TOP 100 Compliments To A Girl In Your Own Words

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TOP 100 Compliments To A Girl In Your Own Words
TOP 100 Compliments To A Girl In Your Own Words

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a guy and a girl with a ball
a guy and a girl with a ball

Women love with their ears. Everyone has heard it, everyone knows it. Some guys are sure that girls are thrilled by any compliments - vulgar, hackneyed and just plain low-quality. No matter how it is.

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  • 1 Compliments about appearance
  • 2 Compliments about inner beauty
  • 3 Quick compliments
  • 4 How not to compliment
  • 5 Female gaze

If it were that simple, relationship articles would not be written, and coaches would not make money by guiding singles on the right path.

We learn to pay compliments and listen to the opinion of the heroes of the occasion themselves.

Compliments about appearance

Of course.


Surprisingly, many people do not like to smile - both in photographs and in life. Some people feel complex because of imperfect teeth, while others just think that their smile is not attractive enough.

If you like a person's smile, tell him (or her) about it - sincerely and in simple words.

Film example: "Charlie's Angels" (the old version with Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Bill Murray).

The heroine Cameron Diaz smiles sweetly, flaps her hair, her boyfriend (played by Luke Wilson) knocks over a pile of snoring for courage (it happened at a Japanese-style party, so he probably drank sake), catches up with a girl with a unique smile, awkward, but sweet, finds out if she has someone, asks for a date …

In short, a happy ending. Here it is - the great power of compliments!

Other compliments on the topic:

  • "I like your smile".
  • "You have a very beautiful smile. Smile more often".
girl flirting
girl flirting
  • "You have such a sweet smile."
  • "When you smile, you are even more beautiful."
  • "I love looking at you when you smile."

Honey, I noticed everything

It is much more difficult to pay compliments on the topic of changes in the girl's appearance.

Because these very changes need to be noticed.

The gentleman will have to take on this overwhelming burden. We can help to collect the thoughts of a gentleman into a bunch and build something pleasing to the ear out of it.

  • "This hair color suits you very much."
  • "With this hair color, your eyes are even deeper."
  • “With this hairstyle you have become even sexier / nicer / more daring /” - here you need to focus on the result that the girl was trying to achieve. If she's tired of everyone else finding her cute, focus on sexuality. It is worth comparing a girl with a celebrity only if she likes the celebrity and she (the girl) is not against such comparisons.
girl with curls
girl with curls

If a girl is very similar to any actress and compliments on this topic have already made her sore, tell her that she is beautiful in herself, her own, unlike anyone else's beauty.

In the spotlight

Emphasize that others cannot take their eyes off her. If you are in a long-term relationship with a girl and you know how she loves to play on feelings of jealousy, play along with her.

  • "You are the most beautiful woman in this room (park / restaurant / club, etc.)."
  • "I feel like all the men here are jealous of me."
  • "Everyone's eyes are on you."
  • "You made an indelible impression on everyone."

Just about complicated

Don't know how to give compliments? Can't remember the finished ones? To hell with him, just talk to the girl more often about how beautiful she is. Sincerely admire what causes her far-fetched complexes, focus on her merits, which she herself does not know about.

"You are very beautiful"

boy and girl talk
boy and girl talk
  • "Why are you so beautiful even in the morning?"
  • "You are so beautiful without makeup."
  • "You, of course, are always beautiful, but when you are without clothes, all thoughts fly out of my head."
  • "I love your curls so much."
  • "You have such cute freckles."
  • "I can't stop looking at your lips."
  • "You have amazing breasts."
  • "What graceful collarbones … Do not come off."
  • "What are your beautiful hands"
  • "You have amazingly beautiful legs."
  • “Damn, you have a gorgeous body! In order to capture it, one should learn to either draw or photograph. "

You have the most graceful ankles I've seen

The art of complimenting is about admiring something sincerely, or being very skillful at pretending. Flattery, especially rude, is felt. And very good.

boy and girl shopping
boy and girl shopping

Abuse flattery - the person will get bogged down even more in his own complexes, or he will close from you.

Compliments about inner beauty2

Anything not related to the crispy and beautiful outer wrapper.

Sense of humor

Nobody wants to be considered boring. The guys have long understood that whoever makes a girl laugh dances her.

No one wants to receive silence in response to their witticisms. It hurts self-esteem a lot.

And therefore, do not deprive the attention of the girl's sense of humor.

  • "You're so funny!"
  • "You are the funniest of all my acquaintances."
  • "You have a great sense of humor."
  • “Whatever mood I’m in, you always manage to make me laugh. How do you do it?"
  • "I told your joke to my friends, and they said that a woman with such a sense of humor is a godsend."
  • "I could cut myself on your tongue."
  • "I love your sense of humor."
boy and girl
boy and girl
  • "Only you manage to make me laugh even on the shittest day."
  • "I love to sit like this and laugh with you at all sorts of stupid things."

Feelings next to her

If you feel good around this person, tell him about it. It will cheer up both of you and help you bond, especially in the early stages of dating. It works when dealing with both women and men.

Do not overplay ignore and indifference. An inept cook (who enrolled in skillful manipulators and subtle psychologists) can easily spoil a dish (relationship with a partner) with these "spices".

  • "I love to watch you cook / read / busy with work / draw - you are so charming at such moments."
  • "It's so comfortable with you."
  • “I'm so comfortable with you. You can not pretend and be yourself. "
  • "I love waking up next to you so much."
  • "I want to be with you all the time."
  • "You make me happy".
boy and girl hugging
boy and girl hugging
  • "You inspire me and give me strength."
  • "I get better with you."
  • “I'm so glad I decided to spend the weekend (holidays / this day) with you. This was my best decision in a while! "
  • "I'm better with you than with anyone else."
  • "After talking with you, my mood always soars up."

Family and relationships

Compliments about what a good person she is, what a caring mother, an empathetic daughter, etc.

In general, family ties and all that.

  • "You have an amazingly warm relationship with your family."
  • "Everyone would have a daughter like you."
  • "Lucky your brother / your sister with you!"
  • "You are a great mother, your (our) child is insanely lucky."
  • "My family is proud of you."
  • "My parents really like you."
guy shows ok
guy shows ok
  • "You charmed my family."
  • "You have officially conquered my parents."
  • "How did you manage to fall in love with my parents so quickly?"
  • “My family said that you are an amazing girl and I am extremely lucky to be with you. Well, I completely agree with them. "

Trust and respect

Two points without which a healthy relationship is simply unthinkable. Whether you're in a long-term relationship or just trying to win over your girlfriend, show that you care about her opinion.

Just let it sound lively and sincere, and not like a call center operator, okay?

  • "I would like to hear your opinion on this matter."
  • “And what do you think about this? I am really interested, your worldview is close to me. "
  • “What I like about you is that you have your own point of view on everything. It's really great. "
  • "I love that you're not afraid to voice your opinion."
man and girl talking
man and girl talking
  • "You always give unusual and really useful advice."
  • "I know that you are much better at this than me, so what do you think?"
  • "How do you think it will be better?"
  • "I trust your opinion."
  • "You have good taste, so I trust you with the choice."

Quick Compliments3

You urgently need to compliment the girl, don't have time to read individual points?

Well, the reader's desire is the law.

A general list of compliments on the topic of appearance, internal qualities and everything that caresses a woman's ear:

"You have great taste in …" - in music, if a girl gave you to listen to her favorite tracks; to the movies - if you went to the cinema to see a movie she chose, etc

man and girl on the grass
man and girl on the grass
  • "It blows me away from you" - good when communicating with a friend, not very appropriate when communicating with a teacher or boss, is fraught with negative consequences when communicating with a psychiatrist during a physical examination.
  • "You are amazing."
  • "You are the most unusual girl I have ever met."
  • "It's so easy to communicate with you."
  • “You always look great. You have your own special style. "
  • “It's sunny with you even on the most cloudy day,” - depending on the girl and your relationship with her, this should be pronounced either as seriously as possible or with humor.
  • "You're insanely sexy."
  • "You're so feminine."
  • "You smell delicious."
  • "You are very caring."
  • “You radiate vitality. It's very sexy, by the way. "
  • "I love your frantic energy."

“This trip (party / event, etc.) was one of the best in my life. And all thanks to you and your efforts. "

man and girl in the car
man and girl in the car
  • "I would like to spend my whole life with you."
  • "You're the best in bed."
  • "I love the passion with which you give yourself to your work."
  • "You are the closest person to me."
  • "Your support gives me strength."
  • "For your sake, I want to achieve more and strive for the best."
  • "I am grateful to you for everything you do for me."
  • "Thank you for being in my life."
  • "What would I do without you?"
  • "You are so Beautiful!" - such a simple, but miraculous in its power phrase! Speak it looking into the girl's eyes. Not in a smartphone, not in a plate, not in a neckline and not "through" a girl, thinking about something else at this time. Eye contact is very important.
  • "You are the ideal that I have always looked for."
  • "I wish I knew you before."
  • "You taught me so much."
  • "I trust you unconditionally."
  • "You are not like other girls."
  • "You're amazingly smart and well-read."
girl with a book
girl with a book
  • "It's very interesting with you - you are such a versatile personality."
  • "It turns me on when you …" - here you have to come up with something of your own. It's a little thing, a cute habit that you find sexy. For example, a gesture by which a girl throws her hair back.
  • “If I was offered to go back in time and change something, I would refuse. After all, it was thanks to my actions and decisions that I met you. So, it was not in vain. "
  • "I can talk to you like my best friend."
  • "You are an amazing person."
  • “You are not only insanely beautiful on the outside, but also beautiful on the inside. An amazing combination, I tell you. "
  • "I love everything about you."
  • “You are so charismatic! I love that about you. "
  • “It's hard for me to predict your actions. You are unpredictable and I like it. "
  • "I'm proud of you".

How not to compliment4

Gross flattery

As mentioned above, outright flattery is felt a mile away. If the girl has certain flaws, you should not try to win her favor with fake compliments. Better pay attention to her merits and sincerely praise them.

man and girl
man and girl

Negative compliment

“You're not that fat,” - if you've bothered to say this to your girlfriend, you can safely jump out the window. All the same, you will have to collect your things, which will go there. In flight, you will just have time to think about your words.


A dangerous moment. Perhaps the girl will be pleased that you think she is better than your ex-girlfriends. But if she realizes that there were a lot of her predecessors, an unpleasant aftertaste will remain. And if the girl is jealous, then …


Say goodbye to a calm life.

Needless to say, comparisons in favor of other girls are taboo?

“Why don't you cook as tasty as…. ? ".

After this phrase, you should hire a personal taster, as in ancient times there were royalty who were afraid of being poisoned.

Women's gaze5

What pleasant words do the girls themselves dream of hearing?

Stella, a writer and blogger, dreams of hearing: “I see how hard it is for you and how much you work. You are doing a good thing!"

man and girl
man and girl

Abby, a magazine editor and blogger, considers the phrase “you are so kind” the best compliment for herself.

Patrice, a blogger and writer, would like to hear, "I love being with you."

Nikki, who combines the positions of art director, wife and mother, believes that the phrase "You are such a good mother!" Would be the best compliment for her!

Missy, a blogger and marketer, would like to hear: "You are changing my life for the better."

Natalie, a mother of the family and a writer, considers the phrase "What would I do without you" as the best compliment?

Say pleasant words to people sincerely and from the heart! This is one of those joys in life that are given to us for free.

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