What Is True Love? 16 Signs Of Sincere Feelings

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What Is True Love? 16 Signs Of Sincere Feelings
What Is True Love? 16 Signs Of Sincere Feelings
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What is true love?
What is true love?

People are closely related to each other, be it family, family, work or love relationships. The latter type gives people happiness, love, hope, the presence of constant support and a reliable shoulder next to them. But people tend to make delusions, confuse love and falling in love, make connections with those people with whom they cannot be sure of a long and joint life based on strong mutual feelings.

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But what to do then and how to understand what true love is? This is a difficult question, which needs to be analyzed from several sides, plunging headlong into its study.

Signs of true lovei

As soon as a couple thinks about whether there is love between them, people reconsider everything that happens to them. In fact, most often the answer to this question lies on the surface, it is enough just to look closely at the details and pay attention to each other.

Thoughts of a loved one

Close people are tightly connected with each other and sometimes cannot get rid of thoughts about each other from their heads. Directly or indirectly, everything concerns a loved one, but it does not mean that a person is obsessed with his soul mate. This is usually a sign that people are playing a big role in each other's lives. The more a person indulges in thoughts about the subject of his sighing, the stronger feelings he feels for it.

Joy for each other

Support is always important. Whatever happens in a partner's life, it is necessary to support him in all endeavors, strive to show that his achievements have meaning and are not indifferent. It is this that brings people closer together, helps to feel more comfortable in each other's company. When a person knows that his success can be rejoiced, praised, striving for something becomes more motivated.

On the part of the second half, it is wrong to find negative sides in the achievements of your partner. For example, if a husband is promoted, the emphasis should be on getting it done rather than staying longer and tired at work.

Having your own friends and a separate environment

The fact that not only a beloved is present in a person's life, but also other people, helps to become a full-fledged cell of society, to establish some kind of connections, to move up the career and social ladder.

The absence of jealousy for no reason also shows that a love relationship between a couple is trusting and based on sincere feelings. Everyone's personal space is an attribute of any healthy relationship. Trying to bind a person to yourself, to make him your own, is not a good sign.

Common jokes

Still, it is much easier to establish contact with someone with whom a person is “on the same wavelength”. There should be not only romance between people, but also a share of friendships, their own jokes, jokes, nicknames, etc. The opinion that a couple of lovers should be like a pair of best friends is not mistaken - relatives are close to each other in all aspects, are a soul mate for each other, a reliable friend and part of the family.

real love
real love

Equitable sharing of household responsibilities

The main factor in this case is mutual respect and understanding. People's life changes as soon as they decide to take their relationship to a new level and acquire a joint home: bright colors disappear, and hard household life comes to the fore.

But a strong couple will quickly cope with this problem: there will be no disagreements and conflicts between them, since they will equally share responsibilities at home among themselves, will try to help each other and be responsible for what they have to do.

There will be no coziness and comfort in the house if a woman cleaning from morning till night, gets tired and devotes all her time to the house, and a man does his own business, or vice versa. Household chores should be distributed depending on the time, desire and ability of each.

Active life together

Often on vacation you can see couples enjoying not only a beautiful view, but also each other's company. Close people are used to sharing the received emotions with each other, and a joint trip will be an excellent opportunity to get closer and get a new experience for both partners. Pleasant emotions and impressions, new discoveries, adventures, extreme sports - all this energizes people and directly affects the whole life.

real love
real love


For some, this may sound boring, but do not confuse "everyday life" with stability. In a stable relationship, people are confident in each other, they know what to expect, but life together does not lose its colors. They do not rush into a quarrel from a quarrel, do not reconcile five times a day, do not roll scenes, do not arrange dramas from an empty chance. When the main period of romance and excitement is over, there is a long joint future ahead.

Ability to forgive and hear

A strong relationship cannot do without fights - this is normal. But only if the showdown is an attempt to resolve the conflict, a way to express what worries the partners in their union.

That is why, even in moments of quarrels, loving couples hear each other, even after a loud scene, they think about how to solve the problem without holding the evil on the soul mate. This behavior is a sure sign that people are trying not only to quarrel and accuse each other, but to actually resolve the issue.

Common values ​​and worldview

Whatever one may say, but people who want to spend most of their lives with each other should have more than common interests and jokes - this refers to plans for life and views on it.

Opposites attract, but people who do not find anything in common in their plans for the future will not be able to build a stable life together. It is highly likely that their vital interests will clash and they will lose touch with each other due to the fact that they simply cannot go further with each other. That is why, when choosing a couple, it is so important to be guided by what he wants from this life, by what principle he lives.


Signs of attention and affection

Understanding what true love is comes to people when they sincerely show each other tenderness and attention. Those pleasant feelings that cover each person at the moment of manifestation of love is a real high feeling. A loving person will always find a reason to please his partner, will show him signs of attention, make it clear that the beloved is important to him and has value as a person.

In the most difficult period of life, it is so important to just let your partner know that they are loved, but many forget about it, not noticing that once strong relationships have cracked.

Responsibility for your actions and mistakes

In a serious and adult relationship, people do not tend to blame someone more. Partners should understand and be aware of what their problem may be, how they affect the emergence of a conflict. If one partner is rude to the other, it is normal to feel guilty and step over pride - this is not a sign of weakness, but love and respect for your significant other.

Sometimes it is very difficult to admit that you are wrong, but ignoring this issue will lead to misunderstanding and discord.

real love
real love

Change and constant progress

Often people are faced with the fact that their partner is constantly dissatisfied with them, seeks to condemn for something or even humiliate, which contradicts the main rule of a strong union to achieve something together, change as an individual, and move forward.

Loving people will always support each other, help you become better and feel more confident. A couple, inside which conflicts constantly occur on the basis of people nagging each other, threatens further disintegration.

Trust and calmness

Do you notice that some girls around constantly monitor the social networks of their boyfriends, watch when they were online and even own passwords from their pages? Someone considers this an unnecessary measure and is surprised at such behavior. In fact, excessive control of your partner is a sign of self-doubt and distrust of your significant other.

A partner who does not value his calmness and spends all the time to be sure that he is not being cheated on is usually a notorious person who cannot respect either himself or his partner. It is necessary to get rid of such dependence in constant control, trying to trust each other more.


Loving people are open and honest. They can talk for hours with each other about various serious and not so things. Through casual conversation, couples share their experiences, ideas, goals, and thoughts. This is very important, because without such conversations, men and women may not understand each other, making many mistakes.

Silence and silence

However, lovers do not need to chat constantly to feel comfortable. In a healthy relationship, people enjoy just being around, feeling close and comfortable. People do not seek to fill the pauses with conversations, but simply enjoy each other's company.


Sex and intimate life

Whoever says anything, but sex is a must with a relationship. Passion and desire is normal when people are truly in love. Some distort this concept and believe that if a partner requires sex, then he does not need anything else - this opinion is common among women with frigidity. If love is present, then the desire to get closer in an intimate plan will always be.

What shouldn't be? 2

Thinking about what true love is, it is necessary to take into account the moments that exclude its presence and indicate either ordinary love, passion or sick dependence on a person.

Constant resentment

If not a single day in a couple passes without a petty quarrel and resentment, then this is a sure sign that people are not just not satisfied with something, but they can no longer calmly be in each other's company. It is even worse if you keep a grudge against a person for a long time, but do not express it, thereby spoiling the life of both. Sooner or later, all grievances will spill out, it is simply impossible to keep them in yourself.


Are you constantly finding a reason to judge your partner? This is a sure sign that a person is simply not appreciated. There can be a large number of reasons: failure in a career, in bed, in family life. Many women begin to constantly "nag" their husbands and belittle their dignity, not realizing that it is impossible to achieve something with such methods.


Stealth and lies

Lies concern not only betrayal, but also the expression of feelings without sincerity. When a person says words of love, but at the same time does not feel anything inside, this means that there are no feelings, or they have almost died out. You can be afraid to hurt a person and lie for this reason, but a sweet lie is always worse than a bitter truth.

Jealousy and distrust

On the one hand, someone considers slight jealousy to be a normal sign of a relationship, someone is so confident in themselves and in a partner that they never thought about it. But the fact remains: constant suspicion towards a loved one builds a wall between people and prevents them from being close, since without trust there will be no intimacy.

Demand for love and its proof

If in the alliance of people phrases like: "If you love me, you must …" are increasingly slipping, this means that people are completely dissatisfied with each other. The requirement to prove love is the same as trying to control the life of another person, so that you know for sure that he will not go anywhere and will always be there, but in a bad sense of the phrase.

Lack of sex life

People do not feel desire for each other and do not satisfy in bed? Unsurprisingly, each of them has more nervousness and pickiness. Sex perfectly relieves stress, being a good way to smooth things out and "make peace", but without it, life together will become less diverse and sensual.


It's impossible to say exactly what true love is. Only one thing is known: love is closely related to partnerships, it involves difficulties and a constant search for a compromise. This is not a fairy tale, where a person receives boundless care, without giving anything in return, but a test and union of two who are ready to listen and understand each other.

But the supporters of the theory of a glass of water refute love in principle, because there is only sexual satisfaction.

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