8 Secrets Of How To Make Your Relationship Happy For Years To Come

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8 Secrets Of How To Make Your Relationship Happy For Years To Come
8 Secrets Of How To Make Your Relationship Happy For Years To Come

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strong and happy relationship
strong and happy relationship

Love is a wonderful feeling. When a happy couple in love strolls around the city, one can only envy in a kind way, because they have a strong and happy relationship. Very often, a man and a woman, blazing with love for each other, soon cool down, harden, experience disappointment and break off the union. Romeo and Juliet are known as the most romantic couple in the history of mankind due to their young age and early death. They did not have time to shit in the soul of a partner, and bring their couple to mutual nagging and hatred.

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Passionate and tender feelings are not enough to create strong and happy relationships. For Love to live and warm a couple for many years, they need to adhere to simple and important principles.

Nobody but you

People fall in love, people meet, get married. Or cohabiting. In principle, the status of relations is not as important as their quality. If people love and want to build strong and happy relationships, they should "hack to death" the following rules:

  • Love and respect. There is no love without respect. If a person has tender feelings for a partner, he values ​​him and expresses due respect. There are several nuances related to this point: to speak respectfully about the other half, listen to his (her) opinion, not stoop to mutual insults, respect the opinion and tastes of the other. As much as a woman would not want to touchingly tell her friends that her man “snorts and grunts amusingly in his sleep,” all the same it is not worth doing this. It is forbidden to raise your voice to each other, especially in the presence of other people, humiliate, raise your hand. You should not allow such behavior to a dear person if he is really dear.
  • Loyalty and dedication. Many people are jealous of their sandwich when someone they know intends to take a bite of it. What can we say about partners who keenly observe that no one has broken their "tidbit". The innocence of men and the philosophy of girls preaching polygamous relationships, who, moreover, are subject to jealous attacks, are surprising. If a man cheats on a woman, he is still a "dog", and not a victim of natural instincts. The same can be said about the "easily accessible", but not free, woman. Even among animals, there are more loyal couples than in modern society. It hurts when a person realizes that the other half is overly "hospitable." Once a couple has decided to start a relationship, they should take loyalty seriously.

Don't be afraid, I'm with you2

For a harmonious relationship, love and loyalty alone is not enough. Life is like a sea in which storms and calm occur.

  • Support, mutual assistance. Whatever the situation, the couple must support each other. Among the tearful statuses on the Internet, there is a phrase that is very popular among young people: "Even if everyone turns against my man, I will stand behind him and serve patrons." Strictly, beautifully, romantic, doubtful … Ladies prefer to have relationships with successful guys who are firmly on their feet. When a man is "stormy", women prefer to stand behind the man's back … of another man.
  • Confidence. Suspicions and jealousy eat up partners. Firm distrust, which lasts for a long time, pushes the soul mate to a reckless step: to break off relations, or to do what he is endlessly suspected of.
Strong and happy relationships
Strong and happy relationships
  • Forgetting. The new union urges to forget the old one. If a woman or a man decides to create a couple with a new "love", they should take the following actions: remove the "valentines" and portraits of the ex from the shelf, not call the partner "a false name", no matter how cute it sounds, remember the past relationship only in the most rare cases (and even then, when it comes to the issue of life and death). Especially not to demand those actions from a partner that his predecessor did, both in life and in bed. The Bible says, "The old is gone, now everything is new." Truth is as old as the world. Amen.
  • Listen and hear. It is important. Each couple needs to seriously listen to everything that is said to each other. This gives rise to understanding, confidential conversations, common views and problem solving.

Happy together3

Girls - adhered and men - the owners have a huge talent for poisoning the life of the second half. To prevent this from happening, they should reconsider their views and habits, and fill the relationship with important points:

Bright events. Lovers love to spend time together. At first, even watching the evening news together seems like a holiday, but then there is an addiction and a feeling of boredom. Whatever this happens, partners should fill their lives with pleasant impressions, interesting events. Going out into nature, going to the theater, barbecue with friends is a great reason to have fun and spend time next to each other

Strong and happy relationships
Strong and happy relationships

Freedom. The girl and the boy should give their partner personal freedom. This does not mean that on Fridays a man brings frivolous girls home, and a woman hires a stripper on Saturdays. With a trusting and committed relationship, partners allow themselves to spend time with friends and family without a soul mate. The girl arranges a bachelorette party with her friends, the guy regularly attends football matches with friends, and then, full of impressions, they spend time together

And finally. The main rule for couples in love is never to be equal to anyone! Each strong and happy relationship develops according to its own scenario, in which the main place is occupied by: love, respect, understanding, loyalty.

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