Does Your Ex Want To Go Back? The Reasons For This And How To Act For A Man

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Does Your Ex Want To Go Back? The Reasons For This And How To Act For A Man
Does Your Ex Want To Go Back? The Reasons For This And How To Act For A Man

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Ex girlfriend wants to come back
Ex girlfriend wants to come back

Everyone had a separation experience. For some, it was easy, for others, the breakup was hard. And when, it would seem, all the wounds are licked and you can get up from your knees and walk again with your head held high, she appears like a snow on her head and ambiguously hints that she would not mind trying to start over. What to do and what to do if your ex wants to come back?

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  • 1 Clear signs that she wants to resume the relationship
  • 2 She is the initiator of communication
  • 3 Strives to be in sight and spend as much time together as possible
  • 4 Flirting and unambiguous flirting
  • 5 Jealousy
  • 6 "Let's start over"
  • 7 Mutual claims
  • 8 Lack of attention
  • 9 Jealousy
  • 10 Beating
  • 11 Treason
  • 12 New relationships - new approach
  • 13 The same eggs: side view

Clear signs that she wants to resume the relationship i

Needless to say, girls are complex, contradictory creatures and sometimes it is not clear from one behavior what they really want. After breaking up with an ex-girlfriend, love disappears, and then suddenly appears and behaves as if nothing had happened. What is it? Game, attempts to return or does she want to remain friends? In order not to break your head about the concrete of thoughts, here are clear signs that the ex-girlfriend wants to return:

She is the initiator of communication2

You need to evaluate soberly without rosy hopes and sucking out of the situation what is not. Calls every five years with a request to find her forgotten things, or vice versa, to pick up the sweater left behind and constant calls and SMS "just like that" are not the same thing. It's pretty easy to understand if you turn off emotions.

Strives to be in sight and spend as much time together as possible3

If the former lover suddenly becomes a lot, there are random meetings and some business that requires the presence of both, this is a clear unambiguous signal that the girl wants to return. Or she has psychological problems and is stalking her victim.

Flirting and unambiguous flirting4

Only a deaf blind man will not notice the inviting interest. Flirting at the level of hormones has never been confused with anything. She, of course, in her own defense can refute everything, this is not so important as the fact itself.

why does ex want to return
why does ex want to return


An overtly demonstrated or hidden sense of ownership is a hundred percent sign that she cares. Caution! In anger, some young ladies are very scary, they can rip out the hair of a rival, and the object of the struggle can get it. Therefore, it is not worth starting to test feelings, but for one, and nerves for strength.

"Let's start over" 6

she says. “Come on,” he says happily. The spectators applaud standing up, sobbing, wiping away the tears that have come, the characters bow, the curtain falls. If it was a performance, it probably was. But the relationship, unfortunately, is not a scenario and it is impossible to prescribe a happy ending in advance. Before plunging into new sensations and in the sweat of your brow to revive the old relationship, you need to figure out what actually caused the separation.

Mutual claims7

She was tired of the scattered socks around the house, the bathroom mirror with traces of toothpaste, the toilet seat not lowered. He got tired of eating instant soups instead of borscht, because his beloved went to the salon yesterday and did a new manicure. Before that, there were extended nails, and before them there was an incomprehensible abstraction with rhinestones, how expensive and fragile horror.

ex wants to return
ex wants to return

Discontent grows, and with it the tension. The slightest push and destructive mechanism was launched, as a result of a grandiose scandal and an equally loud parting. Everyone is in shock, yesterday's lovers, including.

Lack of attention8

He's always busy: work, friends, gym. But when we met, everything was different. Walking late, romantic dinners, funny movies on a cozy sofa in the evening after a hard day. Over time, it all disappeared somewhere, and as if it never happened. Each became on his own.


Don't go there, don't look here. Whoever likes to live the life of a prisoner, especially since there was no reason. Men and women alike suffer from pathological jealousy. For some, this turns into a persecution mania.


For the most part, because of their insecurity, it is mainly women who are subjected to violence. And if suddenly a girl wants to return after being beaten, then she is either very madly in love with her tormentor, or is psychologically ill.


Cheating happens mainly due to lack of attention and lack of sex in a relationship. According to statistics, men are more likely to cheat, but women are more attached to their lovers.

New relationship - new approach12

How a new relationship will develop depends on the reasons for parting. Without correcting past mistakes, you will not be able to build new ones. Over time, everything will return to normal and history will repeat itself. The fact that the girl wants to return suggests that she still has feelings, and she is ready to change and correct.

return old relationship
return old relationship

Relationships are, first of all, working on oneself on both sides - this is well known and old as the world. Any work is encouraged: they go to work to receive a salary and a bonus, in sports everyone strives to achieve heights and awards.

So in a relationship, once again emphasize what kind of girl is beautiful, clever and washes the dishes without breaking a single cup, what kind of fellow men repaired the switch, but so what if now the light turns on only from one key. A trifle, but the other half will be very pleased.

Doing little things from time to time, just like that, because today her eyes are especially green, and his hair is sticky after sleeping. All this is simple and does not require huge expenses, but it is very effective than a trip to the sea screaming about what an idiot he is and how hysterical she is.

If with the first two reasons, mutual claims and lack of attention, everything is clear and resolved by conversation, personal self-control, then with jealousy and betrayal, things are more complicated.

A jealous person signs his own insecurity, and simple conversations and vows in eternal love will not help the cause. Here, individual sessions with a psychologist and personal growth trainings will be very useful. Pair yoga classes are highly recommended.

return the old relationship
return the old relationship

During training, the body is strengthened, with the help of ancient practices, negative unproductive attitudes are destroyed, fears and clamps are removed. Mutual exercise fosters even greater closeness and trust between partners. Still, try not to trust when she's face is in the area of ​​the partner's navel, and he is at her heels.

Cheating is probably the most painful reason for a breakup. Even the most notorious pragmatists, faced with betrayal, lose ground from under their feet. To forgive or not is strictly everyone's business, advice is inappropriate here. Not everyone can forgive, although at first they agree and make great efforts to forget and not remind the other half of the offense. It's hard, but possible to overcome fear and learn to trust again. The help of a psychologist will be irreplaceable, and it is better for both to visit him.

The same eggs: side view13

It seems that the relationship should have moved qualitatively to a higher level, but things are still there. All conversations and promises are in the past: coldness in relationships, inattention, unfounded jealousy, betrayal. The former feeling returned, as if they had not parted. There is nothing to be done about this, the mission "to return relations-2" has failed miserably, all that remains is to throw the white flag and surrender.

The former returned
The former returned

For what, then, did the girl want to return? Most likely, no one will give the answer to this question, even the former herself. Maybe she decided to try again and realized that it was the end after all. Maybe the conversations and all the counter-actions did not have the desired effect, and the result was not long in coming. Be that as it may, there is no point in digging anymore. You should not cling to the past and engage in self-flagellation, the most interesting is ahead.

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