The Third Is Not Given, Or Is It Possible To Love One And Date Another?

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The Third Is Not Given, Or Is It Possible To Love One And Date Another?
The Third Is Not Given, Or Is It Possible To Love One And Date Another?

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Is it possible to love one and date another
Is it possible to love one and date another

First, this question may seem strange because, after all, it contradicts our concept of love. But have you ever asked yourself the following question: where did I get my ideas about love?

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  • 2 Unmet needs and falling in love
  • 3 Stages of love
  • 4 Move one level down
  • 5 Where is the mistake?

Let me answer for you. You got them from movies, songs, and romance stories. So, in the end, you got your beliefs from sources that had commercial intentions! So, back to the question: is it possible to love one and date another? Yes it is! read this article to find out more.

Love triangle and morality

You need to consider this issue from a moral point of view. It is clear that there are societies where love for two people does not violate moral standards. For example, in Muslim tradition, a husband has the right to have multiple wives.

Two main forms of the love triangle were distinguished: the rival triangle, where the lover competes with the rival for a place in the sun, and the divided object triangle, where the lover divided his attention between two objects of love. This article touches on the second form.

In the context of monogamy, love triangles are inherently unstable, relying on unrequited love and jealousy as key themes.

Psychoanalysis researchers have shown that "the repetitive pattern of forming or falling into a love triangle can be largely destroyed if one begins to analyze the patterns of childhood relationships with each parent in turn and with both parents as a couple."

Typically, a love triangle ends with the hero or heroine sharing their feelings with whoever they think is most virtuous or most interested in them (like at dusk.) The other person usually steps aside to allow the couple to be happy.

The love triangle should not be confused with ménage à trois, a three-way relationship in which either all members are romantically linked to each other, or one member has a relationship with two others who are reconciled to a situation rather than in conflict.

meets two
meets two

Ménage à trois is a French expression and translates to "home for three", meaning that it is composed of "a married couple and a lover … who live together, sharing a sexual relationship." This differs from the love triangle in that each participant is equally motivated exclusively by sexual desires.

Unmet needs and falling in love2

Before you understand how you can love two people at the same time, you need to understand how love works. Who and how do people fall in love? People fall in love with those who have certain qualities and resources that help them meet their important unmet needs.

Your needs may be incredibly different from what your partner gives you. You value quality time together, but you don't get it. This is not necessarily her fault - she simply may not have time or there are more serious reasons for this.

But when you know that she loves you and you still fall in love with someone else, that means your reservoir of love needs to be filled a little. The person for whom you began to have feelings was probably able to give you what you have not yet received. Therefore, if you unite, then you form one whole.

goes to the side
goes to the side

However, the love triangle is a quagmire. Each of the two partners can appeal with different facets of your personality, because of this, without your knowledge, at some point, you just fall in love with both of them.

Stages of love 3

Love has different stages. The first stage of love includes anxiety, falling in love, and passion. Later, the second scene replaces the first, where different chemicals come into play, those responsible for intimacy, deep connection and mutual respect.

Some people who have reached the second stage of love with their current partners are attracted to new people because with them they can experience the first stage of love.

Then you don't really love two people, you just lack the endorphin release that used to make you happy and horny.

Go to a level below4

This is one of the most popular reasons that makes people love two people at the same time. Some people marry the "good catch" they find, not the person.


For example, if you wanted to drink grape juice, but found nothing but water, you can drink water to quench your thirst, but later, if you find grape juice that you wanted so badly before, you will quickly realize that you are not at all. wanted water. Do you understand?

Where is the mistake? 5

Therefore, it is best for you to understand: maybe in one case it is just a habit, and in another it is just a passion. Perhaps your relationship with one for the sake of benefit, and with another - for real, sincere feelings. Think about it well, and then your life will become much easier. And can a woman love two men at the same time, we read in our article further on the link.

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