How To Stop Loving A Girl And Stop Torturing Yourself

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How To Stop Loving A Girl And Stop Torturing Yourself
How To Stop Loving A Girl And Stop Torturing Yourself

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guy shows middle finger
guy shows middle finger

According to psychologists, 8 seconds are enough to fall in love with a girl at first sight. But to answer the question of how long it takes to stop loving her - not a single specialist is taken.

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  • 1 1. Out of sight, out of mind
  • 2 2. Be busy
  • 3 3. Get out of your comfort zone
  • 4 4. Look for inspiration
  • 5 5. Chat with friends
  • 6 6. Get a pet
  • 7 7. Spend your accumulated savings
  • 8 8. Meet and flirt
  • 9 9. Take a Career
  • 10 10. Think about her flaws
  • 11 What you definitely shouldn't do to stop loving a girl

One way or another, not all love stories are like a fairy tale with a happy ending. We leave someone, and someone leaves us. But what to do if the relationship is over, but the feelings remain? How to forget the one that is firmly entrenched not only in thoughts, but also in the heart? The task is not easy. But our tips on how to get over a breakup and not go crazy will help you cope with it.

1.Out of sight, out of mind1

The first thing that is shown to be done after parting is to exclude from your life any reminder of your now former passion. Photos, correspondence, lovely presents and postcards. All this will now act on you like a red rag on a bull. Do not forget to delete her number from the phone book. Of course, there is a huge chance that you know your once favorite numbers by heart. In this case, you still have to show character and willpower so as not to break down. But you've already decided everything, haven't you?

2. Be busy2

And they are so busy that they have no strength left for anything. And even more so on a melancholic mood to sad melodies. Have you dreamed of mastering a new profession for a long time? Fine! Now is the time. Or maybe a new gym has opened near the house? Well, a great excuse to put your body in order. Didn't you get around to repairing the apartment? Guess what you will do next. It doesn't matter what you do - it will still only benefit you. In addition, it has long been proven that during physical work, a huge amount of endorphins is released. And they can greatly reduce your breakup heartache.

3. Get out of your comfort zone3

There was no happy ending. Well, that happens too. And no matter how painful and unpleasant it is, life goes on. What if you take it and change it drastically? Yes, yes, right now. After all, just starting something new, you will get a different result. Feel free to cross out old habits, traditions, and even phrases that somehow still remind you of your ex from your usual life. Drastic changes will make you shake yourself up and help drive out all the accumulated negative emotions. Fearfully? Well, that's great, so you can replace the source of suffering with a powerful adrenaline rush.

4. Look for inspiration4

Try to remember a favorite hobby that you previously enjoyed. Surely, being in a relationship, you completely abandoned him. Now is the time to fix the situation. Now you can even carry on until the morning in the garage, improving your "swallow" and not fearing that someone will make claims on this score.

guy knits
guy knits

5. Chat with friends5

Staying alone after breaking up with a girl and withdrawing into yourself is the worst thing you can do. Therefore, with all your might, chase gloomy thoughts and go to a large and friendly company … to a club / fishing / hunting / barbecue (it is necessary to underline, and it is better to arrange in the correct sequence). A strong and reliable friendly shoulder, if it does not heal, then certainly will be able to support in such a difficult period for you.

6. Get a pet6

You will surely be sad and dreary to return in the evenings to a lonely apartment. And a helpless animal that will happily greet you, wagging its tail and lovingly looking into your eyes, will allow you to get rid of this feeling.

7. Spend your accumulated savings7

Exclusively for yourself! And it doesn't matter that until recently you were saving up for a cute little thing that would delight your former passion. Now everything is different. Now you can afford to buy whatever you want. Without feeling at all remorse.

The wolf of Wall Street
The wolf of Wall Street

8. Meet and Flirt8

Now that you have become free from all obligations, you can quite afford it. No, we are not talking about breaking off one (long-term or not) relationship and immediately start building new ones. However, no one canceled light flirting and non-binding flirting. This practice will help you to cheer up and take away from sad thoughts about your ex. Meet, chat, go out on a date. As a last resort, you can finally pinch that stunning beauty from the next office.

9. Take a Career9

And no matter how strange it may sound - now is the most suitable case! Do not refuse additional orders from your superiors, master new technologies, agree to all kinds of business trips - in a word, develop. Having plunged headlong into work, you simply will not have the time and energy for emotional experiences. Focus on the work process as much as possible, instead of suffering all day long. Moreover, after a short period of time, you yourself will be convinced of the correctness of your decision. Just learn to control your thoughts and prioritize correctly.

Always say yes
Always say yes

10. Think about her flaws10

Of course, she had them. And most likely there is now. But you, blinded by such a strong feeling, simply did not notice them. Or just didn't want to notice? Remember how often you were given grandiose tantrums based on unreasonable jealousy. Or at the time of the next quarrel, they called you the dirtiest and most insulting words. And her stubborn character, and her manner of arguing over trifles … Yes, a lot of things that are hard enough to put up with. So don't put up with it.

What you definitely shouldn't do to stop loving a girl

Many men naively believe that there are proven methods of how to quickly forget the ex. But, as a rule, these are erroneous judgments, which, among other things, work exactly the opposite. So remember the methods that DO NOT work:

Pour the incident with alcohol

By choosing this method, you predict yourself in advance for failure. The misconception that alcohol will help to cope with inner feelings. Doesn't help, don't hesitate! No, perhaps for a while you will be able to fall into oblivion and, as a result, forget your former passion. But along with a severe hangover syndrome, the understanding will certainly come that the problem has not disappeared anywhere. But the headache is now added to the mental pain.

Hank Moody
Hank Moody

Blame yourself for all your sins

Once again, analyzing what happened and analyzing all possible reasons, do not rush to blame only yourself for everything. It is possible that the lion's share of your mistakes and shortcomings, of course, are present. Just remember one common truth: in any separation, both are always to blame. Equally or not is another question. Which, by the way, no longer has absolutely no meaning. So pull yourself together and stop self-flagellation.

Look for a replacement

This does not mean at all that you should take a vow and go to a monastery. On the contrary, new acquaintances, pleasant communication and flirting now only benefit you. Only one thing is superfluous - on the very next day after parting, look for a new serious relationship. Take your time, rest, relive past feelings, and only when you feel completely free from feelings and past memories can you take steps towards a more conscious and real relationship.

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