How To Calmly Divorce Your Wife: Developing An Action Plan

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How To Calmly Divorce Your Wife: Developing An Action Plan
How To Calmly Divorce Your Wife: Developing An Action Plan

Video: How To Calmly Divorce Your Wife: Developing An Action Plan

Video: How To Calmly Divorce Your Wife: Developing An Action Plan
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How to calmly divorce your wife
How to calmly divorce your wife

Are you happily married or just about to tie the knot? Fine! But have you ever thought about such a topic as divorce? Not? But in vain! Straw must be laid, even if there is not a single cloud on the horizon. You, as a real man, should know how to get a divorce beautifully, so as not to be branded as a complete dork.

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  • 1 What You Need to Know About the Consequences of Divorce
  • 2 Reasons for divorce
  • 3 Measure seven times - cut once or what you lose
  • 4 Crazy thought
  • 5 Getting divorced beautifully

What you need to know about the consequences of divorce

You know very well that all girls are born with a pathological desire to get married. They have not yet grown out of sliders, but are already mentally trying on a wedding dress. But, what is most funny, they are the first to demand a divorce with the same enviable persistence. Women are liquid by nature. They easily adapt to the desired situation. As easily they get married, they get divorced. According to statistics, three out of four divorces are initiated by ladies. In general, they are mass entertainers. But men are much more static: they hardly go to the registry office, and are even more reluctant to decide on a divorce.

So why do women, who are called to be the keepers of the hearth, so easily extinguish it and skip, if not to another marriage, then to another relationship? Psychologists say that everything comes from their internal mobility. They are genetically programmed to survive at any cost. And if a woman drops her hands and falls into prostration and despondency, then the human race will die out. At the same time, men are imprisoned for self-destruction. They are more aggressive, less tenacious, instinctively ready to die. Guys have a stronger sense of ownership and are committed to stability.

Violation of some foundations, even the most insignificant ones, leads to depression and suicide, the latter being especially pronounced after a divorce. In simple terms, a man loses his property, and for him it is a shame, while a woman gains freedom, which is good for her. This is true, no one likes to be a thing.

In our country, you risk being left without pants after a divorce. Moreover, it will be the most ordinary, unremarkable act, of which there are hundreds throughout the country. So what will happen to you if you decide to divorce:

The children will stay with their mother. According to statistics cited by Roskomstat, 93% of 100 divorces end this way. Surprisingly, even if your living conditions are several times cooler than that of your ex, but at the same time she is a caring and good mother, then nothing will shine for you. You can try to keep your child with you only after he reaches the age of ten. It is then that the court will take into account the wishes of the offspring. But, as experience shows, few of the children decide to go to their father. So get ready to be a Sunday Pope. By the way, keep in mind that you have all the rights to the child, the right to communicate with him and to participate in education. If your spouse starts to resist, then you can report this to the bailiffs

How to divorce your wife
How to divorce your wife
  • Alimony. If the heir stays with you, you are entitled to child support. In another, classic divorce, you will have to pay child support. You will give 25% for one child, 33% for two, and 50% for three. If you managed to give life to four or more children, then get ready to part with 70% of your salary. And this does not include your loans. Alimony is paid until the age of 18. But, if your child is studying at the full-time department of a college or university, then you will have to pay for the entire period of study, but no more than 25 years of age. If the child gets married, the alimony is canceled. By the way, when you become a decrepit old man and receive a disability group, you can collect alimony from the heir, provided that he himself paid them regularly.
  • Property. Look, here is the topic. Everything that you bought while married is divided in half. All credits included. Mortgage Including. This means that you have the right to demand a complete division of property. If you were far-sighted and entered into a prenuptial agreement, then even easier. Everything is specified in it in advance. There is also a moral side. You are a man, and it's easier for you to earn everything even from scratch. It's more difficult for a woman. That is why many men act nobly and leave with one briefcase of underpants. Think for yourself who you are …

You can clarify all other nuances in consultation with a lawyer. And do not hang in the clouds when proposing. Remember that 6 out of 10 marriages break up. This does not mean that you do not need to get married or that you will definitely fall into depressing statistics. It just means that forewarned means forearmed.

Divorce from wife
Divorce from wife

Reasons for divorce2

Divorce decisions are never spontaneous. It develops gradually. Psychologists have tried to identify the main points prior to divorce. And they are as follows:

  • A betrayal that is known but has been forgiven. In 90% of cases it is very difficult to survive such a Candybober. And after a while, the victim of betrayal does not stand up and files for divorce.
  • Topics of conversation boil down to children and money. It turns out that there is nothing more to talk about. It used to be possible to chat endlessly on different topics. And it was always interesting. Now everything revolves around diapers or twos, or the tenth birth of a cat is being discussed.
  • Sex was blown away all and completely. He obeys the regime, it happens no more than twice a week, or even less. And couples over 35 years old generally see each other naked only in the bathroom when they bring a towel.
  • Tenderness. A duty kiss on the cheek on the doorstep and that's all. All other "calf tenderness" has gone into oblivion. It's sad …
  • Both the one and the other can easily go to another harbor. It's not about another partner, but about a den. When a person knows that he has nothing to do with Nif-Nif and Naf-Naf, and he has a strong and reliable house, he can easily change his place of deployment without any curtsies.
  • Distances are no longer a burden. People who are close to divorce can easily spend their holidays separately from each other. Business trips do not unsettle them. They even experience the pleasure of breaking free from the family circle.
Quietly divorce your wife
Quietly divorce your wife
  • Incomplete family. One child or their absence makes marriage vulnerable. After all, practically nothing connects people. Of course, the presence of offspring is not at all an indicator, but at least some kind of anchor.
  • Adult children. Quite often couples end a marriage when their children grow up and become independent. During this period, many feel the intoxicating spirit of freedom, which demolishes the tower so much that they go all out. About such an age they say "gray hair in a beard, a devil in a rib". But only a complete idiot will change horses at the crossing.

Measure seven times - cut once or what you lose3

We will not analyze creep situations. There it is already clear that you need to cut down as quickly as possible.

Before you dare to proudly leave the quiet, family haven, think carefully about how bad things are in your marriage. Just don't do it on emotions. According to statistics, 70% of couples flee after a major fight. As a result, many regret what happened, but for some reason they are ashamed of the rapprochement and prefer to leave everything as it is.

Imagine that you are free. What feelings are visiting you? Most likely, an intoxicating delight: finally, you are free to do whatever you please, and live the way you want. But at the same time, consider what you will lose:

How to organize a divorce from your wife
How to organize a divorce from your wife
  • children - definitely, there will definitely not be normal communication with them,
  • clean and comfortable house with a delicious dinner,
  • loneliness overtakes you in the evenings
  • free access to the female body: you will have to look for and fool the young ladies who can no longer be seduced by flowers.

Yes, a lot of negativity will go away, but how ready are you to just take and burn all the bridges? It will be much more productive to work on relationships, and any idiot can break them to the end. And this is not an ode in defense of family and marriage, and not pretentious statements. That's life!

Crazy Thought4

You could become a victim of some wild thought that flew into your head and caused a stir among the cockroaches. It happens. Most likely, you just wanted a drive and adventure. You remember well how you glued the girls, how you could turn your head. You just have to go left.

The good news: no one forbids flirting with beautiful strangers. Do you want to amuse your vanity? Well, go ahead. But remember: you are not 20 years old. I bet you will go to young beauties to exercise, but do they need you? That's the question. And your manners with a lonely flower and "Rafaelka" will not impress anyone. Conclusion: in order to arouse genuine interest in a girl, you need to drive not on a classic pickup, but on a Mercedes. You just know … Your wife's burning eyes are much more beautiful. A woman is such a creature: the more romantic things her husband throws up, the brighter his wife looks.

Quietly divorce
Quietly divorce

With mature women it's even worse: they were already married and don't want to go there anymore, believe me.

And doubts can begin to gnaw at you. It is understandable, because it may happen that nothing will change. Well, except that now there is no wife nearby. In such a situation, it would be advisable to try fake divorce. Live separately. Believe me, you will immediately understand what you want. This method saved more than one couple from divorce and at the same time made it much easier for many to survive the separation. The thing is that your spouse hardly calls you a super-husband and classifies you as an ideal. And the likelihood that she will quickly get used to living in splendid isolation, but at the same time being in absolute happiness, is high. Yes, you yourself can catch melancholy and understand that the thought of parting is crazy. Or maybe vice versa, you, like your wife, will taste all the fruits of a free life and become a completely happy person.

And yet, do not rush into a new relationship, as in a whirlpool with your head. Live for yourself, rest. Why dance on a rake with the insistence of a moron. Girls only at first walk with the eyes of a beckoning doe. When married, they repeat each other like a carbon copy. And everything will start all over again.

Divorce beautifully5

Well, now the most important thing. Actually, what we went to in this article. How to get a divorce beautifully? Everything is very simple.

Divorce by wife
Divorce by wife

A conversation is needed. Long and serious. The wife can throw a tantrum. Easy. Your task is to calmly and methodically talk about important things. You must convince her of the impossibility of further living together. Give all the reasons that fully reveal all the reasons. Tell me bluntly that there are no more feelings. As a rule, after this remark, the spouse becomes calmer and more attentive.

Outline what she gets. Know that she is most afraid of being left behind. If you are the initiator of a divorce, be ready to leave her most of the acquired. Don't be mean. Leave your apartment or house. Take your dacha in Khatsapetovka and a car for yourself. Although, leave the car for her if she is also driving. She takes the children to the circles. Offer her alimony, but on top of that, big purchases for the children and tuition fees. You will not go broke, you are a man and you can earn. She is not. File for divorce yourself. Let you remain a complete freak, but, in any case, it will be easier for her.

Identify the children. They have both mom and dad. And the fact that dad does not now live with them under the same roof does not give him the right to shirk paternal responsibilities. Yes, the spouse can start arranging kandibobers with meetings, you just have to create the situation in such a way that she herself decides to divorce. Therefore, you will receive children.

Divorce your wife
Divorce your wife

And remember: divorce must be civilized. You're stronger, wiser, you're just a man.

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