How To Fall In Love With A Lover And Take A Man Out Of The Family

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How To Fall In Love With A Lover And Take A Man Out Of The Family
How To Fall In Love With A Lover And Take A Man Out Of The Family
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How to make a lover fall in love with you
How to make a lover fall in love with you

Relationships with a married man are not perceived by the majority by themselves. The desire to fall in love with someone's husband and establish a serious relationship with him is even more unpleasant for society. But, such a negative attitude does not mean at all that connections of this kind do not exist or that absolutely everyone condemns them. On the contrary, there are a lot of people who want to take their love away from someone else's family. There is even a series of specific tips on how to make a lover fall in love with you.

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  • 1 Tired family life
  • 2 External appeal
  • 3 Escorted through the mind
  • 4 More humor, less problems
  • 5 Not a word bad about his wife and children
  • 6 Increased comfort level
  • 7 Unobtrusiveness
  • 8 How to Catalyze a Lover's Wife Separation

Tired family life

In order to figure out how to fall in love with a lover, you first need to find out what exactly may not suit him in his own family and sort through the mistakes of his wife.

Most often, a young couple, who were initially in love with each other, are crazy about their family life. He has a career, a home. She has much more responsibilities - work, household, which includes washing, cooking, cleaning. That is, there is practically no time left to communicate with each other.

By and large, it could be found, only not all married couples understand the real importance and value of such communication. In most cases, all the conversations of former lovers come down to numerous family reproaches - there is not enough money, garbage is not taken out, dinner is not prepared, the shelf in the kitchen is not repaired.

It is these reproaches that are one of the main reasons why a man begins to look for satisfaction of his needs on the side. And here we are talking not only about sexual instincts, but also about purely male pride, which constantly needs "reinforcement."

It is also worth dwelling on this in more detail. When the couple was just starting a relationship, the future wife would certainly emphasize how extraordinary her chosen one is (smart, beautiful, athletic, creative, sexy). In general, the best in everything and everywhere. After many years of living together, she relaxes and, considering her husband practically her property, completely forgets about his EGO, replacing compliments with reproaches and complete ignorance.

Yes, in fact, the wives themselves, in most cases, change dramatically. Moreover, many of them almost immediately after the wedding, and far from for the better. Thus, from a beauty, a clever and a needlewoman, a woman turns into some kind of incomprehensible creature without a specific gender.

Even less fortunate are those husbands whose wives work in reputable companies. Such places of work involve well-groomed skin, manicure. In general, a woman is simply obliged to take care of herself. And even then, here is a stick with two ends. If the wife goes to work in full dress, then at home the husband will still contemplate her in a dirty dressing gown and curlers.

how to make a guy fall in love with you
how to make a guy fall in love with you

And so it turns out that instead of eventually becoming in the family Bereginya and the keeper of the hearth, the woman kills the last hope for love and literally sinks the family sailing ship with her own hands - men begin to look for love on the side. How they do it is a purely individual question. But now, not all mistresses are positioned exclusively for an easy temporary relationship. Some of them get bored with minute meetings, sad evenings, and holidays spent alone.

It is these determined ladies who are ready to go out on the warpath and start a real hunt for the man of their dreams. The most interesting thing is that in most cases they win this battle. Fortunately, they have plenty of secrets of tactics and strategy of combat operations. So what are the main ones and how to use them?

External attractiveness2

They are greeted by their clothes … This proverb is as old as the world. The bright and sexy appearance of a woman who appears on the horizon of a man bogged down in family life will definitely attract his attention. Of course, there is something to see after the gray mouse, which has become your own spouse.

It is no secret that free women take care of themselves more carefully - fitness clubs or gyms, swimming pools, massages and, of course, stylish and appropriate clothes, hairstyle and appropriate makeup. All this greatly facilitates the task of how to fall in love with a lover. A radical difference from the wife, who decided that, having got a man as her husband, she could completely stop taking care of herself.

How to fall in love with a man
How to fall in love with a man

See off the mind3

Continuing the thought that they are greeted by clothes, one should not forget about its continuation - they are escorted through the mind. A stylish and bright Barbie doll cannot keep a man's interest for a long time if her actions are not supported by certain logical actions, thoughts, words and deeds.

At this stage, one of the main tasks is maintaining the golden mean. It is important to inspire a man with the idea that he is the best for you, literally in every sense, but at the same time, in no case overdo it, completely dissolving in him. A lover should always keep her brand and maintain self-esteem.

It is equally important to show not an artificial interest in a lover's work or hobby. Here, by the way, wives also make one common mistake - in family relationships, they quickly cease to be interested in both the husband's hobbies and his affairs at work.

A smart lover will always subtly feel the moment at which it is best to take an interest in the success or, conversely, the problems of a man, demonstrate genuine interest, prompt and support him. Such an attitude will certainly arouse in the lover a feeling of sincere gratitude and his affection for a woman who has managed to touch the innermost strings of his soul will increase manifold.

tips on how to fall in love with a guy
tips on how to fall in love with a guy

More humor, less problems4

While at the stage of boarding a family sailing ship and capturing the captain, do not forget that in company with you a man should feel at ease and at ease. Then the task of how to fall in love with a lover will be much easier. Try to joke more, of course, if it is appropriate in a particular situation. It would be very foolish to tell funny jokes on the day your lover buried his beloved Labrador. But to masterfully defuse the tense situation and turn a difficult conversation for a man into a comic one, it will be just right.

This is about jokes, but do not forget that, in no case should you strain your lover with your personal problems. If you start to tell him about the lack of money, a broken locker and troubles at work, you can easily compare with a disgusted wife in his eyes. If the analogy works, the lover's interest will cool down and the hopes of restoring the old relationship, and, accordingly, the hope of "stealing" him from the family.

Not a bad word about my wife and children5

Not all men who have mistresses pour out on them a lot of negative information about their spouse, and even more so about children. Most of them prefer to remain silent about this, limiting themselves to only a short “everything is bad”.

But, despite this, there is in nature such a type of men who will not miss the opportunity to feel sorry for themselves unfortunate. They are the ones who tell endless fables about how difficult their fate is: his wife is a slob and a muddler, she does not appreciate such a unique thing at all, nothing is cooked to eat, shirts are not only not ironed, but not even washed, there is a mess in the house. Well, in general, everything is like not with people. Yes, and sex with his wife has not been for a long time, he suffers poor and there is no one even to hug and caress him.

how easy it is to fall in love with a guy
how easy it is to fall in love with a guy

In addition to the ineptness of his wife, the children also completely got out of hand. They don't respect their father at all, they do everything in spite of him, they don't want to study at all, they fight and are rude. And everything, naturally, happens due to the fact that the wife turns the children against him and does not inspire due respect for the father.

By the way, this scenario is far from the only one. There is also an option about a wife - a business shark, who devotes all her free time to business and keeping herself in shape. At the same time, she completely does not pay attention to the poor and unhappy husband who suffers alone with his wife alive.

This is far from a complete list of all the complaints that can be heard from your poor lover, offended by his own wife. And here the main thing is not to lead a provocation and not start supporting conversations of this kind. The fact is that, speaking himself, a man does not at all want outsiders to speak negatively about his family. Yes, whatever one may say, it is a stranger who is his mistress.

Therefore, statements about how bad his family is from the lips of his mistress are unacceptable. Sooner or later, everything said can be used by him against her. It is best to listen in silence and, at best, to remain silent. If you can't keep silent, you need to try to delicately change the topic of the conversation or turn everything into a joke.

how easy it is to fall in love with a guy
how easy it is to fall in love with a guy

Increased level of comfort6

If the mistress has firmly made a decision for herself to take a man out of the family, she must make every effort for this and make his life comfortable. In addition to the fact that everyday problems, scandals and other strife should not expect him in the house of his mistress, he should be additionally surrounded by a beautiful and romantic atmosphere - beautiful bed, dishes, delicious and unusual food. In general, the entourage does not at all resemble the banal everyday life in which he has to live with his wife.


If a woman is really positioned to fall in love with her lover, she should know that she should not be imposed in any way. She shouldn't bother him with endless phone calls crying and whining about how she missed her.

Moreover, one should not strain him by talking about the fact that it is time for him to leave his wife and move to a permanent place of residence with her. Any pressure from the mistress will be strictly negatively perceived by the lover, and will cause the absolutely opposite desired reaction.

If a man decides to leave his family and go to live with his mistress, he must do it completely on his own. The only thing that can be done in this case for the mistress is to gently and unobtrusively push him.

easy to fall in love with a guy
easy to fall in love with a guy

How to Catalyze a Lover's Wife Separation8

A woman is a cunning and thoughtful creature. That is why, if she decides to go to her goal to the end, no one can stop her. Therefore, if she is forbidden to whine and beg, she must take a detour. The most common ones are as follows:

  1. Leave traces of being in his apartment, car or office imperceptibly for the lover himself. The footprint should not be obvious at first glance. Ideally, the lover himself should not know anything at all, and the wife should not see the "evidence" immediately after her arrival. For example, in a home or office, it can be dropped "accidentally" lipstick or earring. In the apartment there are a few hairs left on the wife's comb in the bathroom.
  2. No less important and weighty evidence for a jealous wife will be a trace of lipstick on the collar of a shirt or the smell of a mistress's perfume on her clothes (however, such visual evidence will bring the calmest spouse to white heat).
  3. Irritable will act on the faithful lover and constant phone calls with silence and puffing into the receiver.

Sooner or later, such a policy will lead to the desired result - the wife will start to arrange constant scandals and tantrums. Of course, over time, this will bear fruit and a man will prefer a calm and calm harbor, created for him by his mistress, to a raging ocean. And the problem of how to fall in love with a lover will be solved.

how to fall in love with a guy tips
how to fall in love with a guy tips

So, purely theoretically, any woman can lure a beloved man to herself. Fortunately, there are a lot of tips on how to make your lover fall in love with you. But the question is whether she really needs it. After all, it is likely that after the lover turns into a husband, they will not start the same everyday life and the relationship will not end as he did with his previous wife.

An equally dangerous option is that a woman will have to spend the rest of her life as on a sleeping volcano. Why? Everything is very simple, where is the guarantee that having changed his wife for his mistress once, he will not decide over time to turn this trick again.

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