What To Do If Your Man Looks At Other Women?

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What To Do If Your Man Looks At Other Women?
What To Do If Your Man Looks At Other Women?

Video: What To Do If Your Man Looks At Other Women?

Video: What To Do If Your Man Looks At Other Women?
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the man looks at other women
the man looks at other women

It often happens that even the most devoted and loving man looks at other women. It should be said right away that men have eyes, there is a nose, there are ears, so that these parts of the body are not idle, he can listen, look and smell. And already what will catch his eyes, ears or his sense of smell, he often does not know himself. Therefore, this fact should not be perceived as a universal catastrophe.

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  • 1 Reasons for a man looking at another woman
  • 2 Is it worth worrying?
  • 3 It is worth beware!
  • 4 Correct actions

Reasons for a man looking at another woman i

But seriously, not every woman will be pleased if her man looks after every beauty, and not a beauty either. Of course, if your beloved once looked back at some unusual Mademoiselle and does not show any more interest in the ladies in front of you, there is no need to worry.

But if he cannot tear his gaze every time a feminine object appears in his field of vision, this must already be stopped. Fortunately, psychologists say that this kind of interest can be fought. First you need to know the reason - why a man turns his head after each young lady.

There are several reasons:

  • a man by nature is a hunter, which means that he will always follow the free "game". However, this does not mean at all that he is ready to drag every free "game" into his "lair";
  • because he is simply attracted to bright women, where to put his eyes?
  • the guy looks at other girls in order to compare with his beauty;
  • maybe you haven't had sex for a long time?
  • out of habit. Yes, there is such a factor. A free man, if his body is working normally, will never leave a woman unattended. However, it happens that the beloved woman has already been found, but the habit has not yet disappeared;
The guy looks at others
The guy looks at others
  • perhaps the new woman is more interesting than his beloved;
  • the beloved woman calmed down that the man no longer needed to be conquered and stopped looking after herself;
  • maintaining the casanova role. Yes, there are men who label themselves as "lovers of women." This happens so that his beloved is always trying to keep him. Therefore … the position is binding;
  • just because he's a man!

Should you worry? 2

Very often, this behavior of a loved one does not need any action on the part of the woman at all. All this will pass, and if it does not pass, then it will not bring any harm to your union.

You should not worry and come up with strategic plans if your loved one looks at you with even more enthusiastic eyes than all the women of the planet. If a loved one is constantly trying to hug you, hug you, say in your ear some stupid, but pleasant little thing. Why should you worry? Your precious one still wants you, you are desirable, and maybe. The sight of other people's women only adds more passion in his relationship to you. Well, this is his weakness, what is it? Calm down, everything is fine with you.

My man looks at others
My man looks at others

There is no need to worry when your man completely suits you in bed. Do you have a rich sex life? Do they want you? Do you see how your loved one is looking for any moment to be alone with you? Then why do you bother with some other women? You see, they are not your rivals.

If you see that your beloved is proud of you, looks at you with admiration and is looking for any excuse to introduce you to your friends, colleagues, relatives, then you are the best for him. He just adores you. Why would you spoil the mood of some young lady that your precious one looked at? Maybe he just wanted to make sure once again that there is no one better than you. You suit him completely, which means that he doesn't need anyone else.

It is worth beware! 3

And yet, not always views of other people's women can be deleted from your consciousness. Sometimes they are wake-up calls.

It happens that a man does not just look after a stranger, but tries to make an acquaintance with her, his views become eloquent, attempts to flirt appear, or other signs of increased attention appear. This should not be tolerated and forgiven.

A man looks at others
A man looks at others

Moreover, if your man no longer gives you enthusiastic glances, has ceased to shower you with compliments and, in general, you feel a clear cooling. And in bed, passions have long subsided.

You should also be wary when you hear that your loved one behaves so constantly, moreover, he is constantly seen with one or another young lady together.

Even if your man has stopped appearing with you at parties, does not invite you to visit his friends, and is increasingly trying to spend the holidays without you, this is already a cause for concern. Even if he does not look at strangers.

Correct action 4

Sometimes a woman is not going to do anything, and she is completely right. But this does not always work.

if a woman is 100% confident in herself, if she values herself highly enough, if she believes that this man is not worthy of her, she will simply let go of the situation. Interestingly, as a rule, men do not leave such men

He looks at others
He looks at others
  • you can calmly understand yourself, what exactly bothers you, what you do not like, and after that talk with your man. Try to convey to him that this behavior brings you feelings, makes you afraid and worried;
  • try to critically analyze why the young lady he is looking at is attractive and how you are losing to her. If you are honest with yourself, you will be able to find the cause and eliminate it;
  • try to discuss everything with your man. Become him not just a "beautiful girl", but a real friend. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to be well versed in what he loves. It is enough just to show a sincere interest in what he loves;
  • There is one interesting trick - try to discuss with your boyfriend those girls he is looking at. Just do not find fault with the beauties, but, on the contrary, praise them. Men are so fond of contradicting their beloved that very soon he himself will begin to list all the shortcomings of a passing beauty. Checked!
Looks at another
Looks at another

never take revenge on your loved one. It happens that women make serious mistakes and start praising other men. This is permissible only in those cases when you are determined to part with your sweetheart. It is absolutely impossible to praise another man in the presence of yours

Most importantly, never stop looking after yourself. Remember - an ordinary woman looks after her husband, but an intelligent woman.

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