Cheating On Women: Why Adultery Isn't Just About Men

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Cheating On Women: Why Adultery Isn't Just About Men
Cheating On Women: Why Adultery Isn't Just About Men

Video: Cheating On Women: Why Adultery Isn't Just About Men

Video: Cheating On Women: Why Adultery Isn't Just About Men
Video: The REAL Reason Men Cheat On Their Partners - Jordan Peterson Explains Why Men Cheat 2023, March
Female infidelity
Female infidelity

Who cheats more often - male or female?

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What exactly drives us into the abyss of adultery?

What is the statistics of female infidelity?

We rip off the masks and come to a disappointing conclusion - women are not at all as white and fluffy as they want to appear.

We have not forgotten about men either. Let's mercilessly go over both sexes.

Men women

There is no unified statistics - some sources claim that 75% of men and 25% of women in Russia have cheated on their other half at least once. The numbers are very, very impressive.

And the merciless statistics "calms", they say, we have nothing else! There are even more traitors and traitors in European countries!

Delightful, isn't it?

How are things going in Muslim countries?

Here double standards do not just flourish, they literally rule the show.

What is the interest in keeping statistics on male infidelities if a man is allowed to have more than one wife?

As for obedient Muslim wives, they are not so submissive - at least 3% of women dared to commit adultery.

And what about equality and financial independence?

It turns out that a woman who is completely dependent on her earner husband dares to commit adultery less often than a man in the care of a wealthy woman.

What is the reason for this?

If a man suits a woman both as a breadwinner and as a sexual partner, there is no reason to take risks - enjoy life and take care of what you have. Even in the age of feminism and careerists, the public's attitude towards non-working women is very loyal - the girl was lucky, what to say.

This is not the case with men. If a man is not the main earner in the family, he feels hurt. To prove to himself that he is a man anywhere, he embarks on a maelstrom of promiscuous sexual intercourse.

Can't be forgiven 2

Who is more tolerant of cheating?

female cheating what does it mean
female cheating what does it mean

The statistics are merciless - women know how to forgive much better than men.

Most girls claim that you can forgive anything other than cheating. But if a man and a relationship (marriage) with him mean a lot to a girl, she is ready to accept the traitor back.

For a strong half of humanity, female infidelity is something that cannot be forgiven in any case.

Of course, there are exceptions to any rule.

But, as they say, exceptions only prove the rule.

Age of adultery3

Young ladies are practically not prone to cheating, which cannot be said about young guys for whom a large number of sexual partners is a reason for pride.

Most of the vicious cheaters are young women over thirty. Moreover, most often the ladies who have celebrated the three, seven and twenty years since the beginning of the relationship dare to cheat.

The researchers also notice an interesting fact - the more educated and successful a woman is, the higher the risk that she will cheat on her partner.

what is female adultery
what is female adultery

Men, on the other hand, most often cheat on their partners at the age of 25-32.

Alarm bell4

What signals indicate that female infidelity is not far off (or has already occurred)?

Constant delays at work. If a woman has never been a convinced careerist, such a sudden surge in workaholism may indicate that a new attractive colleague is becoming closer and more interesting to her every day than her current partner

To cool off the ardor: if a woman comes home from work angry and tired, perhaps she really is engaged in reporting and handing over orders, and she is not at all up to adultery.

The woman is almost never at home. Meetings with friends and girlfriends, Pilates, yoga and robotics courses. If the spouse used to think lying on the couch was the best hobby, such a surge of energy can look very, very suspicious

Cool the ardor: we ourselves, without knowing it, post all our ins and outs on the Internet. If your girlfriend is an ardent lover of social networks, follow her posts and stories - maybe she really got carried away with robotics and learning Mongolian.

female infidelity
female infidelity

Everyone has the right to personal space. Some couples calmly exchange passwords on social networks, read messages to each other and know everything about each other. It's fine. Others do not consider such frankness to be the norm and leave each other the right to personal space. And that's fine and normal too. If a girl is nervous every time her phone is in the hands of a partner, perhaps she is hiding something worse than bad selfies there

Cooling off the ardor: as mentioned above, reverent attitude towards personal boundaries is a normal and healthy phenomenon.

PS Sometimes in personal correspondence girls discuss things that men are better off not seeing. For their own good.

Lack of interest in sex is always a red flag. Perhaps the girl is going through a difficult period in her life. In this case, the lack of support from the man can lead to conflict, betrayal and rupture of relations. It is possible that in the soul of the girl there was a resentment against her partner. This problem also needs to be addressed. And finally, cheating - the current partner no longer excites the girl

why does female cheating happen
why does female cheating happen

To cool off the ardor: if a girl has ceased to monitor her appearance, does not meet with friends and fade before her eyes, cheating is the last thing she thinks about.

A woman blooms literally before our eyes. Proper nutrition, sports, new hairstyle, sexy clothes and sparkle in the eyes - a woman is all glowing and radiating energy. If before that the beauty believed that jeans and sneakers are the best clothes, and makeup and styling are a waste of time, then such radical external changes require the close attention of a partner. It is possible that a new secret romance gave her such a boost of energy

Cool off: it is possible that all these efforts were made in order to refresh and revive the relationship with the current partner. So, men, do not chop off the shoulder. Buy a bouquet of flowers for your beloved and show that women's tricks did not go unnoticed. Her reaction to compliments will tell you better than any article on the Internet. If in return you received an indifferent nod, then all this beauty was not intended for you. If the girl's eyes light up, and her cheeks are flushed with pleasure, then stop doing bullshit and suspect your girlfriend of infidelity.

Constant nocturnal correspondence and calls are the most alarming signal. This applies to both men and women. A friend urgently needs a signature lasagna recipe? Three o'clock in the morning? Is that why you put on a lace set and go to her aid? Hmmmm …

female cheating what is it
female cheating what is it

Cool off your ardor: you shouldn't take the phone out of your hands and make a scandal. You need to act more cunningly. In addition, some women specifically resort to the help of their girlfriends to heat up relationships and make men jealous.

You will never guess what caused a woman's actions - that's why they are women, damn it.

Why? 5

What are the reasons for female infidelity? What pushes the fair sex to such a terrible act?

  • The main reason for female infidelity is a lack of love and attention. Any woman wants to receive gifts and compliments, to feel sexy and attractive. If her own man does not satisfy this need, the girl will sooner or later decide to either cheat or break the relationship.
  • If the fire has disappeared in the relationship, both men and women will begin to look “to the left”.
  • Long distance relationships are dangerous. Such an alliance requires boundless trust and titanic efforts of both partners. And strong feelings, of course. Otherwise, cheating is inevitable.
  • Some ladies naively believe that promiscuous sex is the best remedy for low self-esteem.
what causes female infidelity
what causes female infidelity

Spoiler alert: it isn't.

Revenge. Some women decide in this way to repay the man for the spiritual wounds inflicted. Naive ladies believe that this will relieve them of resentment and cure wounded pride

Spoiler alert: it isn't.

New love. It so happens that a person whom you have known for just a few days becomes dearer than the one with whom you have spent side by side the last few years

Should you try to sit on two chairs? Not. It is better to decide on a frank conversation and not waste each other's time.

The Fault in the Stars6

Astrologers seem to have an answer to any question. "Which Zodiac Signs are changed more often than others?" - you ask, astrologers answer.


Temperament sign. Sex for them is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. In a long-term relationship, they are prone to betrayal, but they themselves will never forgive betrayal.

why does female cheating happen
why does female cheating happen

Aries in love surrenders to feelings completely, takes care of their partner and gives her attention and gifts. The union is safe as long as the man's feelings are strong.

Women of this sign are mostly loyal and loyal to the chosen one. They will do everything to preserve the union, but they will not forgive treason and deception.

Both men and women of this sign can decide to have sex on the side as revenge.


Men of this sign do not plan to put as many beauties to bed as possible. They are looking for a single woman with whom they can live their whole lives. Do not flaunt their sexual victories. Do not consider treason to be a reason for pride.

Taurus women are an example of a faithful life companion. They will go for treason only if the new partner awakens strong feelings in them.


Men of this sign prefer to take everything from life - and everyone. Under thirty are unbridled adolescents who do not consider one-time sex to be adultery. If the representative of this sign has become unusually calm and quiet, this is a reason to think.

female adultery
female adultery

Gemini women are ready to forgive betrayal in order to maintain a relationship. They themselves will change only if melancholy and boredom have settled in a relationship with a partner.


The Cancer man sincerely wants to be an exemplary family man. If harmony and tranquility reign in a relationship with a woman, a man does not even think about betrayal. He is attracted either by active and ambitious women, or the keepers of the home.

Women of this sign will commit treason only as a last resort. Surround them with love, attention and care - they need it.

a lion

With this man you need to keep an eye out. Leos adore beautiful women. And they require constant admiration and adoration in their address. If you do not give it to him, he will find it on the side.

Emotional lionesses give themselves up to love. But they love to flirt. They will go for treason if feelings for a partner fade away.


They are prone to intrigues, but they are afraid of condemnation from the public, as they depend on other people's opinions. The main reason for cheating on the part of this man is poor quality or insufficient sex in a permanent relationship.

what is female infidelity
what is female infidelity

Virgo women do not intend to waste their time over trifles. Stay faithful to their partner. If Virgo's partner cheats on her, he will not see forgiveness.


They love feminine girls and do not accept boredom and routine in relationships. They are loving, but firmly believe in the value of the marriage union. Boy-woman, a kind of "man in a skirt" will scare off such a man and push him to another, more gentle and soft woman.

A Libra woman will commit adultery if her partner stops giving her love and attention.


They do not think of relationships without trust. If a woman cheats on a Scorpio man, his revenge will be terrible. Neither the marriage union nor public opinion will stop a Scorpio who decides to commit adultery. At the same time, it is worth giving them their due - if Scorpio falls in love for real, he will forget about betrayal.

For a Scorpio woman, family is very important. But bright impressions and emotions are also important for her. Temperamental scorpions are quite capable of treason.


A loving Sagittarius will remain faithful to their soul mate. More loyal to infidelity than other signs. We are ready to understand and forgive.

what causes female infidelity
what causes female infidelity

Sagittarius women value their freedom highly. Sensual and romantic, demand the same from their partner. From a cold and passive man can briskly run away to the left and "shoot" a partner faster.


If a spouse finds a Capricorn man of treason, he will do everything possible to earn forgiveness. Appreciates household wives.

Capricorn women will not forgive betrayal. In general, they are loyal and devoted to their beloved man, but they can, as they say, go into the lead.


Wayward and unpredictable. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand what is on their minds. They need a change of impressions - for the sake of it, they may well decide on adultery.

The Aquarius woman is unlikely to give you passwords for her social networks and will not report on her every step. They value their personal boundaries. Cheating partner will not be forgiven.


Dreamy and romantic Pisces men will commit adultery if the woman does not correspond to the ideal invented by him. And in the event that he lacks warmth and support.

about female adultery
about female adultery

The Pisces woman is an unloving person. If he falls in love, he will give himself up to the novel with his head. She loves to be admired.

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