even if we were not destined to stay together, I am grateful for every second next to you.
  • Don't cry because it's over. Smile at what it was in your life.
  • Parting is not only pain and suffering, but also invaluable life lessons.
  • Better to be alone than with those with whom you feel lonely.
  • Pain is inevitable, but suffering is your choice.
  • You should never run after a bus, train, or a man. You can always wait for the next one.
  • Moving forward is impossible without forgiveness.
  • It doesn't matter how badly your heart is broken. The world around you does not cease to exist and life does not stop. She continues to walk, but without you.
girl crying
girl crying
  • Neither of us left the other. Love just left us.
  • Never regret a relationship that ended. If everything went well, that's great. If everything was terrible, you have gained invaluable life experience.
  • It was a wonderful time and the love between us was real. But apparently it's time to move on.
  • I feel empty inside, but I know it won't last forever.
  • Immediately after breaking up, the memories are so fresh and the pain is so sharp. But time passes and everything goes into the past - then healing begins.
  • Now you are afraid to entrust your heart to someone else. Not worth it. One day a person will come into your life who will treat you the way you deserve.
  • Don't let the disappointments of the past cloud your present and take away your future prospects.
girl crying in the movie
girl crying in the movie
  • Don't let yourself think that something in you was not enough. As if you weren't enough.
  • Love heals wounds. Give yourself your own love.
  • Once you realize that you deserve a healthy relationship and have the strength to leave, you’ll be free.
  • The time after breaking up is created in order to get to know yourself better and get to know yourself in the present.
  • Remember that when one door closes, another opens next.
  • If you constantly stare at a closed door, you will not see the one that has opened for you.
  • Let go of not only this person, but also the dreams of your future together.
  • Let go of the life that you have planned in order to let in the life that is prepared for you from above.
  • Remember that there are many other fish in the sea.
  • One day he will realize that he has lost a diamond, being distracted by worthless stones.
  • “Never love someone who treats you like you’re ordinary” - Oscar Wilde.

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