Nine Real First-hand Stories Of Male Cheating

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Nine Real First-hand Stories Of Male Cheating
Nine Real First-hand Stories Of Male Cheating
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girl covers her mouth with her palm
girl covers her mouth with her palm

Everything in life is much juicier than in television series.

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  • 1 Is Cheating Bad?
  • 2 Reluctant mistress
  • 3 Colleague and ultrasound scan
  • 4 Because of her, he believed in love at first sight.
  • 5 Forbidden Love
  • 6 Cheating led to a loose relationship
  • 7 A girl's close friend
  • 8 flirting with a coworker went too far
  • 9 Romance at work
  • 10 Concert

Is cheating bad? I

Deception and betrayal are things that cannot be treated in two ways.

This is bad and that's it!

But is it really that simple?

When we talk about cheating in a relationship, we immediately put all the participants in this indecent act on the list of the nastiest people on the planet.

But once you look at a specific situation, things change.

And you no longer know who to label "victim" and who is "villain".

The stories of infidelity are always incredibly juicy. And they make good box office box office and TV shows.

The popular site Reddit asked local traitors to share their life stories. It turned out to be a very amusing reading.

Of course, no one can guarantee the reliability of these stories.

However, you should definitely check them out.

Reluctant Mistress2

“I was a mistress. It was an old acquaintance from high school.

We met from time to time.

He was officially dating another girl, Kelly.

When we finally parted, he married her.

A year has passed since our separation. I returned to the city for summer vacation and ran into him at my summer job.

Told me a tearful story about how Kelly is demanding a divorce and wants to take their children. Being stupid, I believed him. We exchanged numbers and began to correspond daily. He invited me to "his" house, showed me the divorce papers. Ultimately, our relationship became sexual in nature. This lasted a couple of weeks.

The guy looks close at the girl
The guy looks close at the girl

One day I dropped by for a pair of earrings that I had forgotten the day before. His best friend from school opened the door. I asked if Guy was at home. His friend was surprised, they say, why? It turned out that Guy was actually looking after this guy's house. My best friend also informed me that Guy and his wife are in the process of buying a house and their marriage was fine.

I was beside myself with anger and disgust. The next day at work, I met Kelly. I asked what her plans were for the evening and if we could meet.

When we saw each other later, I told her everything. She was confused and furious. Kelly gave me their home address and told me to come unannounced the next day.

I did so. Guy, seeing me, turned white as a sheet. Tried to chase me away, but then Kelly appeared. It all ended with screams and scandal. They've divorced.

We no longer communicate with either Kelly or Guy. And every time I think about this story, I want to properly wash myself in the shower. Twice.”- PeanutPhotography.

The girl is disgusted
The girl is disgusted

Colleague and ultrasound scan3

“At that time, I had been dating my girlfriend for five years. I renewed communication with an old acquaintance - we communicated in our teenage years. I've always liked her. She lived a couple of states from me, so I thought that nothing would come of it anyway.

It turned out that her relatives live near me, and she often visits them.

We decided to have dinner and catch up like the good old days. We ended up both getting drunk, checking out a hotel room and having some fun. This happened several times over the next few months until I got a message from her …

It was an ultrasound scan. Our child.

I was going to confess to my girlfriend because I never had a father and I didn't want my child to go through this.

After about a month, she lost her baby and we stopped talking.

Because of this, I experienced intense guilt and anxiety attacks. I will never do it again.”- RedBombX.

Stressful guy at the table
Stressful guy at the table

Because of her, he believed in love at first sight

“I was young - I was nineteen. I dated a girl for a year. My parents decided it was time for me to start paying rent. I found a neighbor and got an apartment.

Once in the office, I met her. She made my heart jump. She made me believe that love at first sight really exists.

A couple of weeks later, she moved in and started living across the street from me. We started dating. After we slept, I broke up with my girlfriend. We had a heart-to-heart talk with my new girlfriend and realized that we wanted to be together.

A month later, and she moved in with me. That was seventeen years ago. Now she sleeps upstairs with our daughter,”- optimaloutcome.

Forbidden Love5

“I had a relationship with a guy who was not in touch with his ex-wife. When she found out about this, she contacted me.

It turned out he had done this before. Many many times.

Girls share a guy
Girls share a guy

I learned that they never parted and did not even consider divorce - they were Muslims.

They did not have a close emotional connection and did not sleep in the same bed. But be that as it may, officially they were together.

I felt fucking shitty. I fell so in love with this guy.

And his wife was really amazing. She's an amazing person.

I felt like shit for doing this to her.

As far as I know, they are still together.”- mixxvixen.

Cheating led to an open relationship6

“He cheated on me, and things weren't going well for us. I decided to go the same way. After a while, we decided to switch to an open relationship.

After that, things went much better for us,”- remote user.

The girl looks at the guy at another table
The girl looks at the guy at another table

Girl's close friend7

“It seems to me that my act has no excuses. I was eighteen years old and for three months I dated a girl. I became very close to one of her friends.

I realized that with this friend I am much happier than with my own girlfriend. I wanted to spend more time with her.

The reason I cheated on my girlfriend for a long time, not daring to tell the truth, is because they were friends for a long time. I really didn't want them to lose their friendship because of me.

I also didn’t want my new girlfriend to look like a "whore who beat a boyfriend off her best friend."

The situation is not easy, and we were very young and did not know how to figure it out,”- CaptainLeviA.

Flirting with a colleague has gone too far8

I was third in a novel that lasted about two years. She was married.

She is still married. There was no happy ending for me.

Former work colleagues, we hung out several times and just watched TV / movies, smoked, drank, but for a long time nothing happened. I was emotionally and physically attracted to her, and the feeling was mutual. But we never crossed the line.

Girl flirts with a guy
Girl flirts with a guy

She got drunk one day at a party. I was her companion, so I decided to stay with her. We were lying on an empty bed.

Frankly, I wanted intimacy, a sense of oneness with someone. And I wanted to make sure she didn't get sick in her sleep. I did nothing, and neither did she. We had nothing that night.

After a week or so, we were hanging out and she said that she liked the way my beard rubbed against her, and then asked me to do it again. After a few days, it turned into a more intimate hug, rubbing, feeling, and finally, I kissed her. It was amazing.

Kissing turned into oral sex, and one night she wanted sex. At first I refused (honestly), but the sex did happen. Then again and again.

She explained that at the beginning of our relationship, she felt she was estranged from her husband. He put pressure on her because he wanted to have children. And in general (in her words) he was a goat. I was different.

It all ended recently. She "tried to distance herself from me" and constantly stressed this. I sent it all and gave up.

There was a little quarrel. She asked if I wanted to part. I said I was not sure. And she left me,”- other_guy123.

The guy kisses the girl's hand
The guy kisses the girl's hand

Romance at work9

I was 40, married for over 10 years, and had a couple of children. Our marriage turned into something that made me really unhappy. We barely had sex and our connection seemed to completely disappear. We often fought, and it was always me who had to apologize and compromise.

I met a woman in the office 15 years younger than me. We started flirting and it turned into an intense emotional romance that lasted about a month. I fell deeply in love with her and decided that I really should divorce my wife, since I am so unhappy. I told my wife about another woman and that I wanted to get a divorce.

My wife begged me to stay and try to solve our problems by going to a psychologist and having daily sex. I stayed and agreed to give our relationship a chance. See what will change after the established period - three months. It was incredibly difficult, but it seems we got it. We're still together,”- giantemotionalmess.


“Several years ago I met this amazing guy. Let's call him "Guy A". I fell in love with him, he was so nice and sweet. We kissed and slept once, but he started a relationship with another girl, so we did not go further. I was very hurt.

Fast forward a few years. I've been in this terrible relationship for a year and a half. Let's call it M *** k.

The girl yells at the guy
The girl yells at the guy

He is a pathological liar who constantly yells at me and threatens to break up whenever I do something that he doesn't like. Comes to panic attacks.

And here I am at the concert. I turn around and see Guy A. He dances, laughs and looks just amazing. Haven't seen him in years. My heart sank. I went up to him, we talked for several hours. I told him that I was dating a shitty guy and I want to stop it.

He kissed me goodbye. And then everything fell into place.

I started seeing Guy A, continuing to date my M ***** m for about a week. Plucking up the courage, I left him.

Since then I have been dating Guy A and no longer remember the past,”- tsbae.

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