10 Steps To Stop Loving A Guy And Stop Suffering

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10 Steps To Stop Loving A Guy And Stop Suffering
10 Steps To Stop Loving A Guy And Stop Suffering

Video: 10 Steps To Stop Loving A Guy And Stop Suffering

Video: 10 Steps To Stop Loving A Guy And Stop Suffering
Video: 10 ways to release the pain of loving someone you can"t be with 2023, March
girl with ponytails
girl with ponytails

Unfortunately, even the strongest and most harmonious relationships at one moment can crumble like a house of cards. It is sometimes difficult to predict or prevent this sad event. And if it really happened, then is it possible to forbid yourself to continue to feel feelings for your once loved one? In any case, breaking up a relationship is a huge stress that needs to be overcome with minimal losses. Below you will find comprehensive answers to the questions "how to fight attachment" and "how to stop loving a guy."

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  • 1 Time heals
  • 2 Understand and Forgive
  • 3 Get busy
  • 4 Unleash your emotions
  • 5 Do not stir up the past
  • 6 Don't idealize your ex
  • 7 Practice self-esteem
  • 8 Forget about words, remember about actions
  • 9 Think about the future
  • 10 Stop playing the victim
  • 11 Don't Be Alone

However, first of all, you yourself must realize that falling out of love is the only right decision in your case. And clearly understand whether you are in love or have a real feeling towards your partner. But how can you understand that there is no longer any point in fighting for them?

  • Trust has disappeared from your relationship. Lies and endless nagging poison the union, making your time together simply unbearable.
  • You have ceased to respect each other and often turn to insults, incriminating each other in new sins.
  • There is no intimacy between you. And it's not even about the lack of regular sexual relations. You are simply no longer two halves of a single whole.
  • The man uses physical or mental violence against you. From such a "poisonous" relationship should be left immediately!
  • You have radically different priorities in life. One of you strives to develop, while the other is stuck and marking time, not wanting to change anything.

Time heals

A widespread phrase that, oddly enough, works. Do not hesitate, over time, your pain will dull, and perhaps even recede. Therefore, be patient and remember the great words of King Solomon. And yes, that will pass too!

To understand and forgive2

If your breakup with a young person is due to some of his wrongdoing, try to honestly understand his motives. What motivated him at that very moment, why he did this and not otherwise. Just remember that understanding and justifying are fundamentally different things. Do not confuse these concepts. Otherwise, after a couple of minutes of such an analysis, you will again flood the pillow with tears and regret what happened.

girl blows a bubble
girl blows a bubble

Get busy3

The best way to stop loving is to be as busy as possible. Ideally, so that you have neither the time nor the energy to replay the happy film of past relationships in your head. Now you have enough time to devote yourself to all sorts of hobbies, or, finally, to pursue your own career. In the end, shopping and regular gatherings have not been canceled. And the healing effect of such events has long been proven and does not require confirmation.

Unleash your emotions4

It is much worse if you hold back instead of crying out. Of course, this does not mean that you need to walk day and night in mourning with a screaming face, frightening others. But at home, being alone with yourself, you can afford to cry. And even shout. Such a release of emotions is extremely necessary, especially if you have always and under any circumstances tried to "keep your face"

Don't stir up the past5

Try to get rid of any reminders about your ex and your feelings for him as soon as possible. During your relationship, you certainly have accumulated a sufficient number of such "reminders". But now each of them, like a sharp blade, will over and over again rage your already wounded soul. Therefore, all photographs, correspondence, and so on should be immediately removed from the field of view. Yes, and that huge teddy bear too!

girl with red glasses
girl with red glasses

Don't idealize your ex6

The position “he’s actually good, he just fell through” is obviously wrong. Stop lying to yourself, each time coming up with ridiculous excuses for one or another of the man's actions. Admit it honestly that there are enough negative sides in it that you cannot put up with any longer.

Take Self-Esteem7

Now is the time to tighten your figure, do yoga or meditation. Refresh your wardrobe, buy the cosmetics you have long dreamed of. Each time you pass the mirror, notice your merits and smile at your reflection.

Forget about words, remember about actions8

Of course, every girl loves compliments, and even more loves the one who knows how to say them beautifully to her. But if we judge about the union of two mature people, then words, albeit beautifully pronounced, cannot be equivalent to actions. And how many actions, performed for your sake, can you remember? Not? That's just it!

girl with ponytails
girl with ponytails

Think about the future9

And frankly, for the first time in a long time, answer your question, will it be happy and cloudless next to this person? Do you want to continue living this life? Just drop sentimental emotions and try to be honest. If your answer is yes and has three letters, then there should be no reason for sadness. Are you ready to continue to endure humiliation, sacrificing your own life to a person who still does not appreciate it? Again, no? You see how simple everything is!

Stop Playing Victim10

And thus present yourself in an unfavorable light. You shouldn't complain to your friends and mom about how the “bad boy” offended the “good girl”. And even more so in the smallest details to wash dirty linen in public. The longer you feel sorry for yourself, the longer your memory will bring you back to that very person. But you were determined to forget him, didn't you?

Don't Be Alone11

In such a difficult emotional period, you will need the support of your family and friends more than ever. They will be able to cheer you up and give you good advice. Do not refuse attending noisy friendly parties. Visit your relatives. Make new interesting acquaintances. Feel wanted, beautiful and successful again. Just don't be alone with yourself and your own thoughts. As a last resort, find a good psychologist and make an appointment with him. There is no shame in the fact that you realized the problem and try to solve it in every way.

three girls
three girls

Before you decide to stop loving a man, forgive him all the insults and realize that you must move on. But already without him. Leave all memories far behind and mentally thank him for a valuable life lesson. Believe me, some troubles happen for good, and some relationships are only for experience.

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