Why Do Women Only Want Money From Men?

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Why Do Women Only Want Money From Men?
Why Do Women Only Want Money From Men?

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three beauties
three beauties

What female flaws do men most often talk about? One has a hysterical companion, the second got a terrible jealousy, the third complains about the plump legs of the chosen one. But female commercialism is an eternal theme. Its relevance does not decrease from year to year. On the contrary, it is growing. Why do girls only need money? The main question that worries the modern male community.

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Money as an aspect of a partner's success

The question of money, in fact, worries men much more than women. The situation is about the same as with the eternal question about the size of manhood. Everyone is discussing, arguing, putting forward millions of theories and theses on this issue. But, in the end, most women answer that finances alone do not bother their souls much.

Money is perceived by a woman as a thing much more significant than just pieces of paper, thanks to which life becomes elegant and idle.

It is paramount to understand that any girl is a potential mother. Maternal instinct pushes a woman in search of the strongest, bravest, enduring and most serious life partner. For example, in animals, several striking manifestations of attractive qualities are fundamental factors in choosing a mating partner.

wallet hunters
wallet hunters

By what methods do animals win the attention of a female? They enter a fight, the winner of which receives a prize - the opportunity to copulate and conceive offspring. This method is used, for example, by deer. Noble representatives of the animal kingdom fight for the "lady of the heart" on the horns. Winning the competition demonstrates the deer's good physical health. So, a female individual understands that the offspring will receive good genes from the father. Moreover, such a protector will be able to take the family "under his wing" and save them from predators. Also, males of other species of animals demonstrate their beauty - they fluff up their tails, make loud sounds and spray smells. Every kind has its own "secret tricks".

Man is a much more complex and multifaceted being. Therefore, one fight or a loud callsign is not enough to get one of the best female representatives. Men go for a variety of tricks - grooming, giving flowers, inviting them to the cinema and organizing romantic dinners in restaurants. All this, naturally, requires money.

In fact, girls need more than money. They are interested in the man's ability to create for himself, his wife and potential offspring such living conditions that will be a comfortable environment for the whole family. That is why girls often, even at the very first meetings, try to find out from a young man what his job is and what plans he is considering in this regard.

If a man hesitates, cannot accurately formulate his goals and desires, then the girl immediately concludes that this man has not formed, does not know what he wants. How can you start a family with this? Will you have to push him up the hill for many, many years? Not many young girls are willing to shoulder the burden of forming and supporting a man. Usually, ladies want to get a quick result, and not wait for years. Perhaps not to wait.

girls and money
girls and money

A guy who has free funds attracts girls not only with his capital. A good family partner should be able to make money. Even if unforeseen difficulties and circumstances arise. There are men who can quickly react to changes in the surrounding reality. Their speed and creativity contribute to making money to satisfy their own desires and the needs of the spouse and offspring.

Reverse side of the coin2

Most likely in the twenty-first century, every person is familiar with the concept of "feminism". It has been gaining insane momentum lately. Feminists are constantly taken to extremes. This also applies to issues of financial independence. To some extent, denial of the need for material support from a man is a manifestation of feminist sentiments.

How often have men talked and continue to talk about the commercialism of women? So often that many are so tired that they completely reject male material support. Paying a bill in a restaurant - every man for himself. Going to the cinema - I'll buy the ticket myself. And other manifestations in the same spirit. It's easy with such women, no one argues. Perhaps, at first, a man will be surprised at such a position or even be glad that his chosen one is with him certainly not because of the financial component. But then there comes a period when the guy realizes all the problematic and non-standard situation.

A woman is completely self-sufficient does not provide a man with any leverage to control herself. That is, she does everything herself, including herself materially. Defiantly refuses to accept gifts and tokens that have a monetary equivalent. How to please such a serious person? You have to show creativity and imagination.

achieve an independent girl
achieve an independent girl

Moreover, a man, in any case, is always a hunter and a getter. The role of an equal partner in modern Russian society is not taken seriously. Existing on an equal footing with a woman, a young man loses the main source of authority and the main "control button".

Therefore, in the matter of money, partners should always think several steps forward. It is better to discuss financial aspects directly by looking into each other's eyes, without falsifications and lack of evidence.

And even more so, you shouldn't rush from one extreme to another. You should always find a middle ground and compromise.

Is money really important? 3

Men who claim that girls only need money from them are often not only mistaken, but also come up with this stereotype for themselves. Do members of the stronger sex pay attention to how they used to ask for forgiveness? Usually the wine is ironed out with an expensive gift. The more "screwed up", the more a bouquet of roses had to be bought.

Perhaps this is the origin of the theme of female commercialism. Although the scheme, well, obviously, was worked out by a man. It is not for nothing that among the people there are so popular anecdotes about fur coats and rings presented to their wives after betrayal.

When a woman asks for something dear, she herself does not always realize what the real reason for such desires is. For example, a woman wants an expensive wedding, knowing that the chosen one will have to work hard for 10 months to pay for such a large-scale celebration. In fact, the wedding is hardly the primary goal here. Rather, the girl wants to see that she is so important to her man that he is ready to fight long and hard for her location and authority in the future family.

money and relationships
money and relationships

Or the girl wants a car. Asks and asks her from her husband, repeating the same thing every day. He gets a car, rejoices and jumps with happiness. But the next day he learns that the faithful cheated on her with her best friend. To drown out his conscience, he presented an expensive toy. Will she enjoy the ride? Or it would be better to walk, but know that the husband is devoted and loyal to only one woman.

The issue of female commercialism is overblown. One should not deny the existence of girls, for whom money replaces everything in the world. For the majority, attention, love and honesty on the part of the chosen one are still more dear to the majority.

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