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How Do Men Fall In Love With A Woman? Secrets Of Men

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How Do Men Fall In Love With A Woman? Secrets Of Men
How Do Men Fall In Love With A Woman? Secrets Of Men
How men fall in love with a woman
How men fall in love with a woman

Many mistakenly assume that love is a gift sent from above, and if unrequited feelings reign in their lives, then fate does not favor attracting this person. The second half is somewhere nearby and it is worth waiting quite a bit, about five, ten years, when the Universe will condescend to the unfortunate and arrange a meeting with the one who will appreciate his feelings. The poor fellow does not know how men fall in love with a woman, referring to an unfortunate fate.

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So, not destiny

So many live. They fall in love, suffer, wait, and do not know that in reality everything is different. Love is a psychological process. A man may not be handsome, not rich, have a lot of physical disabilities, but at the same time have a solid crowd of fans. This is because he knows how to deal with women. It's about psychology, the ability to win a lady of the heart.

Oh, he's so handsome with a beard2

There are many men who are far from ideal and women's ideas about a "prince charming". They can be humpbacked, bald, cross-eyed, small, with a clubfoot gait, but at the same time they are the hero of girlish dreams and torment. How men with such a set of qualities fall in love with a woman is an interesting and studied question.

They say that appearance does not matter, the main thing is inner beauty. And indeed it is.

Any representative of the stronger sex can win a beloved woman, regardless of external data, social status and material conditions.

Some secrets, manners, behavior, internal attitudes will help attract "Babette", "Lisette", "Jeanette", and "Georgette" as well. Any madam will not resist monsieur, who will follow wise male advice on seducing her.

How men fall in love with a woman3

So, if a man desired a woman and wants, by all means, to conquer her, he must follow this instruction.

  • Attractive look. The eyes convey feelings, emotions, desires, admiration. The eyes can speak, question, transmit impulses. How to win a girl? If a man wants to attract a woman, he must look at her. His scrutinizing gaze should penetrate her eyes and lightly examine her completely.
  • This should be the gaze of a confident man, and not a timid nerd who is embarrassedly looking at a popular beauty - classmate. An alluring and greedy look will attract female attention and will interest her.
men fall in love with a woman
men fall in love with a woman
  • Smile, gestures of the male. Women love confident men. Not one Don Juan will win a lady with timid and shy manners. A man should smile at a woman, address her with any question, making sure that his voice sounds velvety and enticing.
  • You cannot overplay. Extremely seductive notes in the baritone will cause a woman's ridicule. As well as a trembling, squeaky, shuddering voice or a sharp, thunderous shout can scare or alienate an impressionable young lady.
  • Tactile sensations. Whenever the opportunity arises, a man should touch “his victim”. The touch should be unobtrusive and accurate, and at the same time warm, leaving behind a pleasant "aftertaste".
  • It is enough to touch the arm above the elbow, asking a simple question, while looking directly into the woman's eyes, to impress and intrigue her. Don't forget about confidence. Trembling hands and sweaty palms will also impress a lady, but in a slightly different sense.
  • Compliments. Words are powerful. Saying nice things to the girl, the guy paves the way to her heart. The main thing is not to overdo it and not accidentally condescend to prayer - everything is fine in moderation.
  • Funny and sociable. In the company where "the very duenna" is located, the man should be in the spotlight. Funny stories told by him, playing the guitar or wise sayings with which the "male seducer" will shine will attract a woman to him even more.
  • The attention of such a guy will become more dear and desirable to her. However, it is worth considering the mood of the crowd and not overdoing it. The twentieth anecdote listened to with strained smiles, mockery of a clumsy comrade or incessant chatter will not please the girl. Most likely she will decide to stay away from such a "ringleader".
How men fall in love with a woman
How men fall in love with a woman
  • Favorite ladies. At this point, it is very important to know when to stop. A man who is courteous with the fair sex, arouses their sympathy and admiration, is undeniably beautiful. I just want to be “the only one” for the guy from whom the employees or girlfriends go crazy.
  • But the womanizer, letting go of intimate jokes to the right and left, flirting with everyone who wears skirts will present himself as a man-womanizer and unreliable person.
  • On hook. When a woman is interested in a man, he should take active steps. Asking for a phone number, escorting home, asking for a dance, asking for tea - there are many options.
  • It is important to act confidently, not intrusive and not be afraid of rejection. Acting gradually according to the upper points, he will receive a telephone number and take him home, unless, in addition to the desired beauty, a jealous husband and three children live there.
  • Fire and flames. Women, like men, love the unattainable. To bind a lady to himself and finally achieve her location, a man can call, write messages, send love poems and beautiful words every day, and then … disappear. The lady will get excited, bored and feel how her heart is melting, even if she did not take his courtship seriously.
  • Finishing touch. When a woman realizes that she longs not only for a meeting and poetry, but also for the warm embrace of her admirer, the man will appear at the parade, invite him on a date, and give flowers. The bird got into the net. The man is happy, the woman is happy.

She will be mine4

Such techniques work for all women. The main rule of "don giovanni" is to have a neat look, confidence and self-love. No decent lady will feel desirable and happy with a guy who considers himself a loser and a failure.

How men fall in love with a woman
How men fall in love with a woman

Sometimes a man dreaming of an acquaintance or friend stays in the shadows, smoothly moves to the territory of the "friend zone", secretly suffering from unrequited love. It remains to pity the poor fellow.

Love is a struggle in which there are no losers, if the warrior is persistently striving for victory.

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