Why Is The Ex-boyfriend Dreaming And What Does It Mean?

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Why Is The Ex-boyfriend Dreaming And What Does It Mean?
Why Is The Ex-boyfriend Dreaming And What Does It Mean?

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the girl is sleeping
the girl is sleeping

When the relationship ends, people go to the sides and at this moment the invisible thread that has tied them for so long breaks. They say love lives for three years. This is not true. A real feeling can be carried through your whole life. But dreams do not depend on us. Therefore, it is very interesting to know why a former man dreams of a woman after a breakup and how to react to it.

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  • 1 Unforgotten feelings
  • 2 A word from a psychologist
  • 3 What Leads to Dreams of an Ex-Man
  • 4 What the dream books say

If you had to part with your beloved man for any reason, but love remained, then it is likely that he will dream. Frequent memories of him may also contribute to this.

Unforgotten feelings

One of the reasons why a former man dreams may be feelings that have not cooled down yet. A person is able to love and remember his beloved until the end of his life, even if he brought many troubles. Our dreams are a reflection of what is happening in our brain. If the ex is dreaming, it means that the woman either hopes to return him or her feelings have not yet faded away and she simply remembers her love.

Sometimes such dreams make you wonder whether it was worth parting, the girl will begin to doubt that the relationship is broken. This happens especially often if the couple broke up on the initiative of a woman. Sometimes even negative feelings and thoughts can lead to the fact that the ex-boyfriend begins to appear in dreams, and then only one desire will arise - to wake up.

Psychologist's word2

Issues related to the psychological state of a person are of concern to specialists who have studied the human brain and all its reactions for many years.

The opinion of psychologists about why the former man is dreaming comes down to one thing: the woman did not let him go, the feelings did not fade away. Even if a girl is already living with another guy and feels real sympathy for him, this does not mean that the past is forgotten.

There are many reasons why a girl can unconsciously remember her former lover. Here are some of them:

what is the ex dreaming about
what is the ex dreaming about
  1. Resentment. Once unpleasant words or actions that left a deep mark on the soul and are still not forgotten.
  2. Treason. This is difficult to forget, if it is forgotten at all.
  3. Words not spoken at the right time: Sometimes people cannot express everything in their souls to the face of their opponent. And those phrases that have remained in the soul continue to disturb and do not allow the once beloved boyfriend to be forgotten.

Psychologists advise to analyze the dream about the ex, and then try to end all relationships with him in reality. For example, you can meet and talk to a person. Having expressed all the grievances, the girl will feel how it became easier for her. Modern psychologists sometimes give such unexpected advice: arrange a farewell night with your ex. But this is undesirable if the woman is already in a relationship, because this is a real betrayal, which will now torment her. Farewell sex with an ex can lead to a real boyfriend becoming an ex too. Then there will be more unpleasant dreams.

What Leads to Dreams of an Ex-Man3

When people break up and all feelings are forgotten, it is still possible to see a former man in a dream. Even if there is no resentment against him, and the parting was quite peaceful, this does not guarantee a calm life.

In a dream, the human brain works slowly, new information is not received and therefore it remains for him to analyze what was received during the day. And it could be some snippets of conversation that mentioned the same name as the ex, a favorite song from a past relationship, or even the smell of that guy's perfume.

These small snippets of memories are enough for the brain to recreate a whole vivid picture at night, during sleep, with the participation of someone who is no longer consciously remembered.

strange dream about ex
strange dream about ex

This does not mean at all that there are some feelings for the person. If such dreams are very rare and isolated, then you should not even pay attention to them.

What the dream books say4

Not all people believe astrologers, fortune tellers, magicians, or diviners. But listening to their opinions is sometimes very interesting. For the most part, astrologers and fortune-tellers believe that if a former boyfriend dreams of a girl, this means that there is no turning back. The couple will never come back together and all that remains is to remember, maybe even regret that there is no more love. But the best thing is to just forget the guy.

So, what is the dream of a former man, according to astrologers?

  1. If a man simply participates in a dream, recalling his existence, this means that old unfinished business will arise or he will have to answer for once committed mistakes.
  2. A dream in which a man kisses his former lover means that soon she will be very surprised at something.
  3. An intimate dream in which sex with an ex-man is present will lead to problems in a real relationship, if there are any.
  4. To dream of the wedding of a former man is to get big trouble in reality.
  5. If a guy, after parting, left far away and at the same time dreamed, this means that the girl will soon receive pleasant news from her old friends.
if a former man dreams
if a former man dreams

Dreams in which a former lover participates can have a very different interpretation, and if the girl believes them, then it costs her nothing to calm herself down.

But why the husband's betrayal is dreaming, you should find out in our article further on the link.

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