Or Maybe Start All Over Again: How To Understand A Former Beloved Man

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Or Maybe Start All Over Again: How To Understand A Former Beloved Man
Or Maybe Start All Over Again: How To Understand A Former Beloved Man

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How to understand an ex-man
How to understand an ex-man

How many times have you heard stories that two people broke up for a long time, and then met again and decided not to lose each other again? This happens quite often. Just in order to understand the ex-man or woman, it was important to look at the relationship from the outside.

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Comparison, in principle, is one of the most effective ways to find your own in this life: a person, profession, job, country or city for life. How many people who have never left their homeland deny the need for changes in life and the delights of travel. Even more men and women do not see the point in looking for a better partner.

This is especially noticeable in Russian reality, where a woman will endure to the limit of her capabilities. We are talking about situations in the family when a man starts to drink, uses drugs, abuses his wife and children. And a loving wife closes her eyes to everything, continuing to believe in a bright future and it is not clear where the expected changes for the better come from.

If you still broke up with your loved one, but after a while he reappeared on the doorstep of your house, what should you do? How to understand that he realized his mistakes and is ready to work hard on your false relationship? Should we forgive him right away, or even give any chance at all for the revival of his former love?

Let's try to highlight the key points by which a woman can easily determine the degree of a man's readiness to follow the thorny path of overcoming and changing himself, life principles and bad habits.


The first sign that a man has not forgotten you is his desire to maintain communication. Of course, he can write to you out of habit or out of banal politeness if you broke up on a positive note.

However, communication is different, and it is not difficult for a woman to understand what feelings her former lover has for her. Why should a person who has decided to leave your life forever be the first to like and write comments on each new photo on the social network? Thus, he kind of says to you: "I miss and want to return our relationship."

Men are often wild owners. Even after parting, they want to leave a mark on social networks for their former darling. And a new relationship causes them genuine indignation and even anger.

whether to start a relationship with an ex
whether to start a relationship with an ex

Pay attention to what your ex-partner is interested in. If he talks more about himself, writes sad messages about his own mental anguish and problems, then with a great probability you are dealing with a habit and unhealthy selfishness.

A person who has realized his mistakes and wants to return a woman's love for himself will not burden her with personal disappointments. Rather, he will ask questions about your well-being, ask how you are doing and if any help coming from him is needed.

Trying to show concern without wasting words will become an even greater sign of uncooked feelings towards you. A real man knows how to feel his girlfriend. He himself understands when she needs support. If it is really important for a person to regain trust, he does not speak, but immediately does without any questions.

New relationship2

It often happens that a man, after parting, does not intend to let his former beloved go freely. At the same time, you will learn from mutual acquaintances that his leisure time is now built around meeting new girls and new-found friends.

how to understand a former lover
how to understand a former lover

Never believe in stories that this is happening in order to forget you. He's just looking for an option that suits him better. Until this ideal object is found, it simply keeps you on a short leash, like a familiar and stable airfield.

That is why we do not recommend sex for friendship and old memory. A breakup is always stressful for both partners. The more you interact with each other after breaking up, especially in a sexual context, the harder it will be to get out of the relationship without significant loss.

Understanding an ex-man can be difficult. Every woman dreams of unlimited love and gives her chosen one all new chances to correct controversial situations. The more often you release the problems on the brakes and close your eyes to his misdeeds, the less chances that he will realize his mistakes and embark on the path of correction.

If a man is trying to restore a broken relationship with a girl, she should wait, and not rush into his arms after a couple of days of unobtrusive correspondence about little things. Why do this? Let your emotions subside a little and take a look at the situation without rose-colored glasses. Does he do things or is he just showing the usual courtesies to hush up the reason for the breakup? The further joint future will depend on the answer to this question.

how to understand a former beloved man
how to understand a former beloved man

Interest in your hobbies3

You broke up with your ex-boyfriend more than six months ago. When your relationship was still at its peak, he was dismissive of your hobbies and interests. Remember how many times you invited him to visit a theatrical performance together, go out of town with friends, listen to your favorite performer performing with a live concert in a panoramic restaurant in your city.

Every time in response to alternative offers for joint leisure, you were refused. Well, or he had a lot of more important and interesting things to him personally.

Now you come across at closed film screenings, visit the same exhibitions, even find yourself in a bar at the same time. All these small nuances only indicate that he is looking for meetings with you, wants to evoke old emotions and feelings.

It’s one thing if he just felt bored, and the surging nostalgia pushes him to take such steps. Another question is when you understand that the ex-man is seriously engaged in the study of those things that previously did not interest him. If he really wants to return the relationship, then the first things will seek to master and understand your hobbies and addictions.

how to understand an ex-boyfriend
how to understand an ex-boyfriend

It's no secret that people with common interests can build mutual communication much easier. This is what your ex-lover is after. He doesn't just need to be in this theater and at this particular production. Most likely he went to great lengths to find out where you are going to spend your evening.

Perhaps he found this out from mutual acquaintances, scoured posts on social networks, or even built a grand chain of cause and effect in order to be in the right place at the right time.

Communication with relatives4

How to understand a former man and the seriousness of his statements about the desire to return love and family with you? A very vivid manifestation of attention is communication with close people and relatives of your ex-girlfriend.

It should not be denied that during a long and most importantly healthy love relationship, communication with your parents has become an integral part of his life. There are situations when the wife's mother or father becomes almost the best friends for her husband.

If he continues to visit his parents and does not cut off contacts with them, then try to carefully find out the topics of their conversations with each other. If he just comes to visit, brings small presents and talks with your mother about the dacha, mutual acquaintances and his new life, then he is hardly interested in the return of the family.

how to understand if the ex wants love
how to understand if the ex wants love

Another conversation, if through relatives, he tries to find a way in order to return his chosen one and her love. It is unlikely that your parents will hide the facts of their communication with their daughter's ex-man. Ask them for their opinion on the situation. Wisdom and an outside perspective can sometimes help better than the advice of experienced family relations specialists.

Visit to a psychologist5

Sometimes we ourselves do not know how difficult it can be to understand an ex-man. To be honest, he himself may not admit to himself his true motives and desires. Therefore, when trying to return a relationship, offer your lover a joint visit to a psychologist.

What are the advantages of consulting with a specialist in the field of love relationships between a man and a woman? First of all, it is a fresh and impartial view of problems from the outside.

Even the advice of parents and friends is backed up by a baggage of experience and knowledge about your couple. A professional psychologist will see you for the first time. He has no ulterior motives and goals to unite or destroy the union.

With the help of special techniques and precise leading questions, the psychologist takes both partners on the road of recognition and acceptance of common and individual problems. Sometimes couples go to the professionals just for a change. They do not notice the obvious difficulties in their lives. As a result, hidden complexes, childhood experiences and other nuances come out, due to which family relationships gradually come to naught.

how to understand what the ex loves
how to understand what the ex loves

If a man with whom you broke up, but want to reunite, refuses such experiments for a cut, then he does not really want to return love and understanding. A loving person is ready to make concessions and try by any means to restore the former stability and caring attitude towards each other.

Interested in opinion6

At the end of your relationship, the man is likely to increasingly ignore your opinion. He put his desires at the top of the pyramid of needs, and your pathetic attempts to prove your right to personal space and boundaries were reduced to lengthy conversations. He brushed off any advice, and maybe even freaked out.

Now, some time after the point set in the relationship, he suddenly begins to write or call you with questions, with requests for help or advice. Strange, but in this way a man tries to show interest in your opinion. In such an unusual way, the stronger sex shows that a woman can now be perceived as an equal partner. She can be right.

Surprisingly, when we are in a relationship, we often become extremely selfish. Only after a breakup is a person able to appreciate the contribution that a partner made to his everyday life. What we have we do not store, having lost we cry. This proverb describes one hundred percent of the situation when a couple decides to end their relationship, and after a couple of days or more, both of its members come to the realization of the perfect mistake.

can there be a relationship with the ex
can there be a relationship with the ex

If a man manages to tame his pride, calm his ego a little and remove himself from the pedestal of leaders, then the relationship can be given a second chance. After all, the most difficult thing for any person is to admit their mistakes and decide to correct them and transform them into advantages.

Does real deeds7

How often do women suffer after they decide on another attempt to save a broken marriage or love relationship. The vast majority simply believe in an endless stream of words and promises that comes from a man who has lost stability and home comfort.

Judge for yourself who wants to leave a warm apartment, where the wife constantly shows affection and care, the clothes are clean, the refrigerator shelves are bursting with dishes. The man understands that such a life suited him. Let's say his wife is waiting for him from work to watch his favorite TV show together.

After office he manages to meet with friends, and maybe with another lady of the heart. After walking for a walk, he returns to a warm bed to his reliable wife. Few people independently decide to leave a harmonious marriage.

To figure out how to understand an ex-man, the first step is to take off your rose-colored glasses and evaluate his person not through the prism of emotions, but from the point of view of rationalism. If he regularly calls and writes to you in order to tell you about his experiences, loneliness and the lack of a beloved woman nearby, and at this time he is walking with friends or is waiting in the car for a new acquaintance to stop by for dinner at a good restaurant, then such a man is definitely not for you needed.

how to understand if the ex wants a relationship
how to understand if the ex wants a relationship

Pay attention to material gestures. Maybe he came to you immediately with a bag of medicines and food when you reported the illness. Or he simply sent a sad smiley and wished a speedy recovery.

In such little things, the real desire of a man to return your relationship is manifested. Talk less, work more. This phrase is truly your guide to assessing your ex's motivation.

But if you still understand that he does not deserve a second chance, then we recommend that you read our next article on how to forget your ex.

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