Relationships On The Verge Of Divorce: Who Is To Blame And What To Do About It

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Relationships On The Verge Of Divorce: Who Is To Blame And What To Do About It
Relationships On The Verge Of Divorce: Who Is To Blame And What To Do About It

Video: Relationships On The Verge Of Divorce: Who Is To Blame And What To Do About It

Video: Relationships On The Verge Of Divorce: Who Is To Blame And What To Do About It
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on the verge of divorce
on the verge of divorce

The family is the basic unit of society in any state. The union of a woman and a man, according to the idea, should bring benefits for both, give happiness and confidence in the future. However, in real life, everything is not as smooth as the imagination of the newlyweds draws, and relationships on the verge of divorce are increasingly becoming the norm from exceptions. In such a situation, everyone wants to know what to do and how to be.

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  • 1 Eliminate the heat of passions
  • 2 Establish reasons
  • 3 Find a way out

Eliminate the heat of passion

Before starting to understand the reasons, look for the guilty and, in general, think about the need (or lack thereof) to preserve the family, spouses need to exclude a possible aggravation of the situation.

It is necessary to stop tantrums and scandals (if any), if the instigator is the other side, you must not succumb to provocations. Regardless of the reason that led to this situation, the spouse or spouse needs to find time for a tactical pause. The latter is needed for an adequate analysis of the situation and finding a rational way out of it.

It is not always possible to smooth corners when living together. It so happens that one of the spouses is unbearable to be around (antipathy and dislike destroy any self-control). In this case, a temporary move will help (for example, to friends or parents).

Establish reasons2

After getting a break, the next step is to establish the reasons that led to the relationship on the verge of divorce. The most common causes are listed below:

  • Cheating can destroy even the strongest family ties. Not everyone can withstand such a blow to trust. And even if he does, it’s not a fact that he wants to spend his whole life with the changed person.
  • Addiction of any kind - alcoholic, gambling, drug and religious, will sooner or later lead to overflowing the cup of patience.
  • Infertility. Despite the fact that in modern medicine, incurable infertility is an extremely rare phenomenon, it is still present. Another option is unwillingness (or financial impossibility) to spend money on expensive treatment or IVF.
who is to blame for the broken relationship
who is to blame for the broken relationship
  • People are too different. Not all young couples go through fire and water together before signing at the registry office. As a result, after a few years (sometimes months), an understanding of complete incompatibility comes.
  • Money matters. The unwillingness of one of the spouses to work (especially the husband) in a difficult financial situation may well lead to the desire to dissolve the marriage.
  • Intervention of relatives, friends and acquaintances in the family. This category includes the imposition of a personal opinion on the suggested spouse, and endless advice from parents.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Lack of intimacy or monotonous household duties.

A separate item is married couples with a long experience of family life. When children became independent, and the passion faded a decade ago, some people begin to feel emptiness next to their soul mate.

Find a way out3

After the reasons and culprits have been identified, it is necessary to move on to the next point. Relationships on the verge of divorce involve two options: efforts to preserve the marriage, or the divorce itself. The final choice rests solely with the spouses.

Often the reason for divorce lurks in the banal life and inability to listen to the partner's problems and desires. In such cases, the usual cleaning of the house, regular walks and trips to the movies, as well as vacations in an unusual place can work wonders.

if the relationship is on the verge of divorce
if the relationship is on the verge of divorce

If there is a great desire to save the marriage, first of all, you need to establish a productive dialogue with your soul mate. If a person can't find the right words, you can try to write claims and proposals on paper in the form of points. Any conversations or correspondence should take place with one golden rule - calmness. Ideally, try to find a joint way out of the crisis. You should never be silent about what exactly a person does not like and endure, fearing of offending a spouse.

If the partner listens with pleasure, but does not hear, this is a wake-up call to the fact that nothing in family life will change. In this case, the person may be stirred up by a written application for divorce, but not a fact.

A separate item is divorce due to addictions, or tyranny. In this case, divorce can be the solution that preserves nerves and even health.

Most importantly, both spouses should have a desire to preserve the marriage. Otherwise, it is worth considering whether it is worth making your efforts for the sake of something that the second person does not appreciate at all.

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