How Beautiful Is It To Look After A Girl? Tips For Men

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How Beautiful Is It To Look After A Girl? Tips For Men
How Beautiful Is It To Look After A Girl? Tips For Men

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nice to look after
nice to look after

Not every male representative knows how to look after his beloved beautifully. Many men confine themselves to platitudes, and then get upset because the lady of the heart does not reciprocate. Therefore, before starting courtship, you need to carefully prepare and think over an action plan. This will help you to save time and avoid common mistakes.

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A few basic rules i

The most important rule is that you must not forget about yourself and do for the sake of a woman whatever she asks. When ladies feel submissive, they go overboard. Moreover, many girls perceive "nice" guys who carry out all their "orders" only as friends. But here you need to understand that this does not apply to everyone: some people know how to value a good attitude towards themselves.

The second rule follows from the first. One should try to immediately understand which girl is going to "deal" with. To do this, you need to throw aside rose-colored glasses and face the truth. You should pay attention to how demanding and arrogant the fair sex is. Perhaps a particular man simply will not be able to pull such a person, and in this case it is not worth "running" after her for a long time.

And finally, the essence of the third rule is that for beautiful courtship, you need to know the interests of the girl well. Not all ladies love flowers, moreover, some of them believe that picking live plants is inhumane and wrong. And fans of plush toys among women who have crossed the threshold of majority are not as many as it seems. Therefore, you need to study the interests of a particular person. But it is even more important to know what she absolutely dislikes.

How beautiful it is to look after a girl 2

How to look after a girl and surprise her constantly? The easiest way is to ask the girl's friends about what she likes, and then focus on the information received. You can find one person from the inner circle of your beloved and honestly tell him about your sympathy. In this case, the risk that someone will tell the girl is reduced.

How beautiful to look after
How beautiful to look after

You should not turn to male friends, as they themselves may have romantic feelings for their friend. And, naturally, in this case they will not help.

If it is impossible to "obtain" information for any reason, then it is worth resorting to universal methods. Here are some of them:

  1. Prepare a romantic date invitation. The best option is to come up with a mini-quest for the girl to go through. You can place notes all over its street, covering them with colored stones. In this case, the text of each message should sound something like this: "The next note is waiting for you under the green stone." It is not necessary to do everything exactly this way, you can beat the idea in your own way.
  2. Choose a suitable place. If a guy often sees a girl (for example, at school or at work), then he can easily ask about what she likes. Similar information can be heard in a general company, when a lady says: "Yesterday I was in the cinema, I really love evening sessions" or "I love theaters." The most important thing here is to listen and remember. If the guy has to act "without prompts", then you need to choose neutral places. A good option is a city park (especially in the warm season).
  3. Connect your imagination. During a date, you need to surprise the girl, make her remember the meeting. To do this, you can resort to common methods: contact street musicians, win a gift at the shooting range, or buy tickets for a boat. But it is much better to come up with something of your own, even if the idea is mixed with adventurism. For example, on the first date, you can give a lady a denim jacket painted with a graffiti can. There is an option to invite your beloved to ride horses or shoot at targets. The girl should have an elementary interest, but it's even better if she develops adrenaline. And even if at first she will treat a spontaneous decision ambiguously, but she will definitely remember it and want to repeat the meeting.
How to win a girl's heart
How to win a girl's heart

Most young girls are prone to strange and even risky behavior. Many of them are waiting for a person who can bring something new and unusual to life. Moreover, not only active adventurers are inclined to such desires, but also those who like to sit in the library for a book by Jules Verne. Therefore, guys should not be afraid and go "trodden paths" consisting of endless trips to the same places, giving flowers and teddy bears.

How to look after a woman 3

Women who have crossed the threshold of 30 years have two qualities: experience and discrimination. Therefore, it is much more difficult to attract their attention and even more so to keep it. But this applies only to those ladies who are not in an "active search for love" and do not consider themselves "illiquid".

If a woman values ​​and respects herself, then this is evident in her behavior and demeanor. And such a lady needs an appropriate attitude from a man. Women, unlike young girls, are not prone to spontaneous falling in love, so tactics should be used in communicating with them. This does not mean that it is necessary to be a robot acting according to the training manual. You just need to approach your own actions rationally and evaluate how they look from the outside.

Nice to look after a girl
Nice to look after a girl

Important points in a man's courtship for a woman:

  1. Etiquette. Women, as a rule, are well aware of all the "rules of decency". Therefore, men, for their part, should adhere to them. This applies to behavior in a restaurant and on the street, as well as at home tete-a-tete. In no case should you swear or smoke without permission, unless a woman does it. If she herself resorts to obscene words or indulges in cigarettes, then she should not point out to her the inadmissibility of such behavior for the fair sex. It should be understood that she is an adult and does not need advice (which, moreover, she listened to 100% throughout her life).
  2. Speech. Perhaps a woman cannot be surprised with banal compliments and vulgar "tackles". But on the other hand, you can amaze her with a competent, rich and delivered speech. It has been proven that most women are very fond of men who do not make mistakes in written or oral communication. And this is the trump card that you can safely use.
  3. Praise. A woman should be praised for her real achievements. Whether it's a delicious meal or a new job. Any lady will note the attentiveness and interest of her companion. Moreover, women who are passionate about something (be it work or macrame) are much more flattered by compliments in relation to their activities, and not to their appearance.
How beautiful is it for a guy to look after a girl
How beautiful is it for a guy to look after a girl

Everything else depends on the lady's lifestyle. If she enjoys physical activity, then it is appropriate to invite her on a hike. If she is fond of the work of a particular artist, then you can arrange a first date at his exhibition.

There is also a universal method that can be used in courting a lady of any age - this is the introduction of a certain ritual into her life. You need to do one thing each time you meet, like giving a red rose or buying her favorite treat. People tend to get used to rituals, which gives a certain advantage in building relationships.

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