How To Get Closer In A Relationship With A Boyfriend And Girlfriend? TOP 24 Ways

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How To Get Closer In A Relationship With A Boyfriend And Girlfriend? TOP 24 Ways
How To Get Closer In A Relationship With A Boyfriend And Girlfriend? TOP 24 Ways

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Get closer to a partner
Get closer to a partner

In the bustle of everyday worries, it is so easy to fall into the clutches of routine. But it carries in itself not only stability, but also a serious danger to your relationship with your loved one. Everyday life and longing can destroy even the most passionate romance. Your diary is covered up and down - work, meetings, taking care of yourself, beloved, household trifles.

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How can you squeeze a couple of hours into a romantic date or candlelit dinner? Coiled up and tired, you lose your passionate ardor - dating turns into something insipid and obligatory, like a feast with half-familiar relatives. The distance between you is growing, and you are struggling to maintain the elusive spiritual closeness.

Sex expert Candice Smith compares a love relationship with a garden: plants are certainly happy when careless owners remember them and pamper them with watering and fertilizers. But a beautiful and luxurious garden blooms only among those gardeners who take care of flowers regularly, putting their whole hearts into it.

Small signs of attention (on an ongoing basis, and not from time to time) are able to maintain this very warmth and tenderness between partners for many years.

And now we present to your attention 24 effective ways to eliminate tension and distance between you and your loved one.

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Ask each other "36 Questions"

In 1997, a group of psychologists decided to find out whether two completely unfamiliar people could fall in love if they asked each other a dozen or two personal questions.

Unbelievable, but true - two subjects who nobly agreed to participate in the experiment, later tied the knot.


This is a well-known questionnaire called "36 questions" (36 questions), which will allow you to learn a lot about yourself and your partner.

Spend the night in separate beds as an experiment

Ariana Grande philosophized in one of her songs: "I cannot miss you while you are around, and when I miss you, I kiss you differently." In other words, easy separation will not only make you miss your partner a little, but it will even increase the feeling of closeness between you. You can spend the night at a friend's house, or you can simply send your partner to another room for the night.

After such an experiment, you may even miss snoring or nighttime awakenings from the cold - when your partner insolently steals your blanket.

Wear something from your partner's wardrobe

Exchange bracelets, watches, sweaters, hoodies or neck jewelry. You will not lose connection with your soul mate, even after spending a day away from each other. And if you exchange clothes, you can also enjoy the scent of your loved one during the day.


Play your first kiss. Find that very place and remember all the feelings that overwhelmed you at the very beginning of the novel. Well, in general, kissing is a useful thing.

Still from the film
Still from the film

Shot from the film "The Diary of Memory"

Helping hand

Make life easier for your other half - help cope with some obligatory but extremely boring task.

Sex shopping

A fun and hot date in a sex shop is what you need. Even if you are not ready to buy toys for adults, you are guaranteed to get a charge of playful mood, or you will laugh enough.

You can bombard a store consultant with questions about how to use a particular piece. Or, open your laptop and go shopping online.


Cooking together can be really fun and romantic. Meticulously follow the recipe from the cookbook or improvise on the go - in any case, you will spend time together, and the bonus will be a delicious (hopefully) dish. Scientists even say that a joint struggle with household chores (cooking, etc.) can improve the quality of a couple's intimate life.

Getting closer to a partner
Getting closer to a partner

Double date

If you two have been together for a long time, spending time alone with each other might become too routine and mundane for you. Going on a double date is a good way to refresh and strengthen your relationship. And besides, there will be an opportunity to meet, finally, with slightly forgotten friends.

Battle plan

Let's face it, even the sweetest couples have a fight from time to time. But if a certain conflict arises regularly, it is worth agreeing on certain rules that you must strictly follow in the heat of a quarrel. For example, sort things out only in person, and not through aggressive text messages.

A weekend away from home

Okay, planning something a week ahead is not easy. But it's worth it. These trips can help you both relieve stress and get closer to each other. And the anticipation of the trip will give strength and energize during the week.


Even if you've been together for ages, arrange real dates for yourself.

How to get closer
How to get closer

Going to Auchan for lights and food for a cat is not considered a date.

Get a hotel room

Even if you are the happy owners of your own home and you do not need to run to each other for fear of running into your parents, get out of the bedroom.

A night together in a new place will allow you to escape from the hateful routine.

Breakfast for two

We understand. When you manage to get enough sleep only on weekends, you really don't want to spend an extra couple of hours on some kind of date.

Still worth a try!

Morning dates are great! Firstly, it will come out much cheaper than a standard evening date in a restaurant. And besides, you don't need to dress up - pajamas or sportswear are enough, or you can do without clothes at all (but don't experiment like this if you eat breakfast outside the house).


This newfangled word is called subscriptions on educational platforms - you can listen to or watch lectures on a wide variety of topics - podcasts on the topic of relationships and sex are very popular.

This way you will have more interesting topics for conversation, and you can try out especially interesting tricks in practice.

The gym

How to get closer to your partner
How to get closer to your partner

If you go to the gym individually, adjust your schedule. You can motivate each other when one of you pretends to be sick and does not want to lift the butt off the couch.

Saving relationships

Have a self-care evening. Even if you don't go to the spa, but arrange for yourself treatments at home, it is guaranteed to reduce stress levels and give you a boost of fun. Have a photo session with face masks.


If you don't have many friends or interests in common, start a TV series or TV show. Make it a tradition - for example, watch one episode every night. Not a bad way to relax, plus shared hobby and shared experiences.


Since you are still sitting on your phones for days, use it to your advantage. Install a couple of fun apps that you can use together. For example, those in which you have to ask each other very immodest and personal questions.

mission Possible

Divide routine tasks - going for groceries, patiently waiting in line at the post office and joint analysis of the balcony.

You still have to do all of this. And so no one will be offended that "only I do everything!" In addition, in especially stressful situations (it is not known what is in the rubble on the balcony), you can look at the other half with different eyes.

How to get close to a man and a woman
How to get close to a man and a woman

Scheduled revelations

Everyday questions like, "How's it going at work?" carry with them the same everyday answers. Will not work.

Take time to sit across from each other and have a heart-to-heart talk.

Your parents

Perhaps you don't like your boyfriend's or girlfriend's parents that much. This is normal.

But maintaining a healthy family environment is extremely important to both of you. And besides, in the process of mental gatherings, you can learn something new about your partner, his childhood and adolescence. Well, where else will you see a photo of your boyfriend in pantyhose or hear how your girlfriend stole plums from a neighbor's garden?

Put your phone away

At least for a couple of hours, turn off your phones and spend time only together, without being distracted by likes, messages or calls. Talk or be silent, lie in an embrace or walk in the park - the main thing is that at these moments you belong only to each other and no one should feel forgotten.


Is it trite? Agree. But tell me honestly, after months and years of relationship, do you hug as often as in the early days of romance? Cuddle and feed on oxytocin.

Ways to get closer
Ways to get closer


You know that your other half is the coolest, sexiest and funniest person on the planet. But sometimes it's worth talking about it out loud. Everyone loves sincere compliments.

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