A Few Signs That It's Time To End The Relationship

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A Few Signs That It's Time To End The Relationship
A Few Signs That It's Time To End The Relationship
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There come such moments when a guy and a girl realize that there are some changes in feelings. First of all, you need to sort out your emotions. As a rule, partners are sensitive to changes in their attitude towards themselves. If the feeling of falling in love has already faded away and true love has not replaced it, then most likely this person does not suit you.

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For several months, while the novelty of sensations remains and the world is seen through rose-colored glasses, no one thinks about the future. Lovers live in the present, enjoy every minute spent together, and even there can be no question of the appearance of signs that the relationship is time to end. A partner's flaws seem small and insignificant compared to the big and pure feeling that burns between a guy and a girl.

Then, if you're lucky, the relationship goes into the stage of love, and love lives for three years, as Beigbeder argued. So, there are two more steps worth paying attention to. After the love disappears, there is an opportunity to look more objectively at the partner. This is where the real test for relationships begins. It is very important to distinguish temporary difficulties that loving hearts can overcome from serious problems that signify the beginning of the end.


If every evening there are disagreements for the most trifling reasons. Mutual reproaches follow one another. People of mature age immediately like to remember the best years of their lives, wasted. I recall former passions, of course, much more promising and promising.

Rarely does a relationship go without quarrels and conflicts. This is inevitable, but when they settle for the sake of the quarrel itself, and not to find a way out of a difficult situation, then it is worth considering continuing the relationship. It is certainly very pleasant to make up, but the energy that is spent during shouts and mutual reproaches can be spent much more useful and efficiently.


If you often want to be alone or in another company, then this is a wake-up call. Wandering aimlessly through the streets, working overtime, drinking establishments - any excuse not to come home or come late at night when half is already asleep. This is not a relationship that will last for a long time. For a man, such a pastime can end with alcohol abuse, and for a woman - with a nervous breakdown and deep depression. However, the opposite can happen. There are also men with a tendency to depression. But the big picture won't get any better.


Discomfort and tension in relationships are felt when partners are close to each other. Gadgets and social networks replace normal communication with them. TV shows for a girl and computer games for a guy can distract from problems for the evening, but if this is repeated regularly or even daily, then this is a clear sign that it is time to end the relationship.

when to end the relationship
when to end the relationship

Even the slightest eye contact is missing, and this is a very important part of non-verbal communication. Conversations become purely consumer-oriented. The discussion of the day and the news is reduced to a disgustingly neutral "normal."

Planning the weekend, let alone vacation time, happens without a twinkle in the eyes. Fatigue arises even from the fact that there is always a person nearby who was once very close, and now has turned into a simple roommate. And in the summer, such neighbors will go to rest in different places with those who are really dear and interesting to them. A joint trip to the theater or to a concert turns into a vision of home in front of the TV in slippers and with a sandwich.

Refusal to have sex4

Physical contact is also reduced to a minimum. Touching, stroking, kisses are no longer included in the obligatory ritual of greeting and farewell. It is not surprising that sex no longer causes such vivid and deep emotions, if it still happens, of course. Usually, the absence of physical attraction for a long time is a sure sign that the joint period of existence is over.

when is it time to end the relationship
when is it time to end the relationship

One of the most important elements that unites two lovers cannot just be excluded from life without consequences.

Road to the future5

Sheskpir also knew that nothing lasts forever under the moon. It's okay if the relationship ends. By doing this, people make room in their lives for something new, better. For some, it looks like a serious illness and recovery. At first, there is a feeling of weakness, but gradually the movements become more confident, the gait is firmer, and a blush appears on the cheeks. It is worse when former partners are trying to glue the semblance of love from the fragments of the past. It looks pathetic and ridiculous.

Everything must be done on time and the one who wants to continue does not allow crossing the line. Few people manage to rebuild broken relationships. As a rule, even companionship does not work out of this. Do not regret leaving. Strong personalities look forward with confidence and hope and do not look back.

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