What Are The 20 Requirements Men Have For Girls?

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What Are The 20 Requirements Men Have For Girls?
What Are The 20 Requirements Men Have For Girls?

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stroking on the road

No matter how it may seem that only girls can demand something from men, some men are absolutely not inferior in such a matter, and sometimes they have excessive demands on their girls. In the fantasy of any man, a girl is drawn who has a gorgeous body and bakes delicious pies, earns money herself and is never jealous, and so on. This list can be continued endlessly, since the demands of men only increase with each new generation. Below are the most popular men's requirements for girls.

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1 TOP 20 most popular requirements of men for girls

TOP 20 most popular requirements of men for girls_20

  • To be always supported. It is very important for men to be supported always and everywhere, and even if he was wrong.
  • To be allowed to drink beer with friends. Meeting friends is a very important ritual for every guy. Many girls do not understand this and wind up stories that they are cheating on her. In fact, men really drink beer, watch football and discuss women.
  • So that he is not forbidden to communicate with other girls. It is very important for men to understand that he, as before, is in demand and desired among the fair sex. This makes them feel more confident and relaxed.
  • So that he can have secrets. Do not force your man to share absolutely all problems, he also may have secrets that he does not want to tell.
  • To be given freedom. Personal freedom is one of the most important requirements. Men do not tolerate being "in a cage" and prefer to have a personal space where no one will bother him, especially his girlfriend.
  • To make women talk less. Men do not like talkative girls, since young people themselves are not verbose and, as a rule, only speak to the point. Especially men hate long conversations after sex.
  • To make the girl always look great. Everyone wants to see near him not only a beautiful soul, but also a beautiful body. Men prefer that, despite the age, the birth of children, and so on, the girl does not forget about her appearance.
obedient girl
obedient girl
  • So that the girl does not ask for money. There is an opinion that all girls only need money from men, so they have an extremely negative attitude towards girls who ask for financial assistance and consider them dependent and useless.
  • For the girl to be a good housewife. In addition to beauty, in the opinion of men, every girl by nature should be embedded in thrift and the ability to keep her home in order and comfort.
  • For a girl to be a passionate lover. For men, by nature, sex is very important. Relationships, a man's desire to go to the side, as well as his mood depend on how good a girl is in bed.
  • So that the girl behaves modestly in the presence of his friends. Men do not like it when a girl talks a lot or behaves too loosely in the presence of his friends and acquaintances. They believe that a girl should “throw out all her energy at home,” and show her modesty and good manners in front of her friends.
perfect girl for a man
perfect girl for a man
  • To make the girl smart. As it turned out, according to the results of sociological surveys, only external beauty is not enough for men. They prefer the girl to be well-read, wise and educated.
  • So that the girl is not jealous and always calm. According to a sociological survey, this is one of the most popular demands of men for girls. Men admit the possibility that sooner or later they will want to talk with other girls, but they do not want domestic scandals.
  • To be able to avoid conflicts. Men are well aware that in reality, they are often the initiators of various conflicts, but they believe that a girl should be able to show her wisdom and be able to avoid and settle the conflict.
  • To cook deliciously. As you know, "the way to a man's heart is through the stomach." Every guy dreams that a girl could cook not only omelet and sandwiches, but also more refined and original dishes.
requirements of men
requirements of men
  • A woman should always be docile and friendly. It is believed that these qualities should be laid in a girl with her mother's milk. A girl should not argue and contradict her man.
  • Must be true. Men do not accept girls who are capable of cheating, although they treat male cheating with understanding. One wrong word from your woman to another man can lead to emotions and lead to conflict. All males are owners and do not pay attention to a stranger.
  • Shouldn't be in a bad mood. Bad moods irritate men and make them angry. Nobody likes depressed, sad girls with a lot of problems.
  • Must love children. Since the original goal of human relations is procreation, men believe that a girl, by nature, should love children and be able to raise them.
  • Should be able to earn money on their own. In addition to the fact that men do not like it when they ask for money, everyone wants the girl to be able to earn on her own for her needs.

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