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How To Forget The Girl You Love Or Cool Off Love

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How To Forget The Girl You Love Or Cool Off Love
How To Forget The Girl You Love Or Cool Off Love

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Every man perfectly remembers his “turning point” when he first fell in love with a girl. Due to emotional urges, this feeling poured into life so disturbingly that it practically did not give rest to other actions. The first, that very naive love, often ended in a "defeat" on the part of the girl, and in the end the guy did not know how to forget the girl he loved.

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  • 1 Link to the past
  • 2 Thoughts
  • 3 Sports
  • 4 Hobbies

Great authors and writers praised first love as a painful period in the life of any teenager. Against the background of the ongoing events, the teenager lost his main thinking and reacted to almost everything emotionally. The parents of a guy in love could immediately pay attention to this.

The most distinctive characteristics of falling in love during adolescence are:

  • Silence and isolation in oneself
  • Rash acts
  • Anxious facial expression
  • Distance from friends

If we consider this situation from the very beginning, then we can safely say that the entire mechanism of a teenager's falling in love is controlled by emotions. Parents, who are used to seeing their boyfriend as cheerful and talkative, immediately pay attention to the changes in his life. Unlike the typical boy, the young man has become a withdrawn and silent "groundhog". The first feeling that a young man feels, he does not understand, and tries not to tell anyone about him. Going to bed, he “goes over” his thoughts, and wakes up with dreams of the girl he loves.

how to forget a girl
how to forget a girl

It is exclusively this state of mind that puts the guy out of action, that is, pushes him to rash acts. Such an example can be both a positive action in the form of a significant courting of a girl among his peers, and a negative action in the form of a petty theft of money from the parents' wallet for a gift to his beloved.

These actions are quite understandable, because each of us remembers this feeling. Despite these actions, our "Pierrot" throughout the entire period of love, will have an anxious expression on his face. Due to inexplicable feelings, a teenager is simply worried about the result of love, and is constantly looking for a new reason to express his feelings. Exclusively during this period, you should pay attention to how the distance from friends occurs. Here you should always focus on the parents, and emphasize that the girl is “one thing”, and friends are completely “another”.

But no matter how hard you try, first love is always fleeting. Not a single guy's actions, not a single conversation with his parents could keep that "beauty" for a long time. To do this, remember that there are many ways how to forget the girl you love.

Due to these circumstances, you should use the methods of eliminating the "disease":

how to stop loving a girl
how to stop loving a girl
  • Break the connection with the past
  • Free thoughts
  • Workout
  • Find your hobby

Link to the past

As a result of any wound, traces remain on the body that do not allow to forget about it. In the same comparison, this feeling can be described, but unlike a scar on the skin, such a mark in the soul is easier to remove. First of all, you need to completely remove all household items that connected the guy with the girl. Do not listen to the music that was possible when they met, or the music that will breathe memories. As cruel as it sounds, the second stage of "cleaning" is the removal of her and her connecting friends from the list of the phone book and social networks. If this action is very time consuming, then it is better to change the phone number and delete all your pages on the Internet.


When the first step has been taken, you can begin to “spiritually cleanse” the body. To do this, you need to switch your thoughts to other actions. The most commonplace is helping parents, which will greatly help to overcome difficult emotions. Nowadays, you can switch to listening to a completely different direction in music. Perhaps in it, you can transfer your thoughts in a different direction.

how to get over a breakup
how to get over a breakup


An important distraction in such a situation is sports. Considering the previous steps, this step will be perfectly combined with the music. In addition to being a distraction, sports will have a positive effect on the health of the body, increase self-esteem and help self-improvement. Exercising regularly will also help to gain an authoritative position among friends.


A hobby is a certain type of activity in your free time. Any creative activity can perfectly influence the "treatment" of such an unusual mental wound. Thanks to your favorite pastime, the empty space in the head that remains from the consequences will gradually be filled with something interesting and informative. In modern life, there are many fun, paid and free activities that help develop thoughts and become smarter.

Thanks to such simple and affordable methods, you can easily forget the girl you love. Bring back the friendship of your classmates and become the same mischievous and talkative son for your parents.

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