Coffee Shop And First Date: Mega Combos For Relationship Success

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Coffee Shop And First Date: Mega Combos For Relationship Success
Coffee Shop And First Date: Mega Combos For Relationship Success

Video: Coffee Shop And First Date: Mega Combos For Relationship Success

Video: Coffee Shop And First Date: Mega Combos For Relationship Success
Video: 3 Steps to a Successful Coffee Date 2023, June
Coffee shop and first date
Coffee shop and first date

How can you guess in advance if a date will work out? You need to have the gift of a psychic in order to find a good place that your new friend will like; choose the appropriate demeanor and ask him or her the right questions. After all, we do not know new people, and therefore the first dates, in principle, can hardly be ideal.

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  • 1 Safety and convenience
  • 2 Savings
  • 3 Caffeine sharpens attention
  • 4 Nice associations
  • 5 Coffee makes us more attractive

“When people ask me how to organize their first date in the best way, I always recommend that my clients just have a cup of coffee first,” says sexologist Jeremy Nicholson. This simple choice, he says, has several advantages.

Safety and convenience i

“Everywhere you spit, you can find a coffee shop,” says Jeremy. “A coffee shop is a public place; moreover, it poses no threat. All this makes the first date simple and easy for most people."

In addition, a trip to a coffee shop can be combined with other interesting activities. For example, if there is a movie theater nearby, you can enjoy a movie premiere together.

Savings 2

"The issue of dating money is now more pressing than ever," says Nicholson. “Girls are afraid that if a man pays for them, they will owe him; the guys also fear that the new acquaintance will not have the purest intentions, and she will simply run away, having eaten to the full at their expense in the restaurant. And in a coffee shop, in any case, your losses will be minimal."

In addition, too large investments and expensive events at an early stage of acquaintance are almost always misinterpreted. A new partner may immediately interpret your actions as overly intrusive.

First date
First date

There is also the so-called "over-effort justification effect." It manifests itself in the fact that those things in which a person puts a lot of strength and energy, subsequently seem ideal to him. For example, an artist who has been painting a picture for several years will be extremely painful to perceive criticism in relation to his creation. If a man invests a lot of financial resources in a new acquaintance, then she will seem better to him than it really is.

Caffeine sharpens attention3

“It's hard to disagree with the effects of caffeine on the nervous system,” says Jeremy. “We are becoming more alert and attentive. Which, of course, is always important when dealing with a new partner. In this regard, the coffee house will definitely give odds to any bar or restaurant, where they have always led to the temptation to order a portion or two of alcoholic drinks."

Pleasant associations4

With a cup of hot coffee, many of us have our best memories for a long time. What can play into your hands during the first date. Many pleasant feelings experienced over a cup of coffee in the past will return to your friend again. Which will allow you to create the most positive associations with your image.

“This phenomenon is related to the so-called 'breakfast effect', - explains Jeremy. “It is expressed in the fact that people who share drinks or food usually feel themselves in a closer connection with each other. So share coffee with a new acquaintance in the morning - and he or she will surely be able to discern a kindred spirit in you."

How to conduct a first date
How to conduct a first date

Coffee makes us more attractive5

Finally, the caffeine found in coffee, tea and cocoa are excellent stimulants that energize a person. The heart from an adequate amount of coffee begins to beat a little faster; the nervous system is also excited. “All these are the same feelings that lovers experience. So it is sometimes difficult to say in which case a person fell in love, and in which one he just drank a cup of coffee. Your counterpart may not attribute the excitement to caffeine, but to your presence. He may simply think that the excitement is caused by a date with such an unusual person as you!”- emphasizes Nicholson.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that if coffee is contraindicated for medical reasons, of course, this option is unlikely to suit you. As a last resort, you can order a cup of caffeine-free drink. This will keep you calm and feeling well.

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