Why Jennifer Aniston Is Still Lonely: Versions

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Why Jennifer Aniston Is Still Lonely: Versions
Why Jennifer Aniston Is Still Lonely: Versions

Video: Why Jennifer Aniston Is Still Lonely: Versions

Video: Why Jennifer Aniston Is Still Lonely: Versions
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Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston became famous all over the world after she starred as Rachel Green in the legendary TV series Friends. However, the actress attracted public attention and her personal life. Her most recent marriage to actor Justin Theroux made headlines in nearly every popular celebrity magazine when the couple announced their divorce in early 2018. Why is it so difficult for this beautiful, successful and in all respects charming woman to find her love?

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  • 1 She doesn't like dating
  • 2 It is unknown if she wanted a child
  • 3 The actress travels little
  • 4 Jennifer likes to rush things
  • 5 Repulsive Success
  • 6 Psychological problems stretching back from childhood
  • 7 Perhaps Brad Pitt was her "only" …
  • 8 … or she should stay away from the temptation to have an affair with a star

She doesn't like dating

According to others, Aniston does not particularly like flirting and new acquaintances. “She always finds this whole process awkward and unpleasant,” says one of the actress's close friends. However, Jennifer herself still believes in love.

Unknown if she wanted a child 2

The actress has never confessed why she has no children. “Who knows what might be the reason people don't have a baby,” Aniston said in an interview in 2014. "Perhaps this is the kind of thing that people just don't like to discuss."

Some believe that Jennifer has had problems with women's health and pregnancy in the past. Others are convinced that she simply does not want children. If so, then some of the men who do not share such views may have abandoned the relationship with her.

Actress travels little3

Jennifer is quite happy with her life in Los Angeles. One of the problems that led to her separation from Teru was precisely the fact that she absolutely did not want to adapt to his New York way of life. He did not want to participate in his wife's life in Los Angeles. And when each of the partners does not want to adapt to the other, difficulties are inevitable. In general, Aniston cannot be lured out of Los Angeles by any gingerbread; apparently, her potential lover needs to live somewhere nearby in order for a relationship with him to be successful.

Jennifer likes to rush things4

Aniston and Theroux's relationship is known to last for several years before they officially got married. However, it is rumored that the actress is moving too quickly into an intimate relationship.

Aniston and Theroux relationship
Aniston and Theroux relationship

One of her friends, who also wished to remain incognito, shared the information: "The initial outburst of passion between Jennifer and Teru made her ignore the differences that they have." It is possible that Aniston is one of those girls who is easily blinded by love. And this prevents her from meeting someone who, in fact, would be a suitable part for the actress.

Repulsive Success 5

Aniston has reached the pinnacle of her fame over the years. She was one of the highest paid actresses in the world in 2017. And the girl never allowed herself to relax. And as you know, many men find life with a strong and independent woman difficult (that's why they stay in the company of cats). After all, then you need to pull yourself up to this bar and produce a decent result. So another possible reason, perhaps, is Jennifer's independence and success, which has the potential to alienate suitors.

Psychological problems from childhood6

The relationship of the actress with her mother, model Nancy Doe, can hardly be called harmonious. Rather, Jennifer entered adulthood with a baggage of psychological trauma. Which, most likely, still could remain unhealed.

Jennifer Aniston and Nancy Doe
Jennifer Aniston and Nancy Doe

Nancy herself was a model and famous television actress who bathed in the rays of glory in the 60s of the last century. Although Dow was successful in her professional life, her relationship with her family was poor.

The actress often recalled that her mother treated her with disdain. Nancy never spoke kind words to her daughter and considered her ugly. The mother believed that Jennifer should be the perfect child and certainly become a model in the future. However, the girl's appearance was in many ways different from those of Doe's. Jennifer just wanted to be loved, although she received only criticism from her mother. The biggest fight in adulthood happened when Doe released a book about her relationship with her own daughter. In it, Nancy revealed the impartial aspects of Jennifer's life.

Mother and daughter completely stopped communicating, and in the future, Aniston did not even invite her mother to the wedding. “It's hard for me to believe that my own mother does not even know the person who will become my husband,” Jennifer said then.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt
Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

So the actress had more than enough psychological difficulties. She could also suffer for years from neurotic disorders typical of people with a similar biographical base. Which also has a bad effect on relationships with others in the future.

Perhaps Brad Pitt was her "only" … 7

It is also believed that Aniston is an incorrigible one-man, and that her only love ended many years ago. According to information obtained from fan sources, many fans are convinced about her repeated ties to Pitt. The actor left Jennifer for Angelina Jolie in 2005; this couple, in turn, broke up in September 2016. However, there is no reliable evidence that Aniston was dating Brad Pitt again.

… or she should stay away from the temptation to have an affair with a star

It's no secret that relationships with celebrities are rarely successful. Maybe Aniston needs a fan who won't be the center of attention for many other women. After all, Jennifer herself deserves the undivided attention of her beloved man. So, maybe she should look for her lover away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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