How To Become Kept Women Or Change A Pumpkin To A Carriage

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How To Become Kept Women Or Change A Pumpkin To A Carriage
How To Become Kept Women Or Change A Pumpkin To A Carriage

Video: How To Become Kept Women Or Change A Pumpkin To A Carriage

Video: How To Become Kept Women Or Change A Pumpkin To A Carriage
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a princess
a princess

All girls in childhood heard or read fairy tales about Cinderella, beautiful princesses and just beauties who were taken away by princes on white horses to a long happy future. Growing up and turning into girls, the once little girls come to the realization that they are not Cinderella, not beautiful princesses, and even more so outside the window of their house the overseas prince on a white-maned horse is not languishing in anticipation. And I still want a fairy tale … So young creatures begin to think and wonder how to arrange this fairy tale for themselves.

The content of the article

  • 1 I see the goal, I see no obstacles!
  • 2 How to become an ideal kept woman?

It would seem an excellent idea in solving this issue is thrown up by the media - every now and then in articles or talk shows, girls share the delights of a comfortable life, a successful marriage and illuminate their photos with an impeccable happy smile. Most often, their wards are next to representatives of the elite. After watching all this, the dreamers on the other side of the screen, gloss or Instagram decide that they want it too!

How do such rich men become kept women? What is needed for this? Nothing at all:

  • find a potential groom;
  • interest him in yourself, then fall in love with yourself;
  • to become, ideally, a wife, and if not very lucky, then a kept woman.

Well, then the next thing is small - to follow this algorithm and the thing, as they say, is in the bag. However, each stage has its own subtleties and everything is not so easy as it seems at first glance.

I see the goal, I see no obstacles! I

STEP 1 Search for a wealthy man

It would seem that it is difficult to find the right man, blink an eye or two at him and voila - the girl, by wave of a magic wand, fell into the world of happiness, money, fame and other contrived obligatory attributes of an expensive and luxurious life. However, here the question arises - where to get this candidate for the post of prince? And most importantly, how then to become his kept woman? Such people do not travel on public transport, do not buy potatoes and apples at the market, and do not eat fast food in shopping centers. Wealthy people have their own places where their lives take place. Therefore, to see such a man, one must either also be in these zones, or at least be minimally close to them.

Alternatively, you can work as service personnel in expensive restaurants where the rich and famous dine. You can also meet these men in offices and firms with which they conclude various business contracts. Another way is dating site. Wealthy men often simply do not have time to meet in real life. And although such a chance to meet the desired applicant on the Internet is very small, it still exists. So, after the first step is passed and the desired candidate is found, you can proceed to step number 2.

How do they become kept women
How do they become kept women

STEP 2 How to draw attention and fall in love with a rich man?

Having seen a lot on their way, rich men are not so greedy for the first girls they meet. Therefore, in order to interest them, you need to have something valuable. And you won't get very far with cute looks alone. Although nice facial features and a beautiful figure also matter. A businessman's companion must look good, because when she goes out with her, attending various events, those around her appreciate not so much the man as the one who beautifully walks next to him. Therefore, putting yourself in order, visiting beauty salons is the first priority that a girl should do, who has decided not only to answer herself the question - how to become a kept woman for a rich man, but also to be one.

A wardrobe is also important. Short skirts and necklines are not the kind of clothing that you should wear on yourself when you go out on the path of hunting for a patron. A vulgar image can only interest you for one night, but no more. So it is worth taking care of purchasing good, stylish things so as not to have a defiant look. However, visual beauty isn't everything. Wealthy representatives of high society often have an extraordinary mind. Therefore, next to them there should be an erudite interlocutor who can maintain a conversation, and not only tete-a-tete, but also in the company of business partners. So self-education is another must-do before looking for male patrons.

Many girls believe that this stage is the most important. It certainly is. But it will be no less difficult to keep a found candidate near him.

How to become a kept woman
How to become a kept woman

STEP # 3 Stay in the saddle

The media continually write that candidates for the Forbs list appear in society surrounded by more and more girls. Why is this happening? The reason is that the rich and famous are not so simple and have rather high criteria for their chosen ones. Not everyone is capable of meeting them. And you won't be able to play an ideal role here. She needs to be. If the girl manages to be the only one for some time, while not having the necessary qualities, soon the deception will be revealed and she will shed tears in a removable "Khrushchev", contemplating her once beloved on the TV screen in the arms of another.

However, if a sweet and beautiful, and at the same time, an intelligent representative of the weaker sex, lingered next to a rich man, then you need to try very hard to keep this way as long as possible. Of course, some are lucky and they are taken as wives. The rest are content with the role of kept women. And here you need to be prepared for the fact that such a girl is not at all alone in the phone book of a wealthy prince.

How to become an ideal kept woman? 2


First of all, you need to learn patience. Rich men are busy people. If he is constantly bored with calls and SMS, then it will rather annoy than make him show interest.

How to become the perfect kept woman
How to become the perfect kept woman


It will be useful to master the skills of cunning behavior and cunning. You also need to be able to ask your patron for the amount of money you need. Wealthy people know the value of money and will not scatter it left and right without getting their own benefit from it. When giving the kept woman financial resources, the businessman must know what he will receive in return.

Maintaining interest

Having become the ward of a rich man, he needs to constantly surprise him with something. The life of such people is satiated with all sorts of events. Therefore, you need to find something for which he will appreciate his mistress and wish to meet with her again and again. As an option - rest and tranquility. In the rhythm of his active life, a wealthy person often simply does not have time to rest.

His thoughts are constantly busy with negotiations, agreements, contracts. Often, even when communicating with people on abstract topics, their head is simultaneously occupied with completely different issues. Therefore, you need to learn how to distract such a man from his reality. It is worth thinking about how to make sure that when he comes to you, he feels calm, peaceful and rested not only in body, but also in soul.


Ideal kept woman
Ideal kept woman

Becoming a kept woman, a girl must understand that in exchange for a comfortable life, she must fulfill all the requirements and whims of her patron. And a change of partners or a double play is not the best option here. It is necessary to assure, or even better to become the one and only one for your beloved, so that he will continue to support her materially.

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