Ideal Girl: What Kind Of Women Do Men See Next To Them?

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Ideal Girl: What Kind Of Women Do Men See Next To Them?
Ideal Girl: What Kind Of Women Do Men See Next To Them?

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perfect girl
perfect girl

Each person has their own ideals of relationship and partner. Both sexes have what they value most in others. For example, women love responsible men who can take matters into their own hands and show their strengths. Men also have their own views on women and try to build relationships with those who are most suitable for their criteria. But what kind of women do men want to see next to them and what qualities in a girl do they pay attention to first of all?

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  • 1 What men don't like about women
  • 2 Girl clinging to the past
  • 3 Lack of physical attractiveness
  • 4 Permanent restrictions
  • 5 Mercantile spirit and desire for self-interest
  • 6 What men like about women
  • 7 Calm and reasonableness
  • 8 Confidence and independence
  • 9 Listening skills
  • 10 Directly asks for help and does not hide anything
  • 11 Sexuality and self-love

What Men Dislike About Women

There are those conditions under which a man will never associate himself with a certain partner. To avoid this, you need to know for sure that men are not attracted and even repelled by the fair sex.

Girl clinging to the past2

It becomes unpleasant when the only thing a person talks about is his past. Past relationships, connections with people, problems and personal experiences that a person drags on his shoulders from the past will prevent him from building a new future. Men want a woman to inspire them and give them faith that everything will be fine in the future, but how can a woman who is herself dependent on what has long passed give this? The stronger sex aims at prospects, so they try to get rid of everything old that has gone from their lives as soon as possible.

Lack of physical attraction3

A man does not count on a long relationship with someone who does not cling to him with her appearance and figure. It is very important for them that next to them was not only an intelligent and self-sufficient, but also simply attractive and charming person, because a woman is a reflection of the man with whom she associated herself.

perfect girl
perfect girl

Permanent restrictions4

Men are not at all opposed to a girl taking the initiative in a relationship when it is appropriate, but at the same time, they feel uncomfortable when she claims all of their time and personal space. This is perceived by them as an attempt to limit and drive into a cage distrustful and jealous relationships, in which the girl watches every step of the young man and prevents him from breathing deeply. Guys really run from such persons in fear for themselves and their future.

Mercantile spirit and desire for self-interest5

Men are by no means stupid and see when a girl is with him out of sincere feelings, and when she wants to get something for herself - money, gifts or just attention and self-confidence as a seducer of guys. It's another matter whether he wants to show this, because many men, especially those over middle age, cling to young beauties and provide them with everything they want, as long as they are there and satisfy his desires from a good breakfast to bed. But a man who is tuned in to a serious and long-term relationship will never get in touch with someone who focuses only on material values.

What men like about women6

Answering the question of what kind of women men want to see next to it, it is quite simple to highlight the main character traits that will not leave indifferent any representative of the stronger sex.

how to become perfect
how to become perfect

Calm and reasonableness7

Do you think that a man will start a family with a hysterical and noisy bitch? Maybe for a frivolous romance such a partner will be the most ideal option, but in a serious relationship such a girl will turn from a cute bitch to an annoying bigot, so the most important thing that men appreciate in women is poise and a sober look at things, combined with mental balance and tranquility.

Confidence and independence8

Everyone needs personal space, so the girl should have it too. Guys like women when their loved one has interests or hobbies and can talk about something really entertaining. A woman, developed as a person, always interests men and becomes a fascinating subject for study.

Listening skills9

The ability to listen and understand a loved one is highly valued among men. It is important for them that the beloved can always listen, sympathize and discuss something that worries the young man. For them, a woman is the person to whom they can always come and express everything that has been accumulating in their souls for a long time.

Asks for help directly and does not hide anything10

It is not difficult to guess that men are very annoyed when women quarrel with them because they did not understand something or understood something wrong. Guys are better off saying everything directly, without hints, not trying to do it in hints. If you need help - report it, something bothers you - don't be silent, offended - tell me why. In fact, this rule works as the most important point in a healthy relationship, so it should become important for women.

how does an ideal girl behave
how does an ideal girl behave

Sexuality and Self-Love11

To be attractive to a man, it is not necessary to look like a princess; it is enough to take good care of yourself, look neat and stylish - it does not take much. A woman who feels love for herself is also loved by those around her, above all by men.

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