How To Retaliate For Cheating: Best Sweet Revenge Techniques

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How To Retaliate For Cheating: Best Sweet Revenge Techniques
How To Retaliate For Cheating: Best Sweet Revenge Techniques

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How to avenge treason
How to avenge treason

A 2013 study found that up to 65 percent of divorced people reported adultery as a reason for separation. In addition, every second Russian and one in three Russian women have experienced treachery. Interestingly, the majority - more than three-quarters - believe that cheating is unacceptable! How to avenge treason? These people work out their own ways. A destroyed car or computer is not all that a person is capable of!

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Cold Revenge

A loyal partner is capable of literally anything. After days, weeks, and even months of despair, the thought of sweet revenge occurs to someone. Women don't forgive. An example of this is at least the case when a girl hid a bowl of shrimp and caviar in a house that was being renovated. The ex-husband moved there with new furniture and a new girlfriend.

Over time, the house began to stink. They tried everything! They washed and ransacked the entire house. They made sure there were no dead mice in the ventilation and cleaned the carpets. An air freshener was hung in every corner. Nothing worked. In the end, in despair, they had to move out. The house was hard to sell.

Weak point2

Women increasingly want to give a harrowing lesson to their ex-boyfriends or husbands. They strive to use all their weak points. Some women destroy their partners' favorite objects - a computer, a car.

Someone considers the worst possible option for a traitor to be a relationship with his best friend or brother. Women will do everything to try to finish off the traitor. Someone adjusts everything so that the former on social networks sees joint ambiguous photos of the girl with whom he just broke up, with his brother.

about revenge for treason
about revenge for treason

Someone believes that nothing works as well as rumors. When someone asks them why they broke up with the young man, they reply in despair that he was not very good in bed, that he could not do much, that he was impotent.

How it happens3

As a rule, the loyal side has no choice but to swallow the bitterness of defeat and move on. Such surrender is not in the nature of all women. Some decide on much more radical solutions. They will not rest until they taste the sweet taste of revenge.

And while it doesn't have too much to do with common sense, it's not rational thinking at all, they do it. The only thing they think about is how to hit as hard as possible.

In fact, the sweetest revenge is your own development. A feeling of bitterness and loss in the one who betrayed. It is much more difficult to lose a good person than one who reveals his own baseness. It is much harder to see how much this person has surpassed the traitor after breaking up with him.

How happy he is now with someone else and does not need his ex at all and does not even remember him. And this should be done not for the sake of an external picture, not for the sake of seeing and regretting, but for the sake of himself. The exes come back one day, so development and a sense of power is the best revenge.

ways to avenge treason
ways to avenge treason

Someone tries to annoy the partner, but at the same moment loses self-respect. Revenge is the road to nowhere. But someone continues to study it.

Step by step guide4

It is difficult to find more disgusting than a reciprocal betrayal with the person closest to a former partner. Not only because betrayal is the answer to betrayal. Male friendship is a special bond in which loyalty is the main thing.

This decision leads to disaster - the ex-boyfriend will still remain the same, and, moreover, he will lose one of his closest people. A friend also becomes unhappy, who may think that the girl is really not indifferent, but in fact she wants to use him.

The second most powerful feeling in the male world is love for a brother. In this system, there is an unspoken rule that no one is interested in a relative's girlfriend. Not at the same time, and even more so when one becomes the former. It will no doubt hurt if you ruin their relationship forever. It will affect his entire family, but the girls who survived the betrayal are harmful, aren't they?

Another scenario is simple - catching a guy cheating, for a while pretend that he is forgiven. To pretend to be in love, and at the right time to do something dirty in front of everyone, dump dirty linen about him for everyone to see.

s1200 (5)
s1200 (5)

Break a new relationship5

This is already a high school. The unbelieving man has finally found the love of his life, but the ex is still mad at him. You can try to return to it, but only for a moment. Call him, ask for a meeting again and again. Confess how you want to return to him. When he starts to break down, tell his current partner about everything. And he will lose her.

Male revenge6

Men regularly invent their own methods to avenge treason. If he works with a former companion, there is nothing better than a “harmless” tip from the manager. However, you need to be careful not to overdo it if you don't want your ex to lose her job.

An innocent lie is enough that a girl paints her toenails or watches pornographic films during working hours. Such gossip will not provoke serious consequences, but, of course, they will cause blush and suspicion.

The point that is worth mentioning is necessary, but, of course, no one calls to use it - this is the height of meanness, and, by the way, it is illegal. However, men continue to often resort to it in an attempt to annoy the woman. At a certain stage of the relationship, almost every partner takes “these” photos with their loved ones.

Unfortunately, obscene images are often a way of brutal revenge. Even if the ex-girlfriend is Miss City and has something to brag about, posting obscene photos is a radical invasion of intimacy. You really shouldn't do it - even if it hurts a lot.

How can you avenge treason
How can you avenge treason

If the unfaithful spouse has a sister, the men try to check if they have any chance of hurting the once beloved woman in this way. Biology shows that pheromones act in a similar way between members of the same family. Roughly speaking, there is a great chance that if you manage to seduce Miss X, you will be able to seduce her sister too.

The task can be more difficult than for a friend, because in family matters loyalty issues come to the fore. If ever the sister of a former lover showed interest in a man's personality, he can use it. Remembering only that he will destroy an innocent person.

Psychological advice7

The best way to take revenge is to be the most beautiful and the happiest. Go to a beautician, follow a diet, find a hobby, develop yourself. Enjoy every day, completely change your life, and one day the traitor will be interested in who constantly cheers up this girl and how to win her over.

You can also find a lover, and preferably several at once. Male attention will not only raise self-esteem, but also make the spouse fear that his wife will leave him.

If a woman thinks about ways of revenge, she just needs to disappear from his life for a while. For example, you can go on vacation or to your parents. In the absence of such an opportunity, you need to try to be at home less often and come in a good mood. This behavior will undoubtedly make the husband nervous. And in fact, it is worth visiting a place where it is simply more interesting than with your husband.

How to avenge treason
How to avenge treason

Stop being a housewife. Ordinary males do not appreciate what women do for them every day, so it is therefore recommended to stop washing his clothes, cook delicious meals, and so on.

But what if you are the culprit? And what if the betrayal themselves have become more frequent and become a habit? How to stop changing, read further on the link.

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