How To Understand That You Are Being Used In A Relationship: How To Identify Manipulation?

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How To Understand That You Are Being Used In A Relationship: How To Identify Manipulation?
How To Understand That You Are Being Used In A Relationship: How To Identify Manipulation?

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Girls, often, love desperately and irrevocably. This is often used by men. Some young people are in a relationship with a girl only for money and sex. But the weaker sex often does not notice this, indulging her man in everything. And they find a thousand explanations for each of his actions, because their man is the best. How to understand that you are being used in a relationship? Does he need this love or does he only care about money and satisfaction of physical needs? It is important to carefully look at the behavior of your man and then it will become clear.

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  • 1 Inattention
  • 2 Lack of care
  • 3 Time
  • 4 Selfish
  • 5 Inconsistency
  • 6 Irritability
  • 7 Remoteness
  • 8 Callousness
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A man who is not interested in a woman does not love her. For example, if a man doesn't know if his woman likes chocolates? Or maybe he doesn't drink kefir or doesn't eat seafood at all. A man in love can easily say what his woman likes and what does not. After all, a man in love studies his woman in order to understand how to please her.

In order to firmly answer the question: "Is your man attentive?" - it is recommended to carry out several experiments. For example, buy a product that you don't like at all. And then invite them to dinner. An attentive man, he will definitely ask what is the matter, because his woman has never eaten this food. Important to remember! If a man is in love, he knows almost everything about a woman.

Lack of care2

A loving man is primarily a concern. He will definitely make you put on a hat in the cold season, buy some sweaters and ask if you have enough money to live on. Asks if the beloved is cold. And if it's cold, he will definitely offer his clothes. If a man does not care for his beloved, then she is not loved at all. Perhaps he already has another on the side, and he comes to "his" only for the things he needs.


If a man does not find time to call, write an SMS, or walk for a few hours in the park on a weekend, then most likely this girl is simply not included in his plans. If a person is in love, he will definitely find at least a minute of free time to chat with his loved one. Moreover, he can tell without difficulty where he is and what he is doing. Important! If the guy does not consider it necessary to tell the girl where he spends time, then it is worth thinking about and putting a bold question mark when it comes to relationships. As well as if he is not interested in where his woman is.


how to understand that you are being used
how to understand that you are being used

The man does not consider the desires of the girl? I don't care which movie she'd like to go to. What food to order? He only does what he sees fit. He doesn't care what she wants. Such guys do not ask their own girls for an opinion, and even more so, they never will. They only do what they want. And they don't care what the other half thinks about this. If a man behaves in this way, then there is only one conclusion - he absolutely does not need a woman. He spends time with her only for some reason.


He says one thing and does another. He said that he plows at work all weekend, but in fact drinks with friends and walks in a bar in the city center. He promised to come on a day off, but again found a thousand excuses.


A man in love is happy next to a woman. When he's around, his mood creeps up, even if the day has been lousy. He smiles, pulls her to him. If next to a woman, the guy is irritable. Speaks in abrupt phrases. Throws short, indistinct sentences. She tries not to touch her, if it is not intimacy. Then the girl's bell should ring. It's time to sound the alarm.

what is manipulation
what is manipulation


A person in love tries to introduce a soul mate to acquaintances, friends, relatives. If two people are together for a long time, then this happens involuntarily. By itself. If a man does not introduce his beloved to people dear to him, it means that he has no serious plans for her. Then it makes sense to be with this man? Remember! A person in love always tries to introduce his person to people who are important to him. To show off, to show relatives, friends, how happy he is.

Callousness 8

Love - unexpected gifts, surprises, even if they cost nothing at all, made by hand. People who love each other give each other something pleasant, leaving positive emotions, raising the mood. It can be a note with a declaration of love, a kinder surprise, a few chocolates. A loving man tries to surprise his soul mate, to make her a little unexpected surprise.

used in relationships
used in relationships


You cannot blindly love, give yourself completely to a man who does not need it. It is important to understand and release it in time. Who needs love that only requires sex, money and nothing in return? You need to respect yourself and not let men take advantage of you. There is definitely a person in life who will say the cherished three words. And most importantly, they will feel the same warmth, awe and love.

Statistics! More than 50% of women have been used by men in a relationship. Be vigilant, don't be fooled.

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