Material Relationships: Good Or Bad?

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Material Relationships: Good Or Bad?
Material Relationships: Good Or Bad?

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girl loves money
girl loves money

Someone will say that a relationship without feelings is the strongest and longest. Due to the absence of emotions, they are neutral, since they are not positive, not negative. On the other hand, sex is an expression of deep respect and closeness to your partner. If a person agrees to sex just for the sake of money, it is a pathology. Someone will say that a relationship on a material basis is a kind of prostitution. And he will be right. But this type of relationship has its own supporters who see them as extremely positive aspects.

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Any relationship is a kind of interchange. What feelings a person can give to a partner, he gets the same in return. For example, if a man considers a relationship on a material basis, then he knows in advance that he will not be able to give his beloved love and care. There will be exclusively material support, and, of course, sympathy. In return, he expects that the girl will thank him intimacy.

Therefore, he also cannot receive care and strong feelings. Such an exchange mechanism is also with a girl who agrees to enter into a relationship with a man on a material basis. She can only give him sex and will not waste her energy on manifestations of care and affection. In return, she will also receive a cold calculation - money that is able to satisfy her material needs.

By the way, one interesting observation is that when a man and a woman have sex for a long time without certain feelings, there is a high probability that feelings may still arise. And if something can still be resolved with the manifestation of mutual sympathy, then personal self-esteem, which partners “unconsciously” feel even at a distance, is a very insidious thing.

That is, even at the first meeting with a man, a girl can pretend to be a true queen and try to give the impression of a self-confident and self-sufficient person, the chosen one will be able to evaluate the “real” picture within five minutes. Consequently, a certain portrait about the interlocutor has already matured in his head, and now he decides what he can give this girl and how she will thank. This is how unconsciously relationships arise on a material basis, when a couple is brought together exclusively by the intimate and financial side. No more commitment to each other. The girl gives the man satisfaction from sex, he - material support in different situations.

Relationships for money
Relationships for money

Everything is official

If you create a profile on a dating site and spend a little time on virtual communication, you can often see the profiles of beautiful and well-groomed girls. At first glance, it may seem strange that such beauties are doing right here, because surely in real life they do not suffer from a lack of male attention. But barely talking in private messages, the conclusion suggests itself that the girls are literally looking for a sponsor for themselves.

That is, beauty and appearance requires a certain amount of money. And who will evaluate this beauty later? Surely those who paid for all this. In exchange for material expenses, men receive intimacy and the company of a nice girl somewhere in an expensive restaurant or in a hot exotic resort. Everyone is happy and everyone is good.

Girls between us2

What do the girls say about this? Here, opinions were divided into two camps - opponents and supporters of relations on a material basis. For example, opponents compare such a relationship with real prostitution. That is, the sexual intercourse ended, you paid off, everyone got dressed and went to their homes. Isn't that what happens to call girls? Opponents argue that they would never sell their body, that is, have sex for money with a stranger. Supporters are not so categorical in their opinion.

For example, the material basis does not mean exactly the payment of the sexual intercourse immediately after its completion. Financial support can include buying gifts, paying for housing, buying clothes and accessories, going out to restaurants, or taking a seaside vacation. The girl simply brightens up the loneliness of a man with her company, for which she receives material assistance in the form of various benefits.

Opinion of men3

What do men think about this and why do they resort to relationships on a material basis? It often happens that a successful and wealthy man has certain complexes. Moreover, these are not necessarily physical defects in appearance. It can be various complexes, self-doubt, fear of starting new relationships and opening up to people. In fact, there are a lot of reasons. Well, since we are all human and sex is simply physically necessary at least sometimes, men have to go to such tricks. Fortunately, there are enough girls who want to change their financial situation for the better.

The question is brewing: why can't men just call a girl for an hour who will fulfill any sexual whim for a certain amount? We underestimate financially successful men who can afford to spend extra money on a girl. Still, having sex with a tidy and well-groomed girl is much more pleasant than becoming the thirtieth client per day for a girl of easy virtue.

Meetings on a material basis
Meetings on a material basis

Well, before meeting with a partner who has agreed to a relationship on a material basis, you can stop by the nearest jewelry store and buy a present for her. By the way, it will be much more tactful to hand over a box with jewelry before the night together, and not after it. This is a kind of sign and compliment to the girl, and not direct gratitude for sex.


There are also cases when girls enter into a relationship with a wealthy man with a deliberately set goal - to pull more money from a boyfriend and improve their financial situation. Since a man earns good money, he will willingly spend money on expensive restaurants, joint shopping and leisure activities. Without realizing it, he falls into a well-planned game of his partner. That is, unconsciously, he will give expensive gifts and in every possible way provide the girl with material support. The young lady, in turn, can simultaneously meet with several men, increasing her capital.

Moreover, it may never come to sex, because the dynamists know how to skillfully hang noodles on their ears and come out dry from any situation. A headache, critical days, a girlfriend urgently called - there are many such excuses. They are used by hunters for rich men, having benefits from them in material terms, even a one-time one. And as you know, with the world on a thread - a naked shirt. So the priestesses of love manage to update their wardrobe and get presents and fly on vacation for free. By the way, most likely, in a foreign country, they still have to pay with themselves for financial expenses from the man.

Relationships based on material support
Relationships based on material support

As you can see, relationships on a material basis have both opponents and supporters. Demand creates supply. And the more offers from men to help financially in exchange for sex, the more girls will agree to such an adventure. And if girls can't give a man anything other than sex, then why not go on a date for financial help?

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