Positive And Negative Aspects Of Any Relationship

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Positive And Negative Aspects Of Any Relationship
Positive And Negative Aspects Of Any Relationship

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Long-term relationship
Long-term relationship

For any couple in love, the desire for a long-term relationship is quite natural. There is nothing better and more beautiful than loving a person all his life, supporting him for tens of years, sharing joys and hardships with him, rejoicing together in solving certain problems. However, not everything is as rosy as people like to assure.

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  • 1 Why is a long-term relationship bad?
  • 2 Andrey, a survey participant, commented on this issue:
  • 3 Difficulties with trust
  • 4 A survey participant, Alexandra, shared her story regarding this issue:
  • 5 Inability to agree
  • 6 Another woman interviewed by the name of Irina has this to say about this:
  • 7 Positive aspects of long-term relationships
  • 8 Here is what one of the survey participants, Vitaly, says about this:
  • 9 Words of Nikita, a survey participant:

Long-term relationships are fraught with dangers for people who are too rushed to start them or are not too confident in their partner. But they also have a lot of advantages that will push insecure people to a positive decision. A survey was conducted among Internet users over 40 years old, during which it was found out what actually comes after love leaves.

What's wrong with a long-term relationship? I

People admit that after feelings disappear, a lot of problems and difficult situations appear. Rose-colored glasses fall off and the spouses are faced with difficulties in relationships, which they did not even know about at the time of falling in love. Not all people understand the fact that love can pass and after that you have to work on relationships. As most of the survey participants admitted, they did not listen to any words that could warn them and help them orient themselves in life.

Moreover, they are confident that people will continue to believe that their situation is unique, that “we will definitely succeed,” until the moment when they independently collect all the most painful rakes. But the business of those who wish to help, offer their help, and whether it will be accepted or not is another matter.

So, according to the answers of the interviewed people of both sexes, one can judge that the main problem in relationships after feelings pass is family life. Young people have to learn many things to build long and happy relationships. Moreover, it is not uncommon for young men and women to enter into relationships at a very early age, in which they have no experience of independent life. And when they decide to live separately from their parents, then real hell begins.

It turns out that a handsome guy walks around the house in shorts and a T-shirt, does not hesitate to burp, takes a good shower if once a week, and this simply destroys the already established image. And the girl spends an insane amount of money on cosmetics and unnecessary trifles, which is not approved by her partner.

Sharing purchases, cleaning, personal care, and the distribution of social roles - all this becomes a terrible problem for untrained people. And in a long-term relationship, you will have to learn to cope with these difficulties. And if people are not ready for this and do not want to learn and find a compromise, then it is too early for them to build a serious relationship.

Man and woman in a long-term relationship
Man and woman in a long-term relationship

Andrey, a survey participant, commented on this issue: 2

“When we first started dating, everything was just great. Feelings were strong and no one noticed that everyday little things that had to be done daily. But as soon as my feelings weakened, I suddenly realized that I just hate cooking, cleaning and washing dishes. Although at that time I was studying at the institute, and I had more than enough free time.

And my partner studied in absentia and at the same time worked in the office, so I simply did not have time for household chores. But I didn’t do them, I sat in front of the TV piously convinced that it’s not a man’s business to wash cups and wipe floors. As a result, I was left without a relationship simply because I could not overpower my "Wishlist" for the sake of a friend."

Confidence Difficulties3

Another serious problem for people who seek to create strong and lasting relationships is trust in their partner. After the feelings leave, the mind begins to assess the situation more soberly, and in some moments it may seem that the partner is doing something in the interests not of the couple, but only in his own. Or there are some problems that someone is just ashamed to talk about. For example, some kind of disease, or some kind of psychological problem.

This even applies to sex. One partner wants to try something in bed, but they may be shy to say it. After all, he will have a fear that he will not be understood, ridiculed. In this way, distrust in your partner is strengthened. This can be solved only by joint discussion of everything that worries each of the pair of lovers. If a person is afraid to entrust something valuable and important to another, then what kind of serious relationship can we talk about?

Cons of a long-term relationship
Cons of a long-term relationship

Survey participant Alexandra shared her story regarding this issue: 4

“My boyfriend and I were in a relationship, of course. He met me, he accompanied me, took me to the cinema and cafes, we had sex and everything was excellent in this regard. But only now he did not say anything about his personal life. Not about his friends, not about where he spends time. I understood that it was not worth imposing, but he refused to share even harmless information.

He decided everything on his own, some actions or purchases were always a surprise to me. And not always pleasant. He was in a relationship with me, but still behaved independently, did not trust me, kept at a distance. It hurt me a lot, I tried to talk to him, but I never got through to him."

Inability to agree5

And the most difficult thing that people face in a relationship is a serious difference of views and an inability to come to compromises. During the period of falling in love, any, even unpleasant, character traits of a partner seem to a person to be something special, something that he is able to change in the future. But when feelings go away, for example, a man may realize that he does not really want to have children, although his wife always said that she wants a child.

And in such a situation, with a high probability, one of the couple will resist and resist giving in or finding some kind of compromise. And the inability to negotiate leads to the fact that people accumulate grievances and reasons to break off relations.

Here is what another woman interviewed named Irina says about this:

“Before I met him, I didn’t know him. Rather, it seemed to me that I saw right through him. Passionate, honest, fair, a little wild, but therefore more attractive. But then problems began in our life due to the fact that these qualities of him were only the tip of the iceberg. His passion turned out to be a secret penchant for aggression - he constantly got involved in conflicts on the street or at work.

The pros of a long-term relationship
The pros of a long-term relationship

His "honesty" turned out to be arrogance - he considered everyone around him stupid and base animals, and himself - a pure and innocent hero. I tried to talk to him, convinced him that such a person should not be, tried to somehow soften his temper, but he simply refused to make contact in such cases. He did not know how to negotiate, although I was ready to meet him halfway. I had to say goodbye to him."

Positive aspects of long-term relationships7

Of course, listing the pros of a relationship that lasts a long time is much easier. During the survey, the researchers tried to figure out unusual and more interesting reasons for continuing the relationship. And they tried not to pay attention to the classic answers like "will someone give a glass of water in old age", or "will, whose grandchildren will be nursed." Of course, most people called a strong and friendly family the main advantage of such a relationship, and it is very difficult to argue with them.

Having a family, people who will always support and whom you want to support on your own, is an excellent life goal, an excellent motivating factor. Many people achieve heights in life just because they want to make life for their family as good as possible.

But long-term relationships do not always imply the presence of love in them. Often, people continue to live with each other by inertia even after all romantic feelings have disappeared. They are used to living side by side and do not see other ways and opportunities for themselves. And why? They have everything. Children to take care of and admire for their successes. There is a house where people are always waiting, where it is warm and safe, where you can rest your body and soul. Even from the material point of view, having a strong family and long-term relationships looks much more attractive than living alone.

Positive aspects of long-term relationships
Positive aspects of long-term relationships

Here is what one of the survey participants, Vitaly, says about this: 8

“We have been together for almost 30 years. I do not know what I would do without my wife and children. It was she who did not allow me to merge with the common gray mass of identical people. Thanks to my wife, I got better every year. I got two graduate degrees simply because I wanted to get a prestigious position and bring home more money in gratitude for my wife's support.

And the children, whom we brought to a greater extent on her initiative, taught me responsibility, sacrifice and the ability to share. With the help of my family, I have reached such heights that I could not have reached alone. If not for my wife, I would now work at a factory for a penny, and spend my evenings hugging a drunk sidekick and a bottle of vodka."

Also, a long-term relationship allows you to find people you can truly trust. Even if spouses don't have much love for each other, they are more likely to be great friends. They will always have topics for discussion, some common memories, traditions and holidays. And besides that, they can be great colleagues.

Who can you trust more in business than a person with whom you have been living for several decades? There are many examples of how people, not feeling love feelings for each other, continue to live in harmony and joy simply because they have become not only lovers, but also friends.

From the point of view of trust, the topic of heirs looks very attractive. Many people who have their own business bring up their children so that they are worthy successors for the family business. Even if we are not talking about a rich inheritance, then at least the traditions and the name of the family the child is able to accept and carry through his life.

And it is quite rare that children, raised by caring and attentive parents, took the reins of the family business and successfully coped with this difficult job. One can only feel pride for such children, and this feeling is available only to those who have gone through all the difficulties and were able to build long-term relationships.

Why a long-term relationship is good
Why a long-term relationship is good

The words of Nikita, a survey participant: 9

“I have my own business, which I started more than twenty-five years ago. I went through the days when even the closest friends were very hard to trust. And now I know that it is the relatives who deserve to pass on their heritage to them. Both spiritual and material.

I raised my son and gave him my business. And I am absolutely sure that I would not have been able to find such an employee and a worthy successor on the side. After all, my son respects me and my decisions, he understands the importance and value of this matter for our family. And he will behave very responsibly in relation to the inheritance."

And, of course, what strong relationship would be without the most bonding sex ever? A long-term relationship is a real guarantee that both partners will receive sufficient sexual satisfaction for them. If there is trust between the spouses (and it will certainly be present in a strong and successful family), then they can conduct a huge number of sexual experiments, fulfill all imaginable and inconceivable erotic fantasies.

Without a relationship, it is quite difficult to find a partner who will agree to this without a certain monetary reward. And the husband will always be with his couple, he will always try to please her simply because he loves her.

We can summarize and say that there are much more positive aspects in a long-term relationship. Despite the fact that only the most remarkable of them are listed, there are still many advantages. The only downsides are that people lack the necessary experience, knowledge, patience, skills or character traits in order to cope with difficulties. But they will definitely find themselves a mate and build a strong family, just a little later. When they get wiser.

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