A Woman Is A Leo For A Man. What Should It Be?

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A Woman Is A Leo For A Man. What Should It Be?
A Woman Is A Leo For A Man. What Should It Be?

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girl and lion cub
girl and lion cub

So, you were lucky enough to fall in love with a strong, strong-willed, responsible, but at the same time narcissistic and principled guy. He is smart enough, ambitious and incredibly touchy. And, of course, by a happy coincidence, your chosen one was born under the zodiac constellation Leo.

The content of the article

  • 1 What is he?
  • 2 Have an attractive appearance
  • 3 Be the perfect hostess
  • 4 Don't be annoying
  • 5 Have a stable nervous system
  • 6 Inspire new feats
  • 7 Be well-read and educated
  • 8 Be soft and pliable
  • 9 Surround with care and comfort
  • 10 Be liberated
  • 11 Be light on your feet
  • 12 have a sense of humor
  • 13 Don't make him jealous

Girls willingly believe that the constellation under which a young man is born directly determines his character traits. And there is no point in dissuading them from this, because there is definitely some truth in this. Therefore, before you understand what kind of lady can easily conquer the most majestic sign of the Zodiac, you must first of all figure out what it really is.

What is he like? I

  • From early childhood in his character, one can clearly see the "royal" manners. Young Leo firmly defends his (as it seems to him, the only correct) opinion. It is so difficult to argue with him that many do not even dare to start.
  • Any criticism is perceived by him rather painfully. Moreover, having heard unflattering words addressed to him, the Leo man literally withdraws into himself and begins to analyze every word.
  • He's incredibly generous. With him, you can safely count on both minor regular gifts and rather large and expensive gifts.
  • He loves to hear praise addressed to him. Moreover, he will unmistakably distinguish a sincere compliment from sweet flattery. So don't even try to cheat him.
  • He's talented. If the business that the Leo man takes on gives him true pleasure, then he will certainly achieve brilliant results.
  • Sociable and sociable. Once in an unfamiliar company, this majestic sign will easily and in a matter of seconds find a common language with every person present there. And, undoubtedly, it will become the “soul of the company”.
  • A skillful seducer. Many girls, falling under the influence of the Seducing Leo, instantly lose their heads and control. It is understandable! Damn good looks, dignified posture, confident gaze and refined manners make him an incredibly attractive and desirable man for all female representatives.
lion art
lion art

But what qualities a girl should be endowed with, to whom a Leo man will definitely turn his gaze, read below.

So, the ideal chosen one of the royal zodiac sign should:

Have an attractive appearance2

This does not mean at all that in order to conquer a Leo man, you must correspond to model parameters and ideal facial features. And, nevertheless, representatives of this sign prefer to be proud and even brag about their chosen one. External data play perhaps the most significant role in choosing a companion for a Leo man. Because they themselves love not only to admire, but also to admire.

Be an ideal hostess3

In your arsenal there must certainly be 1000 and one way of how tasty and healthy to feed your beloved man. Do not forget that Leo is a terrible sweet tooth. So, to please your beloved with pies and cheesecakes is your sacred duty. Just like keeping your family nest perfectly clean. Representatives of this zodiac sign, as befits real men, take full responsibility for the material well-being of the family. And, therefore, they have every right to demand home comfort from their companion.

lion art
lion art

Don't be annoying4

It should not be forgotten that men of this sign still prefer to remain in the spotlight under any circumstances. This means that Leo's companion should in no way overshadow him in society. A girl who will regularly "pull the blanket over herself" and get it out with endless chatter will definitely not become his fate.

Have a stable nervous system5

Next to a Leo man, you should be prepared for the fact that tears will appear on your face at least as often as a happy smile. A temperamental sign in a burst of emotions is quite capable of wounding with a sharp word the subtle mental organization of his passion. One thing pleases me, the male representatives of this zodiac sign are quick-witted. Therefore, at the moment of the next skirmish, learn to abstract yourself and not attach special importance to some offensive words flying from his mouth.

girl and lion
girl and lion

Inspire new feats6

Walk hand in hand and share all his interests, instill faith in him and support him in every possible way in any endeavors. Even if you initially don't really believe in the happy outcome of his next crazy planned plan, God forbid you somehow show it. The woman of a Leo man should always be for him and under any circumstances. Looking at you, he should feel an irresistible desire to create. Well, or get up. There, how it goes.

Be well-read and educated7

It is unlikely that a representative of this zodiac sign would prefer to see next to him an uneducated girl who does not understand elementary (by his standards) things. Moreover, he himself proudly bears the title of one of the most erudite signs of the zodiac.

Be soft and pliable8

The team character of a Leo man implies the presence of a companion who, in everything (well, or at least in many ways), will yield to her chosen one. Leo is not used to his decision being discussed, and it is out of the question that it should not be implemented.

lion holding a man's smile
lion holding a man's smile

Surround with care and comfort9

Without this, the union with the Leo man will not last long. Representatives of this sign are used to not deny themselves anything. Leo must see, and most importantly, feel care from the beloved woman in all her manifestations.

Be liberated10

This is exactly the same sign that will not tolerate a notorious gray mouse next to it. The Leo man knows a lot about sexual pleasures and, accordingly, expects the same from his partner. You must certainly remember all the pages of the Kama Sutra by heart. But most importantly, you must be able to deliver and have fun in bed.

Be light on your feet11

Lions are so unpredictable that it is almost impossible to predict where they will be the very next day. Today they are happy with everything in their usual place, and tomorrow they are already choosing a route for their wanderings. That is why the lady of his heart must be able to pack their bags in a matter of seconds. And at the same time it is advisable not to ask the questions: "Where this time?" and for what?".

girl and lion
girl and lion

Have a sense of humor12

Specific, in our opinion, but ideal, according to the Leo man. The thing is that representatives of this sign love to joke, but their jokes, most often, are understandable only to them. Moreover, they have a sense of sarcasm with notes of cynicism, Leos do not hesitate to ridicule the shortcomings of the people around them. Sometimes - the closest people.

Don't make him jealous13

This fire sign is extremely jealous and will not tolerate even the slightest hint of rivalry. Therefore, in order to charm a Leo man, you yourself must be charmed by him. And only to them! As soon as he suspects that someone else has received your attention, he will not stand on ceremony. And at best he will hasten to leave with a proud gait with his head held high. At worst … hmm, it's scary to imagine.

Frankly speaking, it is not so difficult to win the attention of a Leo man. It is much more difficult to hold on to it and not let the barely incipient flame of love die out. And you guessed it, this mission is entrusted to you. Go for it!

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