How To Understand If A Girl Loves You? 7 Real Methods

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How To Understand If A Girl Loves You? 7 Real Methods
How To Understand If A Girl Loves You? 7 Real Methods

Video: How To Understand If A Girl Loves You? 7 Real Methods

Video: How To Understand If A Girl Loves You? 7 Real Methods
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women love signs
women love signs

Absolutely all representatives of the genus, proudly calling themselves "Homo sapiens" at the level of sign language, demonstrate their real feelings to the interlocutor. Moreover, this happens on a subconscious level and is completely uncontrolled. By the way, it is this sign language that modern criminal psychologists use to solve the most serious crimes. Unfortunately, modern men do not know how to recognize the signs of a woman's love, conclusions about a lady's attitude to herself, they make, relying solely on her words. As practice shows, it is completely in vain.

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  • 1 Signs of love of a woman: palms
  • 2 Signs of love of a woman: hands
  • 3 Signs of a woman's love: smile
  • 4 Signs of a woman's love: eyes
  • 5 Legs
  • 6 Interesting inconsistencies
  • 7 Overall impression
  • 8 Combination of word and deed
  • 9 Dosage of courtesy and attention
  • 10 Joint solutions
  • 11 Piece of Life
  • 12 she hears him
  • 13 Complete indifference to other men
  • 14 she values and regrets
  • 15 Lack of insults and grievances
  • 16 Shows of interest
  • 17 A lot of communication
  • 18 Willingness to Sacrifice

How to understand that a woman is in love? Learn to understand the signals of the woman's body, then you can be aware of how to really treat them, the woman you like. So…

Woman's love signs: palmsi

Since ancient times, palms open in relation to the interlocutor have been regarded as a sign "I am in peace." Relaxation of the palms always speaks of the sincerity and benevolence of the interlocutor (even if it is a woman).

If she begins to hide her hands in her pockets or press her palms to her body, this may indicate that the conversation has become boring to her. A woman rubbing her palms by her very appearance shows that she is in anticipation of something pleasant, this is a positive gesture demonstrating the expectation of a pleasant continuation of the acquaintance.

Woman's love signs: hands 2

A woman who has crossed her arms demonstrates her closeness to the interlocutor, and, in some cases, outright hostility towards him. Many of them explain such positions by the fact that they are simply comfortable. Of course, it's always convenient to show your true feelings.

Arms crossed on the chest signal that the information coming from outside does not correspond to the woman's worldview and violates her life principles. Often, women instinctively cover their breasts in the company of men who are unpleasant to them. Such a gesture can directly signal and disagree with the point of view of the opponent.

Feeling the infringement of her own femininity, the lady would rather fold her hands in a gray manner in the lower abdomen. In general, crossed arms, no matter where they are, betray a nervous uncertainty either in the interlocutor or in yourself.

Female swears locked in a lock speak of her anxiety, intransigence to persuasion, or even give away that, communicating with the interlocutor, she is knowingly lying.

how to understand that she is interested
how to understand that she is interested

At the same time, if a girl's hands are folded in the palm, this indicates her self-confidence, sometimes even excessive. Such a lady is simply sure of her exclusivity. If she, clasping her hands in her palms, lowered them down, you can rejoice, she clearly shows an increased interest in the man.

Women's hands folded one on top of the other and the face neatly laid on them serve as a kind of showcase. The lady clearly expects a compliment from the interlocutor.

A relaxed wrist, according to most psychologists, indicates an expression of submission to a representative of the stronger sex. It's even jokingly called broken wing syndrome. Such a gesture is intended to attract male attention, she clearly expects to be invited on a date.

Practically the same is meant by a woman's intentional demonstration of an open wrist. She gives up and gives herself completely to the man.

Woman's love signs: smile3

A wide smile that reveals a man's teeth and sparkles with rays near his eyes clearly indicates sincere friendliness. It is also a sign of interest in continuing the conversation. If a lady smiles, leaving her lips tightly compressed, this indicates that she does not want to share her real thoughts and feelings with the interlocutor.

about female signs of love
about female signs of love

Another version of the smile is also classified, this is how the prematurely departed Princess Diana often smiled. In everyday life, this is the gesture that experienced seductresses use. They are the ones who smile, while tilting their heads to one side.

This makes them look like a playful child and encourages men to take care of the lady and take care of her. Most often, they smile like that, in need of the patronage of the fairer sex.

Woman's love signs: 4 eyes

In order not to delve into purely scientific reasoning about the change in the iris of the eyes with a particular mood, one can stop at more understandable signs of a woman's attitude to a man.

The slightly raised eyebrows of the fairer sex are one hundred percent evidence of her interest in the interlocutor. This is a sign of affable friendliness. All female, however, like male views, psychologists divide into three types.


Under it, the interlocutor will always feel uncomfortable. It is this gaze directed strictly at the bridge of the nose that is used during interrogations by investigators. Such a look can immediately put the opponent in an uncomfortable position.

look of a woman in love
look of a woman in love


The most comfortable of the three types, it is aimed at the interlocutor's nose.


With this look, the woman first looks directly into the eyes, then slides and after a moment looks a little below the jawline. Such a look indicates a high level of trust and close subconscious contact between a man and a woman.

Feet 5

The main factor that determines a woman's attitude towards a particular male is the knee of a beautiful lady. If, during a conversation, she slightly bends one leg under her, she is definitely sexually interested in the interlocutor.

The foot, thrown over the other, demonstrates frank flirting. If at the same time, slightly shaking her feet, the girl plays with a half-removed shoe, she completely trusts the man and is quite ready to continue the relationship.

what women do when in love
what women do when in love

Interesting inconsistencies6

It happens that the interlocutor thinks that the woman is not inclined to continue communication, but, in fact, the opposite is true. One has only to imagine slightly narrowed eyes, slightly narrowed to the middle of the eyebrows, forming a fold on the bridge of the nose and a fine mesh of wrinkles fanning out around the eyes. What's the first opinion? Quite a grimace of contempt. But in fact, everything is exactly the opposite. This is a look that confirms the correctness of the man, which the lady is simply not ready to admit out loud.

Overall impression 7

Often, the signs of a woman's love do not appear in isolation. A man can determine the seriousness of her feelings and true attitude towards himself only by adding together the above signs and the general behavior of a woman.

The main sign by which you can determine the attention, and sometimes the sincere love of a woman for a man can be considered an absolute perfection of appearance. Combined with natural feminine beauty, this not only adds confidence to a woman, but also allows her to attract men, and quite successfully.

The fact that a woman is interested in a particular man is indicated by even the smallest details of her wardrobe that excite the male look.

how a woman shows love
how a woman shows love

It sways and a neckline or unbuttoned buttons, a slit on a dress or, as it were, by chance, a raised hem of a crouched woman's skirt.

The presence of almost invisible natural makeup, good manicure and lipstick of a bright shade is also required. All these details are also designed to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Light stroking the hair or playing with a curl, ironing clothes is aimed at the same. The lady may show signs of mild shyness. Her eyes burn and a blush plays on her cheeks. All this indicates not only the woman's interest, but also her desire to share the bed with the chosen one.

In general, in order to determine a woman's attraction, a man must compare her appearance, clothing, look and behavior. It is the combination of all these factors that will become a clear sign of her passion.

In addition, psychologists distinguish some more signs of a woman's love, which make it possible to find out her true attitude towards her partner.

The combination of word and deed8

When communicating with a woman he likes, a man must compare her words with her actions. If they match, and the lady really does everything she says, her feelings are really sincere and strong.

How to identify signs of love
How to identify signs of love

Dosage of courtesy and attention9

The harmonious combination of these qualities also testifies to a real feeling. If it is not there, the woman's attitude towards her companion will constantly change, being completely dependent on her mood.

Joint solutions10

If a woman has a real feeling for a man, she will certainly listen to his advice and tips, appreciate his personal point of view. This indicates true love and willingness to enter into a marriage. This also includes the feeling of trust, without which true harmonious love is simply impossible.

A Piece of Life11

A man and a woman in love are in their own howling world, created by them. Together they feel happy there and are ready to love and support each other in both happiness and sorrow.

The following signs of female love are no less important.

signs of attention from a lover
signs of attention from a lover

She hears him 12

This does not mean that a woman is sitting next to a man with her mouth open, meekly listening to his every word. She can scandalize, showing character or being under the influence of PMS syndrome. But, nevertheless, she hears everything that the chosen one tells her and remembers what was said, drawing appropriate conclusions for the future.

Complete indifference to other men13

The desire to flirt with other men completely disappears from a woman in love. She is completely indifferent to any other macho, even if they are perfect. Any outsider handsome man stands on her one straight neighbor of retirement age or a pregnant work colleague. There is only one man for her, and this is her chosen one.

She appreciates and regrets14

If a woman really loves, she will appreciate her companion and pity him. If a man is tired or nervous, her feelings will be similar to those of her mother. She tries to comfort, please, distract. In some cases, this can be annoying, but it is worth remembering that sincerely loving, it is simply difficult for her to look like a man is bad.

how to understand that she fell in love
how to understand that she fell in love

Lack of insults and offenses15

A loving woman will never intentionally hurt. Of course, in the midst of a scandal, she can shout phrases that are offensive to a man, however, this is understandable by a surge of emotions. Now, if she pronounces the same words completely calmly, then this already directly testifies to her disrespect for her companion. And where there is no respect, there can be no love either. Thoughtful and prepared in advance hurtful words clearly indicate that this man is just an empty place for her.

Show of interest16

If a woman always listens with interest to everything about men's affairs and shows a clear interest in everything she heard, this indicates that the interlocutor is important to her. At the same time, she may try to find out more about the satellite, finding out information bit by bit from his friends or colleagues at work (of course, if she has such an opportunity). At the same time, she is always ready to offer her help, this is simply not discussed, because she likes a man.

A lot of communication17

If a lady is in love, she will certainly try to spend as much time as possible with the object of her attention. She will, without the slightest doubt, change a meeting with a friend or a fun party for the opportunity to spend time with her chosen one.

women love signs
women love signs

If the meeting takes place not tete-a-tete, but in the company, the girl will try to be closer to the man she likes, constantly start a conversation with him.

Willingness to Sacrifice18

The interests of a beloved man come first for a woman in love. At the same time, she is ready to completely forget not only about her own interests, but also about her subconscious plans. What are we talking about? Everything is very simple. For example, she is terrified of heights, but, in the company of her beloved man, she is ready to conquer Everest. Or, experiencing an animal fear of water, go with him to diving courses. In general, anything, just to be near him.

But in general, there is one undoubted sign of female love, capable of overshadowing all of the above signs of a woman's love and making out it very simply. Being next to her beloved, she becomes like the Sun, just glowing with happiness.

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