What Kind Of Woman Is A Scorpio Man Waiting For?

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What Kind Of Woman Is A Scorpio Man Waiting For?
What Kind Of Woman Is A Scorpio Man Waiting For?

Video: What Kind Of Woman Is A Scorpio Man Waiting For?

Video: What Kind Of Woman Is A Scorpio Man Waiting For?
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girl and scorpion art
girl and scorpion art

Skeptics purse their lips arrogantly when someone starts talking about astrology and its effect on our lives. There is no doubt - the stars' predictions should not be treated as if this is the ultimate truth. But why not heed the advice of astrologers and try to apply their knowledge in practice? Here is a guide to seducing a Scorpio man.

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  • 1 Understanding
  • 2 Sexy
  • 3 Mysterious
  • 4 Passionate and considerate
  • 5 Faithful and loyal
  • 6 Not playing with fire
  • 7 One you can trust
  • 8 Honest
  • 9 The one that remembers its principles
  • 10 Ambitious
  • 11 From my point of view
  • 12 Scorpio Traits
  • 13 Scorpio doesn't love
  • 14 So which one?

If your man was born between October 24 and November 22, read this article carefully. Who owns the information owns the world.


Scorpio is a complex sign.

"You might think you're all so simple!" - they shout when they once again hear reproaches against their difficult character.

If you want to charm a Scorpio, forget about quarrelsomeness. Such a man needs a woman who will accept him with all his shortcomings and difficulties. This is a very emotional and sensitive sign. They remember offenses and rude words for a long time.

Soft, sensitive, understanding. A wise woman who will not criticize and inflate a scandal - many dream of such a woman. What can we say about the Scorpios, about the complexity of the mental organization of which are legendary?


Master the subtle art of flirting - a man will appreciate it. This is a sexual sign that is not afraid of sensual tension in a relationship - he enjoys it. A playful, sexy woman who lives in harmony with herself and knows how to flirt beautifully is a Scorpio's dream.


Learn not to tell everything about yourself on your first date. Even if a man bombards you with questions, leave room for mystery. Water signs (especially Pisces and Scorpions) have a special weakness for everything mysterious.

mysterious girl
mysterious girl

Do not be an open book that a man studied far and wide in the early stages of a relationship. The more we think about a person (analyze his words and behavior, try to predict his reaction to something), the more we become attached to him.

Passionate and considerate4

This is a very passionate zodiac sign. And he needs a woman to match. A passionate and empathetic lover is the perfect friend for such a man.

The man of this sign is often also quite experienced - Scorpios are often called playboys. But if you manage to win his heart, he will show you how attentive and caring Scorpios can be.

Repay him in kind - this sign does not tolerate being ignored and not caring about him or his feelings.

girl in lace mask
girl in lace mask

Once again, accept his courtesies and reciprocate. The Scorpio man is attentive to the needs of his beloved woman. And when he gets a return, there is no limit to his happiness. This helps him make sure that you really love and care for him.

Faithful and faithful5

Scorpios can be truly ruthless towards someone who doesn't live up to their trust. But they sometimes idealize their loved ones.

Scorpio adores his woman. You will be flattered by this attention. Although over time you will begin to feel that his expectations regarding your perfection are not entirely justified.

Be honest with him. As long as you are faithful and loyal to him, he will forgive you for your imperfection.

Not playing with fire6

Do you know how many women deliberately arouse their man's jealousy in order to refresh their relationship? And if a man does not show any signs of jealousy, the woman rolls up a scandal from the category “You don’t love me, you don’t appreciate me, you don’t need me!”? With Scorpio, you should not get carried away with such games.

girl and fire
girl and fire

This is a very jealous sign. If you have friends or girlfriends of this sign, you probably already know about this. Don't play with fire.

It is highly likely that you will not need any clever manipulations - the man will be jealous of you anyway. A look that seemed too greedy to him. Some man's comment. All this will be regarded by him as a potential threat.

Jealousy is the hallmark of this sign. If a man does not have healthy self-esteem and does not know how to control his feelings, his jealousy can be powerful and destructive.

One you can trust7

Scorpios are afraid of betrayal and deception. To gain the favor of such a man, you must do everything to gain confidence in him. Thus, you will not only make him fall in love with you, but also protect both of you from unreasonable jealousy scandals.

girl with hat
girl with hat

The Scorpio man values honesty and decency. For him, these two qualities determine the true value of a person.


We have talked about this more than once in our article, but still - never lie to him.

"We are not touchy, but we will remember" - this is the motto of the representatives of this sign. Once you deceive him, the trust will be lost. And, most likely, irrevocably.

Don't want to feel the sting of a scorpion? Then be honest with him.

The one that remembers its principles9

In the circle of close people, Scorpios admit only those on whom they can rely. They will be looking at you and wondering if you should be trusted.

girl unusual photoset
girl unusual photoset

A man expects reliability from you. It is important for Scorpios that “their people” live up to a personal code of honor. Those who are ready to forget about their principles and "change shoes" for their own benefit, they cannot stand.

Don't disappoint him. Be honest not only with him, but also with yourself.


This is one of the most ambitious zodiac signs. Of course, there are exceptions. But often even women of this sign have a steel character and are able to outshine a man with their ambition.

If your Scorpio is just one of those "steel and ambitious", forget about passivity. A pointless waste of time, a desire to go with the flow, lack of initiative are qualities that repel a man.

ambitious girl
ambitious girl

A strong, strong-willed, purposeful woman is Scorpio's dream. Next to such a friend, he will become even stronger. Together they can move mountains.

From my point of view11

Know how to defend your position, do not be afraid to express your opinion. Are your views similar? Fine. But even if you think differently, don't try to sit in a corner. Speak up, argue your position. Scorpio is more likely to pay attention to the one that is ready to calmly explain what she does not agree with than to the mumbler who only silently nods and agrees with everything.

Distinguishing traits of Scorpio12

  • Strong-willed;
  • Wayward;
  • Careful;
  • I'm used to thinking about my actions;
  • Jealous;
  • He tends to critically assess himself and others.
scorpion man
scorpion man

Scorpio loves not13

  • When they try to command them;
  • Manipulators;
  • Those with whom there is nothing to talk about;
  • Coldness and callousness;
  • When he is lied to;
  • When his opinion is not considered;
  • Those who try to impose their opinions on him;
  • Hysterical people;
  • When close people show indifference to him;
  • Stiffness in intimate relationships;
  • Gray mice;
  • When someone deliberately tries to make him jealous.

So which one? 14

The Scorpio man needs a bright, sensual, sexy woman. With which you can talk on any topic. She will not adjust to the man. She boldly expresses her opinion and knows how to argue for it. She is not hysterical. Her emotionality is soft and very feminine. She envelops her man with attention and care and appreciates when a man does the same for her. You can trust her. She knows what she wants out of life. And he prefers to act and go towards his goal, without sitting up in castles in the air. She has her own moral code and her own principles, which she follows. She is playful, relaxed and very seductive.

Most importantly, she's honest. And with a man, and alone with yourself.