How To Build Relationships Amid The Coronavirus?

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How To Build Relationships Amid The Coronavirus?
How To Build Relationships Amid The Coronavirus?

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African woman on orange background
African woman on orange background

Thanks to the pandemic, humanity has already given up many interesting things and entertainment.

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  • 1 Distance
  • 2 No calls to ex
  • 3 Work on your profile
  • 4 Love for delivery
  • 5 Video calls

We can't let the virus take our dates from us.

Distance i

Of course, in the face of a pandemic, many of us had to drastically change our lifestyle. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly advises people to keep their distance to prevent the spread of the virus.

Restaurants, bars, shopping malls - almost all establishments where you could have a romantic rendezvous are closed indefinitely. And even if you and your other half decide to take a walk in the park, you will have to walk a few steps apart. Instead of hugging, distancing. Yes, and you will hardly be able to talk heart to heart - you will have to shout loudly to hear each other.

These are difficult times, our daily life has been turned upside down. Does this mean that we must completely abandon attempts to arrange a personal life and agree to quarantine alone?

Not at all.

This requires a creative approach.

The good news is that your potential partner (for example, a boyfriend or girlfriend who is unaware of your feelings) is likely to date much less often these days. This means that your chances of winning the heart of your loved one increase significantly. The competition is down - thanks to the coronavirus.

No calls to ex2

No calls, no messages. Not by email, Instagram, or anywhere else.

Homing pigeons should also not be touched.

Although … And there are exceptions.

“Now is the best time to get back to your ex … You know, it's better to choose the company of a demon you have studied well. But in any case, do not return to toxic relationships. Better to choose boredom and isolation,”says Shan Budram, host of Sexology with Shan Budram (airing April 6 on Quibi). “Actually, now is the right time to meet new people and build serious relationships with them,” she adds.

Shang Budram
Shang Budram

Shang Budram

Yes, you may need to postpone your first date. You won't be able to meet at your favorite bar and have a glass. But that doesn't mean you can't meet nice people.

Perhaps right at this moment someone, as lonely as you, is sitting in isolation and dreaming of meeting you.

Work on your profile3

So. Cafes, bars and gyms are emptying, and many are shutting down indefinitely. What does this mean?

It's time to try online dating. There are a lot of online dating apps right now - download everything at once and give it a try.

“Online dating allows us to exchange text messages and communicate via video. This is a great way to get rid of loneliness and enjoy communicating with people without the risk of catching the virus,”says Maria Sullivan, vice president of

girl in neon
girl in neon

Now you have a lot more free time. So use it for good - make yourself a beautiful and interesting profile in the application. Arrange yourself a home photo shoot - pick your clothes, take a bunch of selfies. Then select the best shots and publish them.

Quarantine will be beneficial if, instead of panic and gluttony, you study people and their psychology through communication.

“In the world of swipes, we are so used to writing off people without really getting to know them. Maybe you should spend a little of your time and give the person a chance to prove themselves? " - advises Kang Down, CEO of Coffee Meets Bagel. "The less you are in a rush, the faster you will build a truly rewarding relationship with someone."

Tinder also decided to please its users - they announced a temporary waiver of fees (until April 30). Now everyone can take advantage of the previously paid feature and start communicating with people outside their home region. For example, New Yorkers will be able to chat with Italians. Cultural exchange is great.

Dawoon kang
Dawoon kang

Kang Down

So put the phone in hand and go ahead - in search of a "quarantine" partner.

Delivery love4

Isolation is especially difficult for people who are used to expressing their love through hugs and other forms of physical contact. What if you want to show attention to a person without endangering yourself or him? Take advantage of specialized services.

First, you can exchange interesting articles (not only on the topic of coronavirus). And then exchange impressions. Help each other finally update their resume. Now is the time to do it.

If you miss your loved one, give them a surprise. You can please your soul mate right from the comfort of your home.

Make your boyfriend or girlfriend happy by paying for the delivery of your favorite food (pizza, burgers, whatever). No kidding - you can even order a premium toilet paper delivery. Why not? If your loved ones are worried about the news of the pandemic, distract them with this little surprise. Stress and anxiety have never helped anyone.

pizza girl
pizza girl

Video calls 5

Why not have a video call date? Such a date, of course, is very different from going to the cinema or a restaurant together. But with FaceTime (or any other service) you can have fun and get to know your partner better.

You can even watch movies and TV shows together.

“Pick a movie that you and your partner haven’t seen yet. Stock up on snacks and enjoy watching. You will be able to laugh together or winced together in fear, depending on the movie you choose. After watching, you can exchange your impressions,”advises Sullivan.

Sullivan also invites you to play video games or cook together. Even if you both don't have culinary skills, you can laugh at your "masterpieces" together. You can arrange a competition and prepare a dish that is new to both of you. The winner is the one who gets it the most delicious. What will the winner get? It already depends on your imagination.

love in the distance
love in the distance

Toria Malia (@ToriaMalia) on her Instagram account offered this game to her followers. Every day, at the same time, she published the grocery list. Followers of Torii were given an hour to prepare the dish and post its photo on their profile.

“There are so many fun games out there that will keep you and your other half entertained for hours on end. You can choose those games that will allow you to better understand each other, for example, "Two truths and one lie" and "I never." Or you can just play charades,”Sullivan suggests.

As you can see, it all depends only on your desire and your imagination. Online dating, video calls, online challenges and courier delivery of goodies - choose entertainment of your choice and spend quarantine with benefit!

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