Emotional Intimacy Is A Painstaking Task For A Couple

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Emotional Intimacy Is A Painstaking Task For A Couple
Emotional Intimacy Is A Painstaking Task For A Couple

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Building relationships and maintaining them at the proper level is not such an easy task as it seems at first glance. You can, of course, create a couple on directly opposite interests in life. You can be completely different people. But without warming up the community, without a sense of unity, nothing will come of it. But only two people can create this emotional attachment.

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  • 2 Honesty is the key to intimacy
  • 3 Cute little things for two
  • 4 Traditions
  • 5 Common goals and dreams
  • 6 When you need it

Lotto, Monopoly and Bicycles

This means that the entertainment should be such that it allows communication. Nobody forbids to engage in favorite hobbies, such as skydiving or growing violets. But you also can't forget about your soul mate. Why not spend a couple of free nights playing games or watching movies? Such moments are very close, especially the thread of the relationship is thinning for various reasons.

At such moments, people have a positive attitude, the evening is filled with a light aroma of tenderness and easy communication. You can learn something new about your partner, especially when watching movies. And topics for conversation just appear. This is especially necessary when both understand that work or everyday life takes time. Time that belongs to only two. So not long before sex on Saturdays to live, and there is nothing worse than a stupid schedule within the family.

Honesty is the key to intimacy2

They lie to those who are afraid to tell the truth. So if you don't want to walk around with noodles on your ears, then you need to learn to adequately respond to the truth. This is especially true for women. Often, truthful confessions of men plunge them into hysterics, especially if the joint is specific. And a man needs support, not screams and poisonous saliva. He knows without it that he's misled. Bumping into the aggressive reaction of his beloved, he will not tell the truth later. It is better to calmly analyze what happened and take stock in order to avoid this in the future.

Well, or just support your loved one, while honestly indicating your attitude to this. Well, don't forget about yourself, of course. It is foolish to demand honesty from another when he is in the middle of the gun. In general, honesty should be primarily in relation to yourself. And when a person is honest with himself, he will easily tell the truth to another. It is important to remember only one thing: you cannot dump absolutely everything on a person. Not all silence is a lie. There is silence - gold. So not all skeletons have the right to fall out of the closet.

Emotional closeness
Emotional closeness

Cute little things for two3

A. is the prerogative of women. They love symbolism and with trepidation can give meaning to some cute little things. Men are also sentimental, and if suddenly one day a loved one gives a heart that he himself cut out of a piece of bark, then it can be hung instead of a key ring on the keys. The same goes for women. Just do not scratch a declaration of love on the car, for this they will most likely be torn off, but you can make an engraving on your wallet.

If the couple has already sealed a soybean relationship at the registry office, then it would be a good idea to create a coat of arms that can decorate the house. Yes, there are a lot of all sorts of ways that can constantly remind of themselves, the main thing is that they concern only two. Then, during periods of separation, everyone will have something that will remind of a loved one.


This is already an idea for people in marriage. For those who just live a long time, too. The idea is to create purely family holidays that are not related to the traditional ones. For example "cake day". You can date any date you like. You can think of some symbolic trips on a specific day, for example, a picnic outside the city.

Emotional closeness for two
Emotional closeness for two

There can be a lot of ways and reasons, it's only a matter of fantasy. A good way would be to continue existing traditions, both on the part of the husband and on the part of the wife. It's also a tribute to the parents of both. And attracting children to such things will only strengthen the family bond.

Common goals and dreams5

This is very close. The joint achievement of goals is the best fit for strengthening the connection between people. The main thing is that they are difficult to achieve, long-term, serious, but quite feasible. By the way, the mortgage only destroys the relationship, so you shouldn't think the apartment bought on credit will strengthen the connection. This is not it. Better to take on some kind of trip. Something that will bring pleasure, not drive to death.

When you need it6

You can start creating such things right away, and not when trouble knocks on the house. People, especially those who have been in a relationship for a very long time, can experience alienation, the extinction of former passion. Then all these little tricks will come to the rescue.

Emotional closeness
Emotional closeness

Just don't try to drag everything alone. Nothing good will come of it. If the partner does not intend to help or is not interested in it. then it is worth reflecting on the very fact of having a relationship as such. It is possible that there is nothing to save and it is not necessary to fence towns.

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