How To Resist Manipulation By A Man: Top 5 Tips

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How To Resist Manipulation By A Man: Top 5 Tips
How To Resist Manipulation By A Man: Top 5 Tips

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man showing tongue
man showing tongue

Not all men want to find true happiness and true love. For many, it is a rather obedient woman who is constantly there and satisfies all needs. Manipulators are cunning and often cold-blooded. Only a few of them can control a woman for her own good. In order to figure out how not to succumb to the manipulations of men, it is necessary, first of all, to highlight the main types of manipulations.

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Manipulations are divided into: i

Cold attitude

In order to force a woman to rethink her behavior, you do not need to lecture her or conduct preventive conversations. It is enough just to disappear from her life for a short time. The woman will immediately begin to relive recent situations and struggle to seek her guilt. As a result, women, who often fall under such manipulations, become closed in themselves, completely devoid of normal self-esteem and trying to forever make amends for non-existent guilt.


One of the simplest and most common types of manipulation. A man simply points out to a woman all her shortcomings, while embellishing them and raising them to the absolute. A humiliated woman begins to truly believe that there is nothing good in her and that no one except the manipulator will be able to love her. By killing his partner's self-esteem, the man becomes taller than her and gets an exclusive opportunity to twist ropes out of her.

Attempts to indicate her place

Many men still find it abnormal that women can successfully do men's work and have an equal mate with them. Therefore, some representatives of the stronger sex are trying to correct the situation on their own.

how not to fall for male manipulation
how not to fall for male manipulation

Having found an insecure, downtrodden girl, they try to show her what she should do and where to be. Your personal model of the ideal woman, of course, boosts a man's self-esteem and improves his mood.


Sometimes, in order to start manipulating a woman, a man just needs to voice his far-fetched claims. By blaming your partner for all your failures, you can stop blaming yourself. In most cases, accusations sound extremely absurd and implausible, but a morally weak woman needs any reproach in her address to engage in self-examination.

Attempts to press on pity

When a woman refuses to comply with the request of the manipulator, he may turn to the most base method: start pressing on pity. Usually, the partner immediately swallows the bait and really begins to believe that she has mortally offended her lover.

how not to fall for the manipulation of guys
how not to fall for the manipulation of guys

The result is that the man gets what he wants, and the woman again considers herself a terrible person.

Signs of a manipulator2

In order not to face a man who likes to control his woman in life, you need to take a close look at your partner. Usually the following features become distinctive:

  • A man always disappears and appears only when he needs it.
  • The relationship can be described as uncertain. The partner does not make plans for the future and quite enjoys the current state of affairs.
  • A man's attention is constantly shifting to other women.
  • A woman too often feels guilty for no reason.

Ways to avoid manipulation3

You can discuss for a long time how not to succumb to the manipulations of a man, but the main rule is simple - you should never turn off your head.

do not give in to male manipulation
do not give in to male manipulation
  1. Logic is most important. You cannot believe every word of a man, from whom negative and negative emotions are constantly emanating. If all that such a man gives is a feeling of guilt, it is necessary to end the relationship immediately without the possibility of recovery.
  2. Emotions must be in check. Often, love, overshadowing the mind, makes it difficult to soberly approach the situation and evaluate it. Manipulators take advantage of the feelings of unfortunate women and prevent them from even thinking about their behavior. Thus, the partner always remains to blame, and the man is the eternal victim of a failed relationship.
  3. It is necessary to take a break from time to time. If emotions do not allow you to think calmly, and the man escalates and only aggravates the situation, you need to take time out. The time gained will allow you to analyze your situation in the conflict and determine who is really to blame.
  4. It is necessary to keep self-esteem at a decent level. Before meeting the manipulator, the woman clearly considered herself the most beautiful and charming. In a relationship, nothing should change. If a man only does that he is trying to prove to his woman her uselessness and worthlessness, he does not care about her.
  5. It is necessary to show the man that he is not in control of the situation. All his efforts can go to failure if he learns that his victim is aware of his plans.
how to resist the manipulation of men
how to resist the manipulation of men

The most important thing in resisting a manipulator is self-confidence and self-confidence. A man will not be able to break a strong-minded person and give up useless attempts, thereby saving the victim from his existence.

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