What To Do To Forget Your Ex-girlfriend

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What To Do To Forget Your Ex-girlfriend
What To Do To Forget Your Ex-girlfriend

Video: What To Do To Forget Your Ex-girlfriend

Video: What To Do To Forget Your Ex-girlfriend
the guy is crying
the guy is crying

Loneliness and longing for the past have replaced happy relationships and the status of “having a girlfriend”.

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  • 2 Clear space
  • 3 Let go
  • 4 Focus of attention
  • 5 Communication with her
  • 6 New targets
  • 7 Movie night

There can be many reasons for the breakup - the relationship did not pass the test of time or distance, unspoken grievances and unresolved conflicts have accumulated in the couple, etc.

Or she just fell out of love. I realized that I would like to see a completely different man next to me.

You can revel in suffering for a very long time and feel sorry for yourself.

But it's better to take control of the situation.


We will not write about you not being sad, worried and suffering.

Drink this cocktail of negative emotions to the bottom.

First, you have every right to do so.

Secondly, mental suffering unlived in time is very fond of affecting health in the future.

Give yourself a few days or weeks to suffer. During this period, you may engage in self-flagellation, complaining to friends, and feeling sorry for yourself.

Next, we will spend resources more productively.

Clear the space2

Out of sight, out of mind. Time will pass, and you can calmly look at her photos on social networks. You will feel nothing but light sadness, accidentally bumping into memorabilia or joint photos. Memories of her will no longer hurt you. You will realize that you have no feelings for her. Perhaps gratitude.

Now we will act differently.

You need to get rid of everything that reminds you of her.

Gifts and everything that belonged to the former passion - return (you can ask to transfer mutual acquaintances) or throw it away.

Pop art guy
Pop art guy

Delete all photos, videos, and conversations.

From everywhere. So that with all the desire you could not get to them.

Delete her number and unsubscribe from her on social networks. It is not necessary to add her to the blacklist (only if she is negative, she persistently calls or writes angry messages). It is enough just not to view her pages on social networks, not to follow her updates.

You can also unsubscribe from your mutual acquaintances if nothing connects you with them.

After the mental cleaning, clean up the apartment.

Let go3

Forgive her. And myself too.

It doesn't matter how long the relationship lasted. This is a rewarding experience that no one can take away from you.

You will have memories. Whatever one may say, but you were quite close with her and managed to go through a lot. Thank her for all the happy moments she gave you.

The guy and the girl stand back to back
The guy and the girl stand back to back

For all the lessons you've learned during your relationship.

If you really want to talk, write her a letter. You will not send it to her, so write what you really think. Express all your feelings and emotions. And then rip (burn) it.

Don't try to forget about her as if she didn't exist. It's impossible.

This is not required of you.

It is enough to change your attitude to the situation.

She can live fine without you. And you will be happy without her.

Don't check her social media pages. The films that she goes to the cinema, the cafes that she visits - this no longer concerns you.

Delete songs that remind you of her.

You've heard enough of them in a fit of self-flagellation, haven't you?

Delete. Right now.

Focus of attention4

Are you overwhelmed with negative energy and aggression? Direct it in the right direction. Plunge into work or exercise.

Guy on a treadmill
Guy on a treadmill

The negative will go away, the grievances will be forgotten, and success at work and a beautiful body will remain with you.

Approximate action plan:

Eliminate alcohol

Alcohol is a very powerful depressant. If he really helped people cope with psychological problems, psychologists and pharmaceutical company owners would have long been out of work.

Adjust your diet

You need strength to move on. Therefore, you should review your daily diet.

New habits

You don't have to start living your ideal life right away. Introduce new habits gradually. You can record your progress in special trackers (can be found in Google Play and AppStore). Waking up early, contrast showers, jogging, visiting the pool or gym, reading books, etc. Start by mastering one habit. As soon as you notice the first successes, you will receive a powerful boost of motivation.

The guy with the book
The guy with the book

Enjoy sports

It is not necessary to buy a subscription to the notorious "rocking chair". Sign up for the pool, boxing, jogging in the morning, shooting, etc.

Remember what kind of sport has always interested you. Invite a friend to join you or go to class alone.

It's important to find exactly the kind of physical activity that will energize you.

Communication with her5

If you have the opportunity to completely cut off any contact with your ex-girlfriend, you are incredibly lucky.

But what about those guys who have to regularly see the one that brings so much pain?

Try to keep any contact to a minimum. Change your job or place of study.

Have you long wanted to change your sphere, move to another city?

Consider this a sign from above. A new environment, a new environment, and a period of adaptation are the best way to forget about your ex-girlfriend.

Guy driving a car
Guy driving a car

The comfort zone is far behind, so the brain has to twist and quickly adapt. Love suffering fades into the background.

If this is not possible, limit your communication. Say hello when you meet - that's enough. You don't have to try to pretend everything is fine. You both know it isn't.

Change your social circle and do not appear in a common company until the wounds heal.

If the girl herself was the initiator of the separation, and now she is trying to restore communication, do not follow her lead.

Does she want to rebuild the relationship? Or is she just comfortable with you and flattered by your adoration?

You are not a couple anymore. They don't owe each other anything. Nor should you maintain a pathetic semblance of friendship. Not wanting to communicate with your "ex" - your every right.

New targets6

This is precisely why relationship gurus teach us "not to dissolve in a person." You give up your hobbies, stop communicating with friends, give up the unique chances that life gives you (studying abroad, moving, etc.), in the hope that the other half will appreciate it.

The guy thinks about new ideas
The guy thinks about new ideas

You can draw an analogy with a casino - you bet your whole life on a relationship with this person.

And if your bet does not work, you are left without everything.

Set new goals for yourself. Big, inspirational and reckless. Find a cause to burn with. A goal that will throw you out of bed in the morning.

What will happen in the end:

  • You will recover from the breakup and start living on;
  • By starting a new relationship, you will avoid past mistakes;
  • You will change yourself;
  • Your life will change 180 degrees.

Movie night7

"Social Network", 2010

How did Mark Zuckerberg's former girlfriend react when he became the world's youngest billionaire?

It is not known for certain.

Surely, she was surprised - after parting with him, she christened him a loser.

The film is based on the biography of a "loser" and tells us the story of his life and the amazing success of his brainchild - Facebook.

"500 days of summer", 2009

Still from the film: "500 days of summer"
Still from the film: "500 days of summer"

"This is not a love story, this is a love story."

Tom experienced the whole gamut of feelings and emotions. From overwhelming happiness to overwhelming depression.

Spoiler alert: life goes on.

Fanatic, 2000

Rob is a master at breaking up with girls. Another lady leaves him.

The guy decides it's time to figure out the reasons for his failures with the opposite sex.

This is a film about men, made for them.

"Exchange vacation", 2006

This is a tape about love and parting. A bright feeling in all its manifestations, betrayal and betrayal.

Despite the fact that the main characters are suffering and their hearts are breaking, the film leaves a very pleasant aftertaste behind.

This is one of those pictures, after which you understand that life is beautiful.

And love comes when you no longer expect it.

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