Greed Of Women: Why Does It Appear, How To Understand And What To Do?

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Greed Of Women: Why Does It Appear, How To Understand And What To Do?
Greed Of Women: Why Does It Appear, How To Understand And What To Do?

Video: Greed Of Women: Why Does It Appear, How To Understand And What To Do?

Video: Greed Of Women: Why Does It Appear, How To Understand And What To Do?
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greedy girl
greedy girl

In folklore and in fairy tales, the greed of women often appears. It is worth remembering only one "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish", where the old woman, having lost her head from greed, eventually lost everything. In this publication, we will consider a question so delicate for many men, find out why women become greedy, what it can lead to, and how to deal with this "disease".

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  • 1 Why are women greedy?
  • 2 Why does a woman become greedy?
  • 3 How is the greed of women manifested?
  • 4 How to deal with a woman's stinginess?

Why are women greedy? I

First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that the woman is the keeper of the hearth. The word "Keeper" means to protect, save, save. In ancient times (and in many families today), a man was a breadwinner, dragging a caught wild boar to his native cave, where he left the carcass for the woman's saving.

Of course, many less fortunate hunters, or other women who were left with babies in their arms without a breadwinner, tried to haul the prey, and the rightful owner had to defend the good so that her personal husband and offspring would not go hungry. This is how greed made its way into the blood of the beautiful half of humanity, and became an integral part of the character of almost every lady (and those that do not seem greedy, they just hide it well).

Today, of course, there is no need to protect those same pigs, so why to this day, when there are no problems with food, the greed of women does not let go? We will try to understand this issue.

Why does a woman get greedy? 2

Here are many men complaining: "Yes, she is only interested in money, give everything, give it all, everything is little and little!" Dear men, have you ever wondered that you yourself are to blame for this situation? So you met a nice girl, looked after her, brought gifts overseas at any whim. Then the wedding, family life, and the young lady is completely not ready to bring her part of the income to the family, and you are happy - let him stay at home, listen to less gossip, and she will not flirt with others.

So, what is next? You do everything for your beloved, give everything to the last penny, and she now and then goes shopping, looking after new things. Here the female predator instinct begins to work, and she is not at all to blame for this: give - take it, give more! And now you understand that the business has begun to cross all boundaries, you are trying to cool the passion of your beloved for purchases, and she answered: “I need it, that's all!”.

Greed of women
Greed of women

Consider the second scenario of the development of events, according to which the greed of women begins to manifest itself slowly but surely. She is young and independent, he earns less, or even does not bring money to the house at all. The woman is the economist in the house and that cannot be changed. She calculates the budget for a month, puts money on the shelves, and now, there is no extra penny left for her husband's beer, and for her own manicure - please. Resentments begin that the wife is stingy, spends everything on herself, and regrets the beloved's spouse. There is something to think about.

The third option is a selfish woman. She was raised in a family as an only child, or she was the youngest, who always got the best. She is used to the fact that everything belongs to her, and there is no need to share it. In this case, the girl's parents are to blame, and it is hardly possible to re-educate her.

But the most common cause of greed is the lack of attention from a loved one. A woman begins to feel a lack of affection, compliments, and finds them in money, in things that she will not give to anyone, and will not share them with anyone!

How is greed in women manifested? 3

It would seem that he married a normal woman, and nothing indicated her greed. At what point do you need to start worrying that your spouse is becoming like a grandmother from the above-mentioned Pushkin fairy tale? Pay attention to the following points, which speak of being "infected" by greed:

how to deal with female greed
how to deal with female greed
  1. The woman has become less hospitable, she even tries not to invite her beloved friends to visit, and when they unexpectedly arrive, she removes the best treats to the far shelves of the refrigerator.
  2. If earlier a piece from a saucepan was tastier than a wife put on a plate to her husband, now it appears more and more often in her portion.
  3. The wife's money is “flowing away” somewhere in a strange way. Do not hesitate, she has a stash.
  4. More and more often you can hear from your beloved "You will get by!", Or "We'll buy you cheaper."

In the first stage, the greed of women does not threaten men. But you cannot start a "disease", because it is fraught with the following consequences:

  1. A man risks spending his whole life next to "Koshchei in a skirt" who "Withers over gold".
  2. Many husbands, succumbing to the pressure of their spouses, get into loans. Debt is stress, and stress is the cause of many diseases. Stress often leads to suicide!
  3. Even more men, tired of the pressure of the second half, find "not greedy" on the side, or immediately leave the family.
reasons for female greed
reasons for female greed

But do not worry when these signs appear. The greed of women is curable with just a little work with it.

How to deal with a woman's stinginess? 4

A man must start with himself. Change the attitude towards your beloved:

  • if it spoils too much, send your spouse to earn money for stockings on their own (there is nothing to be impudent);
  • if it deprives you financially, start giving gifts;
  • if a woman lacks love and attention, then it is enough to skimp on compliments and smiles, a good word.

And then the men will notice how the greed of women will completely disappear. The beloved will again become herself, and the sea grandmother, who is thirsting for a new trough and the title of the Lady, will disappear forever!

And how to check whether a man is greedy, read our article at the link.

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