Relationship In A Mental Hospital: The Girl Talked About Impossible Love

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Relationship In A Mental Hospital: The Girl Talked About Impossible Love
Relationship In A Mental Hospital: The Girl Talked About Impossible Love

Video: Relationship In A Mental Hospital: The Girl Talked About Impossible Love

Video: Relationship In A Mental Hospital: The Girl Talked About Impossible Love
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sad love
sad love

Dear readers, next you will read the story of a girl who fell in love with a guy in a mental hospital. The text will come from the first person. The author wished to remain anonymous.

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  • 1 The emergence of "sick" relationships
  • 2 First bell
  • 3 Re-entering the relationship
  • 4 Pain
  • 5 The beginning of the end
  • 6 Conclusion

A lot of mental pain and anxiety is associated with this story, especially because of my mental state, shaken by my deeply "beloved" educational institution. But now is not about that. I want to share my experience and warn people who think that in a relationship minus and minus equals plus.

The emergence of "sick" relationships

How did I end up in a mental hospital? I think many have already asked this question. I will answer briefly and clearly: according to the urgent recommendations of the attending physician. In the first days I got acquaintances with whom we went for walks, played cards and worked out in the gym. There is plenty of entertainment.

Every week we received new ones. And then one day I noticed a handsome guy sitting at the nurse's post. Over the next few days, we had very little chat. And one night he looked into my room with a tempting offer to go smoke while nobody was there.

Further events developed at lightning speed. Once we walk together every day, twice and retire in the ward so that no one bothers to be alone, three and ask the doctors on business in order to hit the road to the nearest cinema. Everything was romantic, fun and easy.

He was 7 years older than me, but our communication confused only doctors and nurses, who closely watched the relationship, smoothly flowing from friendship to romantic.

I want to note that it was the doctors who were against us at least somehow communicating, because of the same diagnoses, if you explain without complicated medical terms - borderline personality disorder and depression. They immediately understood how it would all end. Naturally, I didn't listen to anyone.

flying over Cuckoo's Nest
flying over Cuckoo's Nest

First bell2

Immediately understand that something was not so prevented by the strong love and euphoria that fell on the diseased brain. It seemed that everything is perfect, and we will help each other recover, you just need to be together. Only now I understand that nothing was good from the very beginning.

On weekends, many went home, and at least 10 people remained in the department. On one of these weekends, a situation occurred that served as a start for a game called "Play on each other's feelings." And it lasted until the very end of the relationship. Each of us won with varying degrees of success.

Lying in my room, we talked about the future. What will happen when we leave the hospital, how further relations will develop. Everything that almost every girl likes to discuss with her boyfriend. And then he declares that nothing will happen and it is better to finish everything right now.

love art
love art

The girls will understand my disappointment, but some will ask: "What did you want?" Yes, however, nothing. If this was all over, I would accept and live peacefully on. But this story would not have happened in that case.

Probably, I should say right away that I, too, am a lover of mockery, and decided to take revenge. The very next day, when everyone had already returned from home vacations, I stopped eating. I decided that if he had feelings, then in this way I could squeeze them out. And what do you think? Happened. By lunchtime, he was already spoon-feeding me, taking a plate of food from the dining room.

The victory warmed the soul, but this was not enough to bring him back. The main thing is that the first steps have been taken.

Entering a new relationship3

After the battle was won, there was hope of winning the war. And I set about building a plan: to restore friendly relations, and then go on the offensive and take by storm.

art love
art love

After long walks, conversations and a couple of tantrums, arranged by me, everything returned to normal. Romance, cinema, meeting parents. I was happy because I love to get what I want. By any means. Of course, with such an approach something strong and durable could not be born.

Do not forget that we are both mentally unhealthy. Therefore, in the morning I had to endure his disgusting mood, and vice versa in the evening. But it didn't seem like something out of the ordinary. When you are in a mental hospital, such a change of state is quite natural.

So a month passed. He was discharged, which caused me a storm of emotions. How is it that we will no longer see each other every day? But he regularly came on his weekends, and since he worked 2/2 and lived not far from the hospital, I calmed down.

A week later, I was also discharged, he helped to take my things home, and after that we constantly met at my place or at his place. Why at home? Because we are introverts, home people who do not like to leave the house once again. You can connect it with illness or something else, I don't care.


The most interesting thing is that he constantly played computer games. Basically, because of this, I sat at home, because I was hiding in them from the real world. Everyone thinks they can fix their soul mate, help get rid of a bad habit, addiction. It is impossible to do this until the person himself wants to.

In the first place he always had games, regardless of whether I was nearby or not - he played. Only when he came to me, they spent time together, without a computer.

Once I came to him, and we went out into the yard to smoke. During the conversation about our relationship, the phrase “I don't need you now” was said. In more detail, he needs me only when he wants it, and the rest of the time I don't exist at all.

sick love
sick love

At one point he behaves nicely, loves and is well-treated, and then suddenly I cease to be needed. Of course, she was upset and cried. I am not at all one of those who often cry, but at that moment drug therapy brought me to such a state of "sissy". In response, she did not receive even banal soothing words, but he did not allow her to leave either.

Beliefs regularly occurred that I was emotionally unstable and that all the problems in our relationship were because of me. Due to illness, it was easy to believe in everything he said. After all, I do act impulsively. I can break off and leave for another city, having bought tickets and got on the train the very next day.

Realizing all the stages of the relationship, only thoughts come to my mind about how stupid I was, that I was so easily manipulated and felt guilty for what I did not do.

States changed too quickly. From extreme to extreme.

The beginning of the end5

Everything seemed to have deteriorated in a couple of hours. In the morning he arrived, we skated, watched a film. And suddenly, like snow on his head, an offer to disperse arrives.

The nerves could not stand it. Having closed it in the apartment, she left in slippers and home clothes on the street, away from home. After a while she returned, asked for forgiveness, humiliated herself. I really thought I was to blame for something, I cried. Despite the persuasion, he left.

It was about 9 pm. Strong tranquilizers were on the nightstand. I couldn't think of anything better than taking 20 tablets at a time and informing the guy about it. I don't remember anything further. According to witnesses: he called an ambulance, returned and took me to the hospital., Told what happened to my parents, waited for them and left. He acted like a gentleman, but he can hardly be considered such.

After resuscitation, I was sent to the same hospital where this long story began. Every day he came to me as if nothing had happened. One day, arriving at the latest time of the visit, he said that he was suffering because of me and did not want to see any more.

I will add a specially funny detail: several times I discussed with my mother that he wants to be with me. As a result, he called and said that he had changed his mind. The man is 27 years old. I laughed for a long time.


This story is told so that no one would step on my rake. Everything that happened was pulling us both to the bottom. We manipulated and played with each other. It's horrible.

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