Why Does A Guy Look At Other Girls And How To React To It?

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Why Does A Guy Look At Other Girls And How To React To It?
Why Does A Guy Look At Other Girls And How To React To It?

Video: Why Does A Guy Look At Other Girls And How To React To It?

Video: Why Does A Guy Look At Other Girls And How To React To It?
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Why does a guy look at other girls
Why does a guy look at other girls

All men are by nature polygamous. And, no matter what they say, there are simply no exceptions to this rule. True, there are some recommendations on how to deal with rivals. To do this, first of all, you need to understand why the guy looks at other girls.

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  • 1 Congenital scanner
  • 2 Restriction of freedom
  • 3 Attention to yourself
  • 4 Learn to speak
  • 5 This is not a royal affair

At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the fact that most psychoanalysts generally consider such male behavior to be natural and in no way threatening for a constant companion.

Congenital scanner

In the overwhelming majority of cases, a man who sees off a stranger on the street does so completely unconsciously. It's just a natural male reaction to a beautiful object. In the same way, he will lead his gaze and a posh foreign car passing along the avenue.

A look towards women is a completely normal reaction of a full-fledged adult man, indicating that everything is in order with the functions of procreation. A typical instinct, the absence of which will already indicate his male inferiority.

A guy at the genetic level has a built-in program of reaction to an attractive female object. That is, it is simply a program put into it at birth, and it is not only impossible to fight against it, but also unnecessary.

Exactly the same instinct pushes the guy to “scan” the space around him. He simply needs to know and see everything that is happening around him as a protector and earner. If these instincts disappear, this is evidence that the man is old or ill. In either case, the prospect is not at all joyful.

the guy looks back at the girls
the guy looks back at the girls

Restriction of freedom2

There are cases when a girl, intercepting her boyfriend's glance at a stranger, begins to throw scandals and tantrums on him. This behavior will not lead to anything good. The guy not only does not change his behavior, but can easily start acting the other way around. Often, doing it unconsciously on a subconscious level.

So, lovely ladies should not try to drive their beloved "on a short leash" at all. It is much better to honestly answer to oneself the question, do they themselves pay attention to the beautiful men passing by them?

The most interesting thing is that the answer is one hundred percent yes. All of us, both men and women, are programmed to pay attention to beautiful, and, accordingly, healthy members of the opposite sex. So why then torment your man with jealousy?

And pressure on one's own personality quite naturally causes a backlash. It's like in a physical law - an action gives rise to an opposite action. And the more you restrict a man's freedom of action, the more he will strive for this freedom.

the guy looks around
the guy looks around

Attention to yourself3

It is impossible to deal with the fact that a young man pays attention to stranger girls passing by him. But, you can reduce these hateful views of every woman to a minimum. How? It's very simple. Instead of constantly nagging it, you need more time to deal with yourself. Keep an eye on your hair and manicure, use good cosmetics and do beautiful natural makeup.

Dress style is no less important. If a lady walks in something resembling a bag, then it is quite natural that her companion will pay attention to other people's girls.

Learn to talk4

In addition, in order to tidy up her appearance and her wardrobe, it would be useful for a lady to learn more about her boyfriend's interests. What for? During a conversation, it is customary to look at the interlocutor. And, if a girl can keep up a conversation on topics of interest to him, he, quite naturally, will listen to her and at the same time he will also have to look exclusively at her.

Of course, this will require some effort, sometimes considerable. Especially if a loved one is most interested in the genetic modifications of midges - fruit flies. But, if the satellite is really expensive, you will have to try and find time for entomology.

the guy looks at others
the guy looks at others

This is not a royal affair5

Turning into a quarrelsome grumpy person who constantly arranges scenes of jealousy for her companion, a woman risks losing him in the near future. In general, this is not a royal business - jealousy. Self-confidence will help a lot more in this case.

Every man is pleased to see a beautiful and confident girl next to him. Do not forget that a guy looks at another girl for quite natural reasons and you should not be afraid of this. Moreover, you should not be jealous and make scandals.

You need to take everything as it is and not make an elephant out of a fly. If they are constantly afraid of losing a loved one, then this is exactly how it will happen in the near future. After all, the fact that thoughts tend to materialize has not yet been canceled.

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